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Muslim Cattle Trader Murdered, Told to 'Go to Pakistan'; Cow Vigilantes Booked

Why would he expel them ?

Our great civilization is the most welcoming of them all

Bangladesh is sinking. Pakistan is heading for a civil war.

India can easily accomodate 400 million Muslims from these countries
if Hindus/dharmis are in an Islamic country and their "idol worship" shenanigans greatly offends the majority natives, they should not do it.
Perfect...so then just like all the Islamic countries that don't claim to be fake secular...
...declare India a Hindu Republic...and start enforcing ur Hindu rules to oppress the minorities.

Karnataka lynching: Accused uses electric stungun on cow vigilante outings​

Weeks before the brutal murder of Idrees Pasha in Ramanagara, the accused shot a video of himself using a stun gun on another cattle trader. In the present case, he boasted in a video about how he was carrying an ‘item’.

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