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Musharraf disappointed Barack Obama not in Pakistan

lol hes stupied . when hilory clinton arrived there was a streams of bombings when obama comes it will be the atomic bomb
Mushraff Says

"They take it that the United States or the president of the United States is not that concerned about Pakistan's own sensitivities and interests," he said.

I think Mushraff is correct Obama does not give a HOOT about Pakistan or Kashmir.

He just wants Indian Money $$$$44
Had Obama done a Bill Clinton by even coming over for a few hours to check out the plight of the flood affected people, this would have done a lot of good for American PR and perception in Pakistan.

Usually Pakistan has no need for the President of the United States to show up, but in times of such human suffering, his no show was not a very prudent move. I for one am very surprised by this move given that Bush had gone to Pakistan despite very serious problems with suicide bombings etc. I consider Obama to be much more nuanced and sophisticated than Bush so this no show is interesting to say the least. His presence would have helped resuscitate the flagging internal aid for flood relief. Even now, of the $400 million pledged, only a quarter of it has been received on hand.
its not the matter presidents of america visit pak or not, but pakistanis have been long demanding to finish off hypocrite ties with the united states and talk to them as equals

what we want from US is high level weapons which US refuses and put restrictions, they are not prepared to invest here, their investment goes to china, india australia, europe and not the country which is most suffering because of them, we want all restrictions finished with them, export import etc, but they are of no interest to us.. only they give us is their democracy imposed on us, their wars coming here, their drones kill our army personnel and civilians, they threaten us with military actions, our pakistanis are bad named and labelled as terrorists there, there medias speak about 'pornistan' have no respect for us, they speak bad about pakistan and as for our neighbours, they have their grieve for them.. their eyes are on our blochistan and gawadar port, they are preparing to take away our wealth and take advantage of our geographical position
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........And then they say Indians always cry.....;)

What Pakistan doing now is not crying ?? The US President has said that he will visit Pakistan in 2011...but still every columnist worth his salt is writing "how BO should have come to Pakistan" and "how this visit will tip the balance in favour of India".

India-Pak is in vogue no more.
Chill mr musharraf,obama is here for extension of trade with india,obama will not ask for an invitation,he will have to be invited
As long as Pakistan can keep taking money from the US, and they can only feel disgruntled (but can't do anything about it), I don't care that Obama comes to Pakistan. The trip to India is just lip service, nothing more.

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