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Modi's shining India

I'm not a Bihari but all this r4ndir0na over the "Naarth" (East irl) by lemurs never ceases to amaze me.

There is a reason why Pranab Mukherjee the then President (also a former finance Minister) openly admitted how disastrous Freight Equalisation Policy was for northern states. And when the policy was done away with post liberalization some states benefitted disproportionately.

Basically turned East India into Venezuela, mineral rich yet poor.

Meanwhile shining Lemuria is nothing without the very people they abuse as subhumans, how many startup founders in Bangalore are southies btw?

Or why does Kerala have to depend of remittance based economy despite tall claims of human development?

Kay ku itna tension lene ka? Dekh, tu padha likha manoos aahe. Mast ladki udki pata, shaadi bana daal. Honeymoon bhi kar le. Thoda daru pee, chakna kha aur life ke mazay loot. Duniya ka akha problem tu ne nahi khada kiya. Tere ko solve karna bhi nahin mangta.

Screenshot 2023-06-13 at 7.34.51 PM.png

Santra pee aur kaju kha. Crunchy crunchy.
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just search for content by:


Nilu Pule

Ulin Elup

.. tell me if you see a pattern with @iamnobody
Nilu Pule and Ulin Elup are clearly the same.
I am sure you know that Nilu Pule was a Marathi actor and social worker from Pune. Anti caste and all that.
@iamnobody and the above 2 are the same.
Don't know about Black Indian.
Never interacted with any of them though. Was before my time here.

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