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Maldives President Asks Indian Military To Pack It's Bags !

The only rats crawling here are Bakhtoras... Mostly with fake IDs desparate to have any voice.
@ Topic The government in Afghanistan has always been confined to just Kabul hence there the country always had issues... least the Indian library is not churning out any academics.
Also soldiers fight and die in battles, unlike yours blowing their brains out indide their barracks.

Ohh I forget before Taliban take over, incident like these were going on.

Including salala attack.
Ohh I forget before Taliban take over, incident like these were going on.

Including salala attack.
Oh incidents do happen on the borders oddly even when you aren't next to a country like Afghanistan. However, in certaim cases the victim is not even worth a bullet.

Its good Maldives have asked Indian Army to leave. However, Maldives should be careful not to allow any other military to come into their country. They should remain neutral and prosper. Rather than entangled in world's dirty politics
Bruh 68% of Mauritian population is Indian, didn't know it was so high. Last president was pro India this one is saying he wants to stay neutral but is said to be pro China.

Nah it's realpolitik, if you are as big as India, China or America the smaller nations will feel pressurised around you. Our foreign policy has underwent radical changes from isolationsim, aggressive national policy under the Gandhis, then passive policy under Manmohan Singh, look East policy was started around this time.
Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Mauritius, Bangladesh etc are under India's regional influence. It's either a geographical necessity or economic. Myanmar has a quid pro quo relationship with us.
Also you're talking about war crimes they occur in every war though.
Maldives not Mauritius, can't even get the country right.
Hindutva will poison the relationship with multiple Muslim neighbours

No way should Indians and Hindus be tolerated

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