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Libyan President El-Menfi hosts Greek PM Mitsotakis in a ridiculing way

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Sep 24, 2020
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Ex-Libyan Ambassador to Greece, El-Menfi, which has been kicked out of Greece by Greek PM Mitsotakis due to he did not stand against Turkish-Libyan EEZ agreement; happened to be new President of Libya.

He seems like enjoying waching Mitsokatis' new squirmy altitude in front of him during the meeting, without Greek flag in the meeting due to Libyan President outranks Greek PM :D


Thanos Libyan President : You could not live with your own failure. Where did that bring you? Back to me.
What da heck is this, really? :omghaha:

That can be taught in international relations-101 books as a diplomatical shame or kind of rout. The first sentences of the lecture may start like this: Never expel an ambassador if you will regret it later.

What is more tragic is that the incident is not limited to this. On the same day, the Prime Minister of the Libyan Government of National Unity Abdulhamid Dibeybe held a joint press conference with the Greek Prime Minister Miçotakis, who visited the capital Tripoli. As you know, Mr. Dibeybe's cabinet fully took shape as like as Turkey's expectations. There are a warm relationship based on mutual interests with the existing government structure. The Greek prime minister went there to persuade their counterparts. At the press conference, the Greek prime minister said that the agreement signed with Turkey incorrect. And he used exactly the following statement: "We intend to find a way to erase mistakes of the previous period." Upon this, Dibeybe emphasized that the agreement signed with Ankara will continue. Following the words of the Libyan prime minister, the Greek prime minister's mood and gestures were like a little comedy sketch. Video is here: https://www.haberler.com/libya-basbakani-dibeybe-ankara-ile-imzalanan-14047468-haberi/

Here is the UN certificate

What is Greece really hoping for? Turkey has made an agreement within the framework of international law and set its borders. Those who want to break this border can now only come with their navy.
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