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Let's PUMP up some Turkish Nationalistic Tracks and Tunes.. All is welcome

InshaALLAH, Hz.ALLAH (cc) will prevent this post from being seen by the kuffars

I remember seeing a video piece of Hugh Jackman.. saying he is from the lineage of Devlet-i Alliye Osmaniyye.. and was also a poster of WAFF, known by many loggings since they always banned him like me.. His last login was Corpusvile, or otherwise as i called him Corpus Creepy..

Hugh Jackman.. can really make metalic claws come out of his knuckles.. He really is WOLVERINE.. So is his 4 children.. he, like most of Ehl-i Sunnet and Ehl-i Beyt has gone through many tests, trials and tribulations.
1. He was arrested 96 times
2. Mental ward 84 times

ONLY used his claws when it was permissible to him.. and he, like Hz. Eyub (as), never asked Hz. ALLAH (cc) for help, out of his devotion, and full unparalleled trust.. he knew he had this special gift and was taught to be just a humble servant to Hz. ALLAH (cc).. It was EBU-LEHEB that ordered, stalked and tormented him..

This EBU-LEHEB comes to the Broadmeadows Camii, with a thobe, mullah beard and always that same black long jacket and a beanie.. last time i've seen him yesterday. He's always there.. our brother Omur abi, also Ehl-i Beyt, knows him well.. Omur Abi, and Hugh Jackman are brothers..

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will prevent anyone, who is not a true family of Devlet-i Aliyye Osmaniyye, prevent them from saying they are from the lineage of Devlet-i Alliyye Osmaniyye.. with his KUZZI irade on us, and burns their tongue/mouth with the ZAKKUM chili of hell fire.

X-MEN is real.. So is most, except for the last batch.. as we intentionally changed it and allowed kuffars to have their own way.

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will provide X-MEN (the true ones), mission statements, mission methods, rules, DUA, mission guidance and anything that i don't know of but he knows, and completes my short comings. inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will allow the ummet to understand to not to exceed their bounries..

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will transform this two video piece into each nations own native language..

Yat yere geliyor al sana falaka
Önüme gelen veriyor bana fetva
Mürşide sordum ol dedi takva

Meaningful words.. Just like our brothers Musab GeeFlow and Sakal Ambar says... I am a GAY BOY boshver, onemli olan TAKWA..

inshaALLAH, Hz.ALLAH (cc) will transform this two video piece into each nations native language.

I have heard from Mursid Hoca, in our Meadow Heights Madrassa.. can one be killed or stoned, for committing homosexual engagement? NO.. Is there FALAKKA, YES..

Why FALAKKA, so they can endure pain and come to their sense and stop being a FLIPPING FLAGRANT homosexual.. Anus, is a defecation passage, not to be inserted into.

Some say.. I WAS BORN THIS WAY... that's because you masturbate to **** 10x times a day and give into your carnal desires. The number of homosexuality was much i am talking MANY TENS of Percentage less, before the ADVENT of homosexuality.

What's ICIMDEKI SHEYTAN? Your own NEFS.. When your entire NEFS consumes you, you won't even know what is RIGHT or WRONG.

WAS THERE.. and currently.. IS THERE .. any HOMOSEXUAL engagement in our CREDIBLE, VALID and the TRUE Kuran Kurslari, meaning, our Medresss'.. NO.

The Ulema, and especially our prophet Hz. Muhammed Mustafa (sas) and Emir-ul Muminin, always made a DUA their DUA's are acccepted.. None of the STUDENTS have even seen each other naked or with underwear.

We have been living a MORE DIRTY, and nasty era.. more kuffur than the age of SODOM and GAMORA and Hz. Lut (as)..

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will transform this TWO video piece from the ULEMA Nureddin Yildiz as how he sees best fit.

One thing is for certain.. If you KINA, as we call it in Turkish, meaning, ACCUSE and CONDEMN something from a Ehl-i Sunnet Muslim, especially the Ehl-i Beyt, and ESSSSPECIALLY.. Hz. ALLAH (cc) most beloved, claiming his Hz. Resul-u Ekber-i Eshad, the GREATEST created SOUL in Kal-u Bela of all times (from the begging of creation of SOUL's).. when you ACCUSE him of being flagrant homosexuality by listening to the whispers and lies of Sheytan/Dejjall..... Hz. ALLAH (cc) will MAKE YOU a homosexual.

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MODE XL.. the lyrical genius.. expresses some words of wisdom..

Senden kaç düzine, geldi gelecek yer yüzüne?
Hiçbiri çıkamayacak gün yüzüne, kim inanır son sözüne?
Kan döküp günah çıkar, ürkek dudağın iki kelime laf yapar
Onda da aleyhine, itiraf
Serbest bırak, yer çekimi yok sakin!
Ne oldu adamım, inanmadın sanki?
Serseri hali, Mode XL bâki!

Just like Eddie Muprhy (Ehl-i Beyt) says.. in two genius stand up comedy videos (RAW and DELIRIOUS) we've seen.. where he says, You know who will be a FUNNY PHAGGOT...

I've heard that phaggots say "My anus is twitching"

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will transform these video pieces into each nations native language

My father.. was telling me a story.. how, one DERVISH at the ADVENT of Devlet-i Alliyee Osmaniyye.. where spent some time in the DERGAH and was mature enough to be married.. This particular individual being the real YUNUS EMRE.. his Sheyh (NOT Sheik).. promised to marry him to a girl, where she had no eyes to see, no tongue to speak... he surrendered to his Sheyh and said, if it's written for me i don't mind.. I just want to marry a pure girl that is untouched.. He surrendered to his Sheyh's words because he found so much wisdom, knowledge and that his Sheyh has enabled his TAKWA to grow, and having seen Hz. ALLAH (cc) miracles for him and his Sheyh, he surrendered to his imams word..

But the truth was.. she was far more pretty than his expectations, and he had no eyes which he never seen haram in her life, and no tongue to speak, where she never uttered a haram or foul words in her.. she was just pure, and wasn't disabled. I am just skimming the surface of this real story...

.. and my father promised me, that he will marry me to a girl that is like this.. no tongue to speak, meaning never utter gossip, Su-i Zan, or foul or haram words in her life.. and no eyes, where she never seen any pornographic images in her life, upon recently where they were informed of all the SHENANIGANS in the **** industry..

I was thinking to my self one time and so did the Ehl-i Beyt, if we had the power and authority, the first thing to do will be to eradicate this **** disease.

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will transform this TWO video piece into each persons native language

Most of my life, that i have encountered in my life have been kuffars and degenerates... However, there has been a few exceptional circumstances.. and one has been my old high school friend Moustafa Khouta.. I've lost contact with him after 2004... we were never really close, but not enemies either.. Moustafa is an Ehl-i Beyt brother, that came up with the word, Emortalz.. his brother is Isam B from Outlandish.. he, like allot of Ehl-i Beyt family and other Muslims as well, was ABDUCTED at birth..

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will show the 2nd version of this track, I ask of God..

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My brother in Ehl-i Beyt... Eddie Murphy... some of us have seen his movie, GOLDEN CHILD... I have a hazy memory as i have not ENTIRELY seen the movie from the begging to end.. but it's in regards to me.. The acting child, in the movie, another Ehl-i Beyt brother..

When the kuffars were abducting me... he, with Hz. Cebrail (as) was the first two rescue me..

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will prevent this sentence from being seen by the kuffars... but inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will showcase to the ummet, ummet of Hz. Muhammed Mustafa (sas), ummet of Hz. Resul-u Ekber-i Eshad, the ummet the second version of GOLDEN CHILD.. and enable us ummet to pay for it, since nothing in life is free.. inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will complete my short comings and provide what he sees best fit for us all MUMIN's.

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will transform this two video pieces to each nations native language..

SUN TIZU... and all the leading Budhists know me well when i was at the ages of 2-4..

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will prevent this sentence from being seen by the kuffars..inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will provide Eddie Murphy, a compete list of method statement, mission statement, rules and regulations, orders and DUA's and anything we need to eliminate the pesky BUDHIST seniors.. if i have anything short comings, inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will complete it..

InshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will prevent this following track from being seen by the kuffars

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WHO... was the one that came up with the CONCEPT of RAP??

The artist MOS DEF.. It's yellow cake... don't droppp that ****

Impala... is his very own BROTHER.. both Abducted at birth.. Impala at 1946 and MOS DEF at 1952

Kabul et sıradan insanlarız cahiliz
Benim ilgi alanım birbirini siken rapçiler değil
Gördüğüm şey etnik maskelerin altında saklanan
Nefret dolu gözlerdeki hiç çıkmayan siyah kir

Kime müzik yapıyosun kime ?
Neyi kime hangisinden bahsedicen he?
Onlarınsa beklediği battle benim istediğim farkındalık
Her ırk birbirinden üstün değil senin psikolojin kırık

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will transform this track into each nations native language..

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will prevent this post from being seen by the kuffars

The KUFFAR have this concept of a FALLEN ANGEL... where these Angels have supposedly dis-obeyed the orders of their Lord, and have become cursed..

The 10 Angels, having seen Hz. ALLAH (cc) in his absolute form, but will be the ABSOLUTE BEST form after we all die.. never, not once, disobeyed the orders of Hz. ALLAH (cc).. they are smarter than that.

There's rumors of two angels being hung in a cave in Fiji islands.. i don't want to use the names given to them, since it is DEROGATORY.. but those two individuals are JINNS, who were trying to break out from the JINN world into the human world.. they were former prophets of the JINN world.. and they are whispering into the ears of humans and jinns, currently working overtime.. trying to delay the end of the world. This is written in Imam-i Rabbani Mektubat and Hz. Said-i Nursi book, 11th book.. inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will enable the teams of Hayalhanem, Sozler Kosku and Maksat 114 and Cay House to dwelve further into it as he sees best for us all, enabling to see the SOHBET in way as he sees best fit for all.. inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will complete my short comings and provide the best as he sees fit for us all.

I could.. perhaps.. if Hz. ALLAH (cc) wills, be another angel with wings and big sword like this image projected on this tracks cover.. eventually becoming the 1st chief of the angels.. Hz. ALLAH (cc) knows best.. Hz. Israfil (as) has drawn the art work of this cover..

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will prevent this post from being seen by the kuffars

it all started in January 2018 (when i was listening to live talks, and some so called scholars of Islam)..

613 spoke to me live.. of this 613, 578 went to kuffur, and were bribed with money.. and deviated and engaged with shemales.. The thing about this shemale thing is, if you are supposedly trying to giving DAWAH and being representative of Islam, you have no room to go to kuffur.. one slip, your heart gets sealed..

Just like Khaleed Siddiqe - On DEEN II.. track says.. Khalil, was so overwhelmed with iman, that he wanted to give dawah to the masses.. But one mistake, especially if you are imam/hoca, could have your heart sealed, hence it's best to give this DUTY and RESPONSIBILITY to those who know what they are doing.. Khalil, used violence when he was lost for thought, and had his heart sealed.. but by the DUA of Khaleed Siddiqe, he came back to the REALM of Islam..

My, ORDER to you.. if you are not PROFESSIONALLY educated and have little to know knowledge on how to lead a prayer, give DAWAH or FETWA or in CUMA.. MOVE ASIDE.. and open up pathway to those who know what they are doing.

A brother i was listening to on YouTube through my phone on 2020.. he spoke from OMAN.. and had listened to this track through his own device.. and said "Son, fear no one but Hz. ALLAH (cc) you are on the right path.. we welcome the war as you have been foretold" he spoke in Classical Arabic.. Classical Arabic is very poetic, it's like listening to poem when conversing, very soothing.

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will transform this TWO track into each nations native language

Do not spam Forum and thread with posting which more seems like duplicitous and with unclear religious references in some posts. You want to post Turkish Music/national songs, that's fine but keep repeating unsubstantiated religious references is not welcome here.

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