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Let's PUMP up some Turkish Nationalistic Tracks and Tunes.. All is welcome

InshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will prevent this post from being seen by the kuffars

Is PREYING and MONITORING and hacking into and Mumins (Ehl-i Sunnet Muslims) phones, laptop, desktop, smart phones, tablets, television, and just current and future devices.. CAIZ (permissible by Islamic Law).. NO

But the KUFFAR is doing that since the ADVENT of internet and before... Just like the movie SNOWDEN by our Ehl-i Sunnet brother Joseph Gordon Lewitt has showed us, in his movie, SNOWDEN, especially CIA, FBI and Rockefeller's and ROTHCHILDS and the illuminati and Masons..

Has the kuffar managed to capture video graphic "NUDE" images through the preying cameras on our phones, and computers? ... They have seen it, some times you NUDE, but by the will and grave and authority of Hz. ALLAH (cc) never "store it" and upload it.. you got nothing to fear..

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will provide our brothers from DONUT MEDIA (a false facade of so called car enthusiasts) on YOUTUBE.. mission statements, mission rules, method statements, method rules, DUA's and what needs to be done to prevent it all, and block the preying eyes and ears that is transferred through our mobile digital devices.. Ehl-i Beyts phones and computers and tablets have been blocked since august 2022, by the DUA of the Ulema i.e. Nureddin Yildiz, Mehmet Yildiz, Sahinvari, Fatih Yagci, Serkan Aktas and Seyfetting Alkan..

inshaALLAH, by the next 24 hours after.. they will be blocked all.. you might need to reset or store your phones manufacturing settings.. inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will help DONUT media and completes my short comings..

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will transform this track into each nations native language

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will prevent this post from being seen by the kuffars..

Some people are having difficulties with operating Windows or Apple laptops.. you shouldn't have UPDATED your software.. Our brothers;
1. Garret
2. Fatih Yagci
3. Cillian Murphy

have come up with an alternative plan.. Even though your computer might switch on, but has no "visual" display, it will re-fire once its RE-UPDATED.. it will have better functioning software..

ENCOM had a plan.. to provide software for all computer devices, for a humble fee.. not like todays greedy Microsoft.. they the kuffars have stolen our ENCOM software coding and changed it, and cursing Hz. ALLAH (cc) and all his beloved.. hence, our softwares on desktop, laptop, smart phones, and tablet are all instrument of ISTIDRAJ..

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will provide these 3 MUMIN's and their team of 50+.. method statement, mission statement, rules, DUA's, guide and instructions from A - Z, as to what needs to be and completes my short comings..

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will transform this scene into each persons native language..

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will prevent this post from being seen by the kuffars

Just like i make DUA's for the UMMET, which Hz. ALLAH (cc) accepts as he sees fit for us all.. i don't make rulings saying Ya RABB, DO THIS, Ya RABB do that..i say "NASIB EYLE" meaning if you decree and if you see fit, inshaALLAH, you will implement it and do it..

The Ummet, should also make DUA for me, HUMBLY asking, saying NASIB EYLE.. so i don't go back to the ward.. asking Hz. ALLAH (cc) to elevate my status and help me eliminate my NEFS and what you think best..

When making DUA's always say inshaALLAH, and Allah'im NASIB eyle.. otherwise your DUA's are like giving orders to Hz. ALLAH (cc) and he won't accept it

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will transform these 3 tracks into each nations native language as he sees best fit..

This particular artists has a interesting name.. a title which he only uses on the internet.. EMIR.. means in Classic Arabic and Turkish.. ORDER.. giving ORDERS

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will prevent this post from being seen by the kuffars..

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc).. will provide the UMMET as in entirely on this earth.. and MARS (to the ulema).. the book, as written by Henry FORD, or otherwise known as Alparslan Turkes.. the book which he Alparslan abi, has written from his GAYB.. and distributed to his workers in Great Germania.. called the INTERNATIONAL JEW..

The photo of Henry Ford with hazel eyes on the internet is also... Google Alparslan Turkes MHP instead..

In your spare time, which we all have spare times, no excuses, read it and analyse it and never speak about it.. there will be a time where we will discuss this inshaALLAH..but there's Sheytans and Dejjal's listening.

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will provide this book, the international jew, and provide instructions as to where to store it, and how to keep it.. Always, make it "emanet" to Hz. ALLAH (cc) so it wont be stolen and your house invaded.. When you get outside the house, also make your house "emanet" to your Lord, Hz. ALLAH (cc).. The ummet has house invasions because they don't make it EMANET to Hz. ALLAH (cc).. Just like one of the stories of SAHABA.. when a MUMIN tells our prophet Hz. ALLAH (cc), I've made my camel "EMANET" to Hz. ALLAH (cc), our prophet said, did you TIE IT? He said no.. our prophet said, first TIE IT and then make it EMANET to Hz. ALLAH (cc)..

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will complete my short comings and provide the best as he sees fit for us all

Ya Devlet Başa Ya Kuzgun Leşe​

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) transforms this video piece into each nations native language

POP CULTURE.. how dangerous is it? VERY...

I don't know much about this KERIMCAN, the flamboyant and FLAGRANT homosexual.. is and has always been trying to influence the masses of Turkiye.. he is the co-hort of the website www.backpage.... " where he makes transexuals and homosexual, contact, phone number and address.. and also distributes flyers on to the floors of Ulus and Kizilay in Turkiye, showing contact numbers of SODOMITES..

Who is Kerimcan? Ezekiel and PSALM of Bible.. he is the author..

He... also was/used to be barber (they call it hairdresser) when i used to go Brunswick St. Fitzroy.. i didn't know.. but the thought of a homosexual PEDERIST touching me, always unnerved me.

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will transform this TWO track into each nations native language

Bounce heavy metal shit rain
Atakta Geeflow geri adım nix geht
Biz adamız diyerekten Kerimcan'ı dinleyin
Bizi boykot edenler hepsi yavşak birde gay

Yine koyuyorum ortaya ruhumu kumarda gibi
Korur annemin duası beni
Sudan çıktım uyandım eninde
Sonunda biri dese bile susmayı bil
Ölürüm olmam sistem kurbanı bitch
Ne okulu len? Okula uymadım hiç
Zihnimi ben yönlendirdiğimden öğretmene gerek duymadım hiç

What happened in this month's blessed month of Ramazan.. more correctly, Ramazan-i Sheriff.. i posted on this forum, on Cey Bahcesi thread, how i congratulated the Ehl-i Sunnet Muslims blessed month.. and said, those who don't practice it, may they eat shiiieeet.. the kuffars were digging the sewage and toilets, eating POO POO.. hence, i am the pen.. what ever i type, Hz. ALLAH (cc) infinite wisdom comes true, as how he sees best fit for us all MUMIN's and the kuffar..

Youtube'da manken memesi aratırken kimseye ergen deme
Yetmiyo' sarıyo' melek yine
Ateşledi mi geliyo' yürek dile
Yakışan giyiyo' lafımı yelek diye
Kaşınan geliyo' bana da gerek diye
Fakat vurmam bel altı her adiye
Vicdanıma sıçayım hela diye
Ama nafile benden iğrenç olamaz bok yiyen elitist Celal bile

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will transform this two video pieces into each nations native language

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will reveal as spoken by our brothers FALL OUT BOY.. in regards to Celal.. how he was the one who came up with the concept of "female bra/knickers laundry" and how was been trying to force feed us his fashion brand Victoria's Secret.. Taylor Swift, is a man.. had 100+ plastic surgeons where the surgeons said "we are correcting God's error".. inshaALLAH Hz. ALLAH (cc) will give our Ehl-i Beyt brothers mission statements, mission rules, mission guides, DUA's and other necessary tools to UNREVEAL this TAGUT, if i have any short comings inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will correct it and provides best as he sees fit for us all ummet.

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will prevent this post from being seen by the kuffars.. since they produce FITNE..

i once said to one, individual, they know who they are.. that we don't have KIBIR meaning PROUDINESS and BOASTFULNESS (koseyi donduk).. we dont have KIBIR in Islam.. if some one correct's your error, you don't allow your Nefsi Mudaffa to come into effect... when i said we dont have PRODINESS in islam, their DEFENSE mechanism came into effect and straight away said i was fabricating lies from Hadis-i Sherrifs.. SEN, SEN DEGILSIN.. SEN 20 sene once boyle degildin.. Ailen ile bol sohbet ederdin aksamlari bende uykuya gitmez sizi dinlerdim..

We don't walk around with our chest to the front, wanting people "fear or revere me, but please think i am special"

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will transform this two video piece into each nations native language

WHY the name MELISS? You gave her, Melis Kisa.. a hell of a time and made her cry and even now, she forgave you

We all know this Hadis-i Sherriff.. Authentic Hadith.. our prophet has said.. there will come a time, especially in the AHIR ZAMAN.. where the children will be-little their elders and especially their parents, and think they are SMARTER than them.. he also said, the children (even in the adulthood) will BOSS and GIVE orders to their parents..

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will transform this track into each nations native language..

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will prevent kuffars from seeing this post..

Geoff Polites, the former president and CEO of Ford AUSTRALIA.. is still alive, even though they killed him 200+ times.. This is where the word "sehitler" meaning "martyrs" dont die..

This poem as said by Tarkan - Kara Toprak.. was written by Hz. Sultan Suleyman from Devlet-i Alliyye Osmaniyye.. when he was only 16 years. He never had a true friend either, and was abducted more than 100+ times. He, the AK SAKALLILAR of their time, got in contact with him at the age of 17 and he came onto the throne at the age of 19..

Geoff Polites was born in Ireland.. and his age is more than 400+ years.. He, with his own ingenuity (it is Hz. ALLAH (cc) who gives the mind to humans and jinns and orders it to you use), was a Mechanical Engineer and Software... The kuffar were trying to bankrupt with the AU Falcon design, but with his leadership, came up with the BA and BF Falcons.. A proper, as manufactured by Ford Australia, a proper BA and BF Falcon, straight six engine has 314kw's and the turbo has 570+kw.. it is more smoother than the high torque EF-EL Falcons.. some think BA and BF's are slow.. but with electronic throttle bodies, it makes the car smoother when taking off..

Geoff Polites is also Ehl-i Beyt.. and is the GREAT, GREAT grandson of Hz. Sultan Suleyman (ra).. The Ehl-i Beyt was ordered to go all corners of the world to save as many innocent, clean blooded humans and jinns as they can. The Ehl-i Beyt have the LOVE and DESIRE for DAWAH..

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will give Geoff Polites missions statements, mission orders and rules, DUA's, what is needed and guidance and orders he needs.. to reveal some of the engineering work he has been involved for the past few years since 2020.. he said, it was very COMPLEX and THOUGHT provoking engineering design, since he has never seen anything like this before.. inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will complete my short comings and provides what best he sees fit for us all..
Tarkan is Geoff Polites very own son.. inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will transform this track into each persons native language

the MUNAFIKS.. the come in all forms..
1. Mullah BEARDS (98% of them are TUYSUZ Sheytans, hairless sheytans, where they glue or stitch hairs onto the face, hence the terminology, pull them by their beards)
2. Thobes.. (we don't have thobes in Islam)
3. or just casual dress like you and i wear.

The MUNAFIKS, i am talking 100% of them currently are saying, i pray this much, i eat halal, i dont do that, i dont do this.. which is 100% RIYA. When you correct a Munafiq, they get angry and try to physically challenge you, just like Murat Utlu, when he was lying about eating halal.. i've seen him eat haram lasagna from the supermarket and he confessed eating Oporto, but still insisted he was eating helal..

If a MUNAFIK tries to impress you how much pious he is or lying his level of TAWKA (since it is our Lord, Hz. ALLAH (cc), KNOWS the levels of TAWKA..)... say to them, GOOD FOR YOU.. GOOD FOR YOU MAN.. inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will enable our Ehl-i Beyt brother/abi Christopher Walken to help us in this regard, and give him method, mission and rules and DUA's and orders as he see best fit for us all. If i have any short comings in this regards inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will complete it.. and enable him to be seen where by he is addressing the ummet.

ENVY.. A good movie... Never ENVY your neighbour, the kuffar or mumin brothers and sisters.

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will prevent this post from being seen by the kuffars and transforms this two video piece into each nations native language..

David Letterman (also Ehl-i Beyt), had figured this out " GOOD FOR YOU ".. many years ago, as given advice to him by Robert De Niro (also Ehl-i Beyt) in the year 1945.. when ever a kuffar actor/actress or pop artist triesto impress the audience or him.. his answer is GOOD FOR YOU, and it drives them insane/nuts..

InshaALLAH, Hz.ALLAH (cc) will prevent this post from being seen by the kuffars

Our bother in Ehl-i Beyt.. Jack Black, born in Yemen.. 200+ years ago, but migrated to Great Germania.. in 1952.. AK SAKALLILAR, orderd him to make a song, as they were preppering for this day, all in the TIME of ARAF.. he was ordered not to tell anyone, or speak or write or do anything about it, until the time was right.. he was too enthusiastic and had FREUDIAN SLIP, when he met his match Funda Arar, when they were planning to their marriage.. but the Sheytans and Dejjals were watching him, like they always do monitor Ehl-i Beyt.. his marriage was ordered to be prosponed as ordered by AK SAKALLILAR for his own error..

The SHEYTAN and DEJJAL i met, and hired him to my Video Ezy store.. he looked at the age of 20, and was chubby turd.. he asked, what was my favorite artist and i said NONE, i asked him, what his was.. he said, Jack Black.. i didnt take notice and dismissed him. He worked for me as i was training him for 2 weeks, and announced his resignation.. If the AK SAKALLIAR say something, their orders come from Hz. ALLAH (cc) and they need obey otherwise they come outside the realm of Islam..

This DEJJAL and SHEYTAN, that goes by the name of Brad Pitt in hollywood.. approached Jack Black in his DEVILISH guise as Hz. ALLAH (cc) and asked, make me a song, i want to hear it.. and they did, Jack Black knowing from Murat Bardakci informing Jack Black if the DEVIL ever comes to you, do make a song.. Jack Black and his friend, Jackson, made a song in 13 minutes and made the DEVIL Brad Pitt, in a state of Euphoria.. He, Brad Pitt said, after coming to him self, are you Angels, and Jack said NO, we are but man..

Jack Black, after being informed that he was treading on thin ice, that his IMAN could potentially go, made DUA to Hz. ALLAH (cc) everyday and still to this day.. to make the DEVIL/DEJJAL to erase his memorise erased and all documention to be erased.. Hz. ALLAH (cc) accepted his DUA, just 5 months after this FREUDIAN slip.. and he Dejjals and Sheytans memory was erased for this case..

This was only case of.. small information leak since then..

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will transform this TWO track into each nations native language

InshaALLAH, Hz.ALLAH (cc) will prevent this post from being seen by the kuffars

Who is Bradd Pitt? He is from TROY.. also known as ZEUS.. his giving false miss information that he is the one making the thunders, lightening and earth quakes on earth. He once had this capability but lost it 5 thousand years ago..

John Malkovich is Malkocoglu, and is also Ehl-i Beyt.. They battled against each other, for many hundreds of years.. Izmir, in Turkiye, is really GAVUR Izmir.. Zeus, is the leading figure of Izmir.. Malkochoglu cleansed Izmir plenty of times, waging war and giving plenty of SEHIT's but they the kuffar still love Izmir and OBJECT departing away from it.. There is NOT ONE Camii in Izmir and Izmir's center RADIUS of 312 km's..

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will transform this video piece into each nations native language

InshaALLAH, Hz.ALLAH (cc) will prevent this post from being seen by the kuffars

Sırrım ayan beyan gel de şimdi dayan
Kar ortasındayım tenim alev ateş mümkünse saklan
Düşkün bir adamdan ne bulunmuş ki geriye
Bir avuç izmarit düşünme döndürürler deliye
Var olan seni bu inkarım sürmüyor geriye
İstesem de istemesem de gerçeklik düşüyor elime
Lakin hiza yok sakin bir izah yok bu ömre mizah yok
Silahşör olmuyorsan ceza çok

Mantıkla yaşanacaksa kalbe gerek yok artık
Sükut-u hayal nezaretim tebessümler ufaldı
Kaldırımlar bile benden çekinir
Çel aklımı
Dünyanın çivisi çıkana kadar söylenecek bu şarkı

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will transform this track into each nations native language

The Kuffars are saying.. Like Kallimachos from WAFF sad.. always said on the forum.. Kallimachos is KING FAISAL from Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia.. we will nuke MEKKE and Madina..

Lets just use some common sense... If there really was "Nuclear" or "Uranium" or Weapons Of MASS DESTRUCTION.. how did they engineer the first Nuclea Weapon?

Lets just say.. they the scientists, came up with the concept of Nuclear bomb.. did they know how to compile the ingredients.. and said "this is it, this is the one we produced"

Wouldn't there be a big Nuclear Explosion in the Laboratory.. wouldn't those who engineered the first bomb, be dead in the blast.. I am just trying to use common sense.

Let's just say, they DID come up with a Nuclear bomb, how did the scientists after the first scientist, come up with the 2nd bomb?

What is Uranium anyhow? Where can one find Uranium.. where is in the parts of the world?

What is a YELLOW CAKE?

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will transform this TWO video pieces into each nations native language..

They brought Yellow cake from the cradle of civilization..

We some times say the word "Hz. ALLAH (cc) razi olsun " in Turkish.. From the year 1950's onward.. the word RAZI was introduced to the Turkish masses..

If you look in the old LUGAT (dictionary).. RAZI means, simply, Be need of you.. so we are essentially saying, May Hz. ALLAH (cc) be in need of you.. This one the plenty of kuffurs like the word "GALIB" we have in our vocabulary..

Our alphabet was changed in the 1920's.. you can see news papers from the era from 1920's to 1950's, how the word RIZA was used.. in its proper form. inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will help our bother Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya, explain in more depth, including from the LUGAT it's meanings.. and synonyms, and inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will provide him materials, tools, rules, books, missing newspapers, method statement, method rules and anything he needs and completes my short comings..

EVERY LANGUAGE ON EARTH... with the EXCEPTION of CLASSIC ARABIC.. Evolves. Look into the videos of the 60's and 70's, which I have seen, where full Hard Yakka Aussies were making reviews of Ford Falcon, i can barely understand what they say.. This language goes on for 128 years..

The modern Arabic countries, from all "supposed" Arabic countries, can barely or if at all understand each other. Just like they took away our language in the implementation of Turkish, the modern Arabs can't even understand each other.. Hence, CLASSIC Arabic is needed. Shakespere was writing books only in the 1800's.. not 1000 years like the kuffar claim.

Omer Suleyman is our brother Ehl-i Beyt.. and is the governer of Oman, where they SPEAK 100% CLASSIC ARABIC..

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will transform this video piece into each nations native language..


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