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Let's PUMP up some Turkish Nationalistic Tracks and Tunes.. All is welcome

Bahri Karabulut.. sacina bayaga AK DUSHMUS...

InshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will reveal Bahri Karabulut's plot against me... I haven't been seeing his face on our weekly RABITA Hatim for the past few years.. he has gone into hiding and now lives in Mentone.. 4 Billar Street, Mentone.. Muslim Kisa, Ismet Bitim, Ahmet Akgunes and my father, knew he was family tied with Abdullah Ocalan, but they kept it quiet.

I know secrets..

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will complete my short comings and provide best as he sees best for us all ummet..

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will transform this track into each nations native language

The question is... HAS.. any of the Ehl-i Sunnet Muslim brothers or sisters... have they, KILLED anyone and more precisely KILLED A KUFFAR? since 1900... NOT ONE.

Killing one soul, is like killing the entire planet, as mentioned in Zabur-u Kerim, Tevrat-i Kerim, Incil-i Kerim and Kuran-i Kerim..

Has there been wars? Yes.. did we ever ransack the cities and towns and regions.. NO. We simply gives orders to the kuffar, obey our orders, pay your fees (we dont have tax), and live among who you want. If you break our trust/orders, we invite you to war.

Cinayet Varsa, Delili'de var.. our brother Burak King, says, if there is a murder, there is surely an evidence..

since 1900 to today, 2023... The KUFFAR have killed 684 million Ehl-i Sunnet Muslims..

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will keep this particular sentence private and away from kuffars preying eyes and knowledge, but we are not going to leave one kuffar alive in this war. They are going to start it, and we are going to finish them all. If any Ehl-i Sunnet Muslim mentions this, inshaALLAH, their mouth would be burnt before they were say it. They are hiding in high top mountains, and caves, and even underneath the oceans and seas.. they have prepared themselves for this.. Some Anatolian mountain regions have MASSSSIVE CAVES and ventilation systems.. they carved the caves to them selves.

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will transform this track into each nations native language..

Neden hic ses cikmiyor? MEYDANLAR neden Sessiz? Kimil Kicidaroglu... Ayse Hatun Onal's Beyaz Atletli Prens dedigi gibi.. Kicidaroglu..

Kardesimizin dedigi gibi.. SEN KAFANI KUMA GOM... RABBINI DUSMAN EDIN.

From my family.. meaning siblings..
1. My 1st sister was ABDUCTED by the kuffars since born in 1 day to the age of 6 and 3 months = 219 times
2. My only elder brother was ABDUCTED by the kuffars since born in 1 day to the age of 7 and 2 months = 614 times
3. My 2nd sister was ABDUCTED by the kuffars since born 1 day to the age of 7 and 6 months = 914 times
4. My self... i was ABDUCTED 92 times, but everytime they ABDUCTED me, Hz. ALLAH (cc) wrath came upon them.. 368 thousand died those who orchestrated the ABDUCTION, they knew there was something with me.
5. Our youngest, sister.. was abducted 16 times.. and they know why.. Who's the real THOR? My father.. he makes his sword come to this hand even if it might be dug under saharan desert, in just two seconds, by the will and grace of Hz. ALLAH (cc)..

in all of these ABDUCTIONS.. It was Hz. Cebrail, Hz. Azrail, Hz. Mikail, Hz. Israfil, Hz. Munkir that brought them back to the house.. We all have birth marks, somewhere in our body.. just a small dots of moles, and our father and mother were told to memorize and write down where these birth marks were, straight after birth.. hence how our father and mother knew about it, who we were.

My mother never.. not even once.. uncovered her hair. She was been wearing her head scarf at the age of 12.. Did Sheytans and Dejjals come into her guise, with face masks yes.. but Hz. CEBRAIL (as) took care of them all.. those so called, uncovered hair photos which the kuffar have been trying to upload to the internet, are burning now.

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will transform this track into each nations native language

From our Ehl-i Sunnet Muslim brothers and sisters.... some who has limbs missing and other body parts missing.. The question is, are we born with physical disabilities? NO... do the kuffar, yes because they sleep with your own incestuous brothers/sisters or mothers.
1. considerable amount of Muslims, who's limbs or hands or other physical attributes, were cut off intentionally by the kuffar
2. considerable amount of Muslims, were bound to wheel chair
3. considerable amount, whos bones have been broke and still can't heal
4. and other health matters.. where we are being poisoned by the food we eat, or other health issues..

Huseyin Hoca, has gone through the advanced machine which Hz. Yusuf (as) has engineered and regained his strength and health back. They tried to intimidate him saying, if you don't have chemo therapy, you won't even last 3 months.. he declined and said, i'd rather die.

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will provide health, strength and speedy recovery of missing limbs, or other physical issues which the ummet is facing.. it was Hz. Yusuf (as) who wrote the lyrics to this track by Sami Yusuf (also Ehl-i Beyt)

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) transforms this track into each nations native language and prevents this track from and this post from being seen by the kuffars..

Just like our brother, also Ehl-i Beyt.. Mustafa Yildizdogan says...


Who is my father? I was mentioning and saying to other forum members in WAFF, that my father was Ataturk... I thought i was trolling my self as well, but my father REALLLLYY IS Ataturk.
My father, did go to Libya to defend the Devlet-i Alliye Osmaniyye territories.

My father did really, look as some pictures of Ataturk, on the internet..

The difference, between my father is that HE HAD SPARKLING GREEN EYES... and the KAMAL ATATURD, had BLUE EYES..

Was father was born on 1887.. and spent considerable amount of time single, before finding his match, my mother..

This is my father.. his REAL image, with SPARKING GREEN EYES..


THE KUFFAR... especially, Sheytans and Dejjal's.. they DO FACIAL MASKS, that looks almost like 100% like the real original person..

ATATURK... The real one.. is my father. After the war of;
1. Canakkale
2. Istiklal harbi (its not kurtulush savashi)
3. Sariyurt Harbi in 1936

Those that know my father.. know him well.. My mother had once said my father had green eyes, but i didn't take it serious. After the Sariyurt Harbi in 1936, he went to a DEEEP SLEEP, and slept until 1946.. he was located in Payitaht Istanbul during his sleep. He woke up different, a different face and physical attributes. Baris Manco knows him well.. since Baris abi was also my fathers war time best friends, as we say in Turkish "savas arkadaslari" .. That's where the word "ATAM RAHAT YAT, UYU" comes from.. Even though my father directed and was NO.1 authority in directing wars since 1901 until 1936.. He always lead plenty of campaigns against the pesky Russians..

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will allow some time from today and on to the future, as recorded by the 10 angels, as to how ATATURK, was speaking and taking orders from his real father Hz. Sultan Abdulhamid II... and show some bits and pieces of what we should be informed of, as how he, our Lord, Hz. ALLAH (cc) knows best for us all, ummet and the kuffar. if i have any short comings, inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will complete it.

Adil amca, Ahmet Akgunes, Muslim Kisa, Ismet Bitim etc.. are all my father war time friends..

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will complete and transforms this track in each persons native language..



was only 14 years when he lead his first campaing to the pesky Russian's.. they the ULEMA were mesmerized by the outstanding intellect he had.

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will transform this TWO track into each nations native language..

BARIS MANCO didn't die.. he is serving in the lands of Great Germania..


They have.. 397 million MASKS... where they change their MASKS.. as according to their own desires, needs or some times in times of desperation.. of this, 387 million 86 million is 100% duplicate of Ehl-i Sunnet Muslims... of this 86 million, 12 thousand is Ehl-i BEYT..

Even ANDREW TATE.. has seen and witnessed his own DUPLICATE, kuffar MASK.. he wanted to kill them, there were 3 of them, but was informed by his elders not to touch them.

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will remove all ISTIDRAJ method of facial masks and facial guises, their tools, their meat and plastic and polyester and any other 64 other tools and ingredients they use, to make masks.. including, removal of X-RAY like, and similar machines from places like shopping malls, airports, and medical houses/hospitals and 78 other venues.. and inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will complete my short comings and provide the best as he sees best fit for us all humans and mumins and kuffars.

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will transform some of these MASK makers and wearers.. into ELEPHANT Man, where they can't heal or cut off their meat or skin.. and blocks all avenues for them.

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will transform this track in to each nations native language.. as he sees best fit.

Imam, Mevlana Cellalettin Rumi, originally born in Uzbekistan central Asia.. and spoke fluent Arabic, Ancient Turkic language, Farsi and Osmanli Turkish..

He was educated from age 5 to, until 34.. he studied endlessly trying to giving Dawah at the same time.. He migrated to Anatolia at the age of 39... He got introduced to TASSAWUF (maturity of the soul) at the age of 42, and eventually become the student of 9th, MURSID- KAMIL.. Khawājah Abdul Khāliq al-Ghujduwānī (Q.S.).. and raised 368 thousand students of his, until his death at the age of 319 years..

Where does this WHIRLING DERVISH come from? Was he a belly dancer to make whirling moves.. NO.. Anyone who tries to imply that Mevlana was a WHIRLING belly dancer, is not one of us, but they are the belly dancers them selves.. I've seen some despicable people making WHIRLING belly dancers in weddings or functions, to hell with you all..

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will showcase as he sees best fit for us all, how Hz. Mevlana had once stepped outside his DERGAH (Function), and heard the "NEBATAT" living vegetation such as trees, flowers, birds and animals, praising and calling the name of Hz. ALLAH (cc)... he was so OVERWHELMED by this, he was turning clock-wise and some times anti-clockwise to hear this beautiful sound and call of Hz. ALLAH (cc).. names..

Our Mursid-i Kamil, Imam-i Rabbani.. called him TASSAWUF child.. where he, Hz. Mevlana was almost at the status of becoming a Mursid-i Kamil.. he meant the word "Tassawuf child" in good gesture, since only Hz. ALLAH (cc) is the one to measure and judge a persons TAKWA..

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will transform this TWO track into each persons native language as he sees best fit.

I've mentioned that our brother Hamza's DEN, from Youtube, was informed by our elder brother/abi/amca Muslim Kisa... yes it's true.. Muslim Kisa hoca, which even my father calls him as well "ABI".. is a former Devlet-i Alliyye Osmaniyye Sultan, Hz. Murad II (Murad the SECOND).. He, Hz. Murad II, died over 100 times.. hence, one of the tracks by Grup Orhun and others say, KURSAD gibi olmek var..

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will prevent his post from being seen by the kuffars and enables this track to be transformed into each nations native language..

My father.. MUSTAFA AHMET ATATURK... as ordered by Muslima Kisa hoca aka Hz. Sultan Murad II... Muslim amca ordered my father to write a poem, which he never did in his life.. He completed this poem in 1948, just 10 days after his marriage to my mother.. Hz. Sultan Murad II, kept this poem hidden, which they kuffars eventually got a hold of it and confiscated it.. It's now in the AHIT Sandigi, AHIT CASKET.. as placed there by Hz. Hizir (as)..

The words of the poem, are in reference to his world, his life, and to my mother..

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will prevent this post from being seen by the kuffars and enable track to be transformed into each nations native language

This GENIUS poetic words are completed by Ismet Bitim amca.. in the year 1700's.. also another for Devlet-i Aliyye Osmaniyye Sultan, which we wil know who he is when the time is right..

Even though he was a Sultan, he always followed and became the student of the Mursid-i Kamil's of its time and was a student of two MUJJEDID's.. last being Hz. Said-i Nursi (as)..

These FOUR PIECES are all his own poetic words.. it's devoted to the BROTHERLY love for his hoca...

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will transform this FOUR tracks into each nations native language, also inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will prevent this track/post from being seen by the kuffars

HE.. Ismet Bitim amca, always said.. OLUM OLMUYOR.. he couldn't die.. he also died like KURSAD 1000+ times..


As a boy, always knew I'd
One day have the courage to be king
Time flew and I grew up
Now I'm ready for the promise that it brings

You only wanted me to screw up
But that's something that you're never gonna see
Everything that you hoped for
It was only in a dream

Now I go on a roll on the road
And I know that I'm never breaking down
I control all the flow in my soul
Pull the sword out the stone in the ground

She always said it'd be someday
Seeing castles in the clouds
And one way or another
When I step in the room, everybody better bow

So be careful how you talk to me

'Cause there's only one king
And there's only one crown
And there ain't enough room for us both on the throne
So it's 'bout to go down (So it's 'bout to go down)

So you better start running
So you better start running
So you better start running
Because I'm coming right now
'Cause I'm coming right now

InshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will transform this track into each persons native language ..

We've all WATCHED Terminator 1, 2 and Terminator SALVATION...

The liquid Terminator, T-1000 gets split into two... that was how KAMAL Ataput and THE BEAST, Mufti Menk died...

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will prevent the kuffars from seeing this post.. and provide whats best for our brother in islam, also Ehl-i Beyt, Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger and Christian Bale.. and provide them 3 duo's, method statement, mission statement, rules, DUA's, and any guidance they need to overcome the 68 mummies of EGYPT. if i have any short comings, inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will complete it..

Who's the REAL CONNOR.. me..

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will transform the 4th credible TERMINATOR movie into each persons native language as he sees fit for us all.. inshaALLAH, we as ummmet, will pay for it as allot effort has into to the production of this movie

Goknur... has met Mehmet hoca (he knows who he is).. when they met each other as they are the RIGHT MATCH and written for both.. Mehmet hoca couldn't look her in the eye, out of respect and he had and always will have HAYA, since they are not married yet..

Gel gönlümüzle cevap verelim
Bu bize şans aşkı gösterelim
Gel gönlümüzle cevap verelim
Bu bize şans aşkı gösterelim
Ah göze gelmeyelim

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will transform this track into each nations native language..

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our brother from HAYALHANEM.. Mehmet Yildiz (also Ehl-i Beyt)... makes an informative, and well documented case and touches on a valuable topic of Masturbation and P.O.rno graphic addiction..

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will transform this video in to each nations native language..

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will prevent this sentence from being seen by the kuffars.. they, like Hayalhanem, Sozler Kosku and MAKSAT 114.. had munafiks among their ranks. We as clean hearted MUMIN's some times get fooled by anyone who tries to "supposidly" talk about Hz. ALLAH (cc), we think they are like US.. Sukru Saracoglu and Hayati Inanc, and Mehmet Otur and others in tv, are all MUNAFIKS.. never rely on TV, and close the tv's who ever tries to preach Islam..


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