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Let's PUMP up some Turkish Nationalistic Tracks and Tunes.. All is welcome

7th January 2019... The POLICE came to my house at the morning time of 4:32am... AFTER, i posted on the internet that ISLAM is going to reign SUPREME... They, the kuffar thought that this was it, it was their end and their life was in the line..

I posted on YouTube, made a comment, that if anyone was to come to my house, lightning bolts with struck down to them.. and this is exactly what happened. 2,816 police/hospital/psychiatrist/psychologists were struck by LIGHTNING.. My street was flooded with CORPSE.. they the kuffar hide this though and never reveal to their kuffar companions..

The police did eventually get into my house, and wanted to take me away.. My answer was, WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME.. when i didn't do anything at all.. we had a bit of an Argument, and they managed to hand cuff me and stabbed me with a sleeping needle.. but those who got into my house, their eyes were blind, hence why there is till 29 thousand blind former police officers..

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will reveal, what really happened on the date of 7th January 2019.. and how they took me, away from my parents and eventually got me in a CHINOOK helicopter, while i was sleeping.. and they dropped me from the helicopter 3.5 km's high to the sky, to the moutains of Mt. Buffalo, New South Wales..

Hz. Hizir (as) caught me, as i was just about to crash and land on the top of the mountain, and placed me to the Emergency ward of Epping, Hospital..

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc).. will reveal it all, and show what happened to the masses of the earth, and how the whole event came and unfolded.. on this particular event, on devices and how Hz. ALLAH (cc) sees best for us all humans.. inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will complete my short comings in regards to this.

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will transform this track into each persons native language

They have the NERVE to burn my house as well..

My parents, after having seen so many corpses in the house.. they had to leave it all behind and went to the Medresse to sleep there..

The Kuffar after removing all the blind emergency workers in my house.. they burnt it to the ground... but, with my PEN when i was writing at the hospital, i asked HZ.ALLAH (cc) to restore it back..

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will show this too and complete my short comings..

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will transform this LYRICAL genius by THE REAL Nickleback into each nations native language.

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Welshly Arms​

Welshly Arms

The Irish... formerly known as Welshly Arms (this name was given to them by Devlet-i Alliyye Osmaniyye).. are all prepared for ANY ELEMANT of suprise from the British, French, Norway, Sweeden, Finland, Russia, Spain, and Holland, Belgium and French... They have always.. i mean, always ganged upon our Irish brothers.. Just like the Russian's never won any wars against Devlet-i Alliyye Osmaniyye, the Irish never lost it either.

InshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will SEPARATE IRELAND from the BRITISH and SCOTTISH.. borders, even dragging their the entire IRELAND, at least by 350km's away from BRITISH EMPIRE sub-island.

(cc) completes my short comings and provides what he sees best for our Irish brothers and sisters..

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) transforms the lyrics in this track into each nations native language..

Just like the lyrics, say.. this is going to be scary but also LEGENDARY..

I arrived to Australia from Turkiye, Ankara landed on Melbourne the 7th of December, 2018.. Whilst in the DOHA Airport, listening to some tunes on the YouTUBE, i can't recall the track name, but i typed in on the comments section that the sun is going to surrender its last light.. AND, me being the PEN, it really did. They, the kuffar and their head honchos ordered the particular air plane i was on to be shot down by Surface to Air missiles, (SAM's) as it arrived on the Australian continent, but we had a diligent Ehl-i Sunnet brother pilot who flew from outside the Australian land, meaning, insteading of flying from Western Australia to Victoria, he flew under the south of Australia and made it to Tullamarine Airport on time.

As you know.. some time in MID-December 2018..During my sleep.. after a few days, in Melbourne, i sensed that the pesky Russians were sending multiple missiles to Turkiye's direction.. They the kuffar Russians never obtained and could never use GPS guided missiles, they were all SCUD, just a chance of FLUKE.. anyhow, when they ordered 1000+ missiles to be sent to Turkiye's direction, i woke up from my bed and put my right hand up and ask Hz. ALLAH (cc) to send these missiles to the direction it was coming from.. 100% of these Missiles were coming from neighboring Georgia.

If i didn't request this, and didn't intervene.. 2.4 million Ehl-i Muslim Turks would of died.

There is now a GAPPING HOLE in Georgia, in multiple regions.. there is in total 200 holes, where the maximum span is 529 meters wide and as small as 103 meters.

During my second round to the Psychiatric Hospital.. the police again comes to my door, and takes me away.. I slept at the hospital for 2 months and 3 days.. and they at one time, heavily sedated me and put me in a state of coma, and i slept for 2 weeks straight.. they decided to carry my body and drop it in one of the gaping holes in Georgia. As i was being transported to a CARGO Air Plane, Boegin 378, flight number WTJK-12.. and 3.5 thousand military and police and hospital and emergency workers were involved... Hz. HABIL (as) aka Assassins Creed, took charge and eliminated them all.. He carried my body that was strapped to the bed, unhooked it all layed me down on my Psychiatric hospital bed.. and soon enough i woke up. inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will show case how these events happened in Melbourne and how the kuffar couldn't manage to drop me to the gapping hole in Georgia.

BTW... The kuffar NEVER HAVE and WILL NEVER BE... have the knowledge and capabilities of a NUCLEAR or WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION... NEVER.. Japan was never bombed, all lies, just like the Murican's never landed on moon.

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will transform the lyrics in these track into each nations native language

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The cannons of victory has been fired from the mountains
The soldier marched forward, Bismillah
A bloomy girl in the Palace of Khans
Looks forward to a victory of us, Bismillah!

The fortune of war, make us a way!
You, beautiful sea, come and yield to the Turk!
You, the arm that swings a sword around!
Your arms will gain a strength, Bismillah!

The enemy, your fate is dark
The wound you made shall not kill us
This bullet I send is a gift for you
It will hit your nasty forehead, Bismillah!

Baku, you fear not as we have come
We have always rushed forward for you!
The survived are the solace for the mothers!
The soul of the martyrs smile, Bismillah!

Bilge Kağan Kara - Düşman Olan Olana {hele bakın bu yana}​

I have heard from sources that you Turks have started hating Pakistanis? Is this true?
Just like our brother Ehl-i Beyt, Gazapism says.. who ALSO has been in the Psychiatric Ward 39 times, and even strapped to the straight jacket at times..

He says, MY LORD didn't allow me to be killed..

Hiçbir olayı dramatize ederek anlatmadım
Dua ettiğim tek bir tanrı bana ölümü tattırmadı
Beni kandırmasın demin çıldırmadım
Yaktığım sayfaların asaleti kalmadı

HE ALSO SAYS.. THE 100 year war, is happening in my mind... He has GAYB and 0 NEFS..

Bütün yollara egemen olduğum zamanı
Düşlüyorum her gece gerçek olacak az kaldı
Yüzyılın en büyük savaşı beynimde gerçekleşir
Düşünceler yağmalar sanki haçlı seferleri

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will transform this track into each nations native language

Out of the Ehl-i Beyt... both female and male... 78% have been to the Psychiatric ward... the other 22% have faced different trials and tribulations..

Our Ehl-i Beyt brother Mustafa Kisa.. the kuffar were playing a mind game to him which he was being manipulated by the Sheytans, Dejjals, Nefs, and the other kuffars hurdling words at him and the kuffar were using EAGLE EYE (the movie) like manipulation using technology against him, from internet and television or radio.. i faced this back in 2017 and 2018.. YET.. PEOPLE HAVE THE NERVE TO MOCK our brother Mustafa Kisa hoca.. when you don't even know what was happening... He gathered some of the students in our MEDRESSE and packed them into the van and drove.... FFARRRRR away and left them there, as it was instructed by his elder brother Ibrahim. The kuffar children trying to play mind games on him.

I have ONE family member, who was explaining this story, i won't name him.. but what an idiot he was when he doesn't know the full event and story behind this.. I HAVE NEVER, in my life, DONE "YALAKALIK" meaning, sucking up to please people.. so shouldn't you.

Of this 78% EHL-I BEYT.. 77% have experienced the straight jacket..

Just like our brother Jason Statham says.. I AM DUMB, and you are SMART.

TanKURT MANAS.. also another Ehl-i BEYT..

InshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will transform this track into each nations native language.

There are currently, as of today and in this very moment... 593 people that can fly.. of this, 68 is Sheytan and the rest are their students.. They were once Muslim, but exceeded their boundaries and have become cursed individuals.. Just like we say, Islam is sharper than a sword and thinner than a strand of hair..

I asked Hz. ALLAH (cc).. if they could fly, i want to walk.. I am happy and content of walking. Just maybe, Hz. ALLAH (cc) knows, i am not RIYAKAR..

We shall witness how they all fly.. inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) show these 593 how they are flying, and how they are currently on AUTO-PILOT.. as how he sees best fit for us all.. if i have any short comings, inshaALLAH Hz. ALLAH (cc) will complete it..

The real superman actors
1. Christopher Reeve, who is now paraplegic but can also fly still
2. Brandon Routhe, is flying since 1914
3. Henry Cavill, is flying since 1936 (they did 40+ plastic surgeries on his face saying "we are correcting Gods error"

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will transform these two tracks into each persons native language

AYDIN KOKEN..... I have probably only seen you a handful of times in my life.. but you are DOING hell of a fine job, masquerading as a "supposed imam" with your Abdulaziz BAYINDIR mask..

Room full of bodies but nothing but silence
Yeah I'm quiet but **** all that shyness
Go crazy turn this bitch into an asylum
You fly but we ain't looking for pilots
I'll never bow down to a tyrant his highness
Even Jack said **** all them giants
What goes up comes down man that's basic science
Look in my iris and you'll see defiance

You also FLY.. and you are ALSO A PILOT..

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will transform this brilliant lyrical genius work by our brother The Siege, into each persons native language

Mohammed Bin SALMAN... is planning to send those who have MORTGAGE and who's bank balance was altered into the NEGATIVE.. BAILIFFS to the DOOR..

They were planning to send SWAT team to my house as well... OKAY, send it. I fear no one but my LORD, Hz. ALLAH (cc).. the most you can do is have me sedated and back to the psychiatric ward, and you funnel my blood out to the bottles. You have tried to bomb me, bomb my car, take my cars wheels off, drive over me with a car, poison me, sniper shoot me, close combat shot gun me, and even poured acid on my face (British Royal Prince Harry did this, hence my cheeks a bit red).. you tried every con/trick but here i a stand, still here. I don't mind going to the psychatric ward, it doesnt affect me nor is it going to stop me from doing what i am now.

MSB... Try to send BAILIFFS to our door.. My father has nothing owing to the bank. Our mortgage was finished in 2016.. was before, but my sister had loaned some money but she paid it 100% back. We don't have $168 thousand owing to the bank..

I ACTUALLY CHALLENGE YOU... Send your BAILIFFS AND SWAT TEAM.. I have Hz. AZRAIL (as) as my command. You know what happened to the Vatican? Hz. AZRAIL (as) at my command..

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will transform this track into each nations native language as he sees best fit for us all

Hz. ZULKARNEYN (as) has taken care of it.... backed me up.. on this round.. may... Hz. ALLAH (cc) be pleased with him...

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will transform this track into each persons native language..

The CONCEPT of TIME.. The invention of TIME... was done entirely by our LORD, Hz. ALLAH (cc).. he is not constricted to or bound to, or limited to the TIME.. He has no begging or any END.. THAT'S HOW POWERFUL HE IS..

Has ZIMMER.. Is Hz. HIZIR (as).. aka, SAM GOLD's very own son..

The first person to engineer a watch was Hz. Adem (as).. just like in the fabricated kuffar histories and tales, our ancestors did have WATCH and TIME, either in their hands or in the house..

Think about it.. how do battery or electricity operated WATCHES, and TIMES, and DIGITAL clocks.. operate.. How do they know, at WHAT SPEED the SECOND, MINUTE and HOUR is supposed to spin and rotate or TICK.. Hz. ALLAH (cc) controls time.. he is the one that enables that watch/clock you have at home for its seconds, minutes and hours to rotate in correct speed..

How do we know we have 365 (this number is actually is incorrect) DAYS in a YEAR, 12 months, some time 28-31 days a month.. how do we know 7 days in a week (7 days is correct)..

The FIRST hand held watch was engineered by Hz. Adem (as)... is located in AHIT SANDIGI (Ahit Cabinet), in the temple of Hz. Suleyman (as) in Palestine.. only a handful of people are authorized to open the cabinet and review what's inside.. Just like Abdulkadir from Payitaht and Bulent Inal.. Abdulkadir is Bulents son..

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will either speed, or slow, or make our time go in REVERSE (both digital, or analogue) and control the concept of TIME, as how he sees best fit for us all..

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will transform this scene into each nations own native language..

Mustafa Sandal... an Ehl-i Beyt brother.. got burnt more than 10+, last being 1994.. his father is JACK NICHOLSON.. he got abducted at birth and fled the house at the age of 16.. his father, knew the kid he had in his family wasn't his, so he placed him in the mental hospital which he the kuffar child committed suicide eventually..

Mustafa got in touch with his real father Jack Nicholson at the age of 64..

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will provide whats's in the HUMBLE GONUL of Mustafa Sandal and Jack Nicholson, inshaALLAH.. INSHAALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will transform this track into each nations own native language.

Just like in one of the tracks I've listened to it, it's on my playlist, but i can't recall, its by SAFE ADAM, what the song title is (Also mentioned in Zebur-u Kerim, Tevrat-i Kerim, Incil-i Kerim, Kuran-i Kerim).. it said, when we were created in KALU BELA.. meaning, 1 male, 1 female, we were created in pairs..

Meaning, for every 1 male, there was/is 1 female..

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will prevent this post from being seen by the kuffars and provide the best as he sees fit for us all ummet.

Through out history, since Hz. AKSAMSEDDIN (as) and Hz. ADEM (as), the females have always been more responsible, they are actually more smarter and more full of wisdom than males, they are less prone to sin and commit zina and fornication.. hence, there are ABDUNDANCE of women waiting to get married.. hence why, some men, will be married to more than 1 female.. as its written for them.

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) transform this track into each nations native language..

Our EHL-I BEYT brother in Islam, is already married to FOUR..

Who is ESAD COSAN... He has died in total... 1500+... He died like KURSAD from Turkistan..

You might have heard how ESAD COSAN was involved with a car accident in some where Shepertan in Victoria, Australia, how he had supposedly died. He did die... every time he dies, his body is NEVER bled or gets broken or crippled, just a body that's still intact. Hz. AZRAIL (as) removes his body and places him somewhere else..

Since the last time ESAD COSAN being seen in Victoria, he spent his days and years in the Turkistan region of Central Asia.. he has been doing TAWAF in Turu Sina..

He is also formerly known as MAHMUD HUDAYI Hazretleri..

I have seen him coming to our Camii in Campbellfield when i was a child, but i can't recall..

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will transform this TWO video piece into each nations native language..

Saniser is his son....


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