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Let's PUMP up some Turkish Nationalistic Tracks and Tunes.. All is welcome

HITLER and the AK-SAKALLILAR.. have made more than 10+ iterations of the MOST BEAUTIFUL Mechanical BIRD ever created.. the F-22 RAPTOR..

Bilal Filiz abi, is a pilot... and can do a 360 degree loop with a F-22 in just 2 seconds.

You won't find HITLER's image on the internet or social media or any book.. that ADOLF was a FRENCH QUEER.. Nihal ATSIZ CATAPULTED, ADOLF with his own uniquely crafted sword.

F-22 can do MACH 10 speed.. and can house 3 pilots (on some iterations), and can have 10+ air-to-air lock on missiles.. It's RADAR through out the aircraft (360 degrees), can located enemy craft from 100+ km's away.

It's fuel can last up to 48 hours.. and it's FUEL resource is something, a liquid, which is not petrol or oil.. but Hz. ALLAH (cc) brought down this special LIQUID in the year 1748.. and Devlet-i Aliiye Osmaniyye were notified of this..

They THE KUFFAR so-called ACADEMICS and "ENLIGHTENED" and Scientists all believe and try to force fees us the idea of "EVOLUTION OF SPECIES" ..

What they mean is, ISTIDRAJ... There is around the world 300+ different species and versions of doggs.. How did DOGGS and where did they come from? The kuffar masturbated the wolves they captured, they tied them up, and they tormented the WOLVES, and made them ejaculate semen from their penis, which they held on to it, and injected this semen into the anus of the piggs, and in 3 days, the piggs birthed and spat out doggs from their anus..

The WOLVES are ANGRY. The Wolves don't urinate or defecate.. they feed on vegetation and home cooked food, no meat, they are vegetarian. Hz. ISA (as) had two wolves, one is a female and the other a male.. they the kuffars confiscated the female wolf and the male wolf escaped their torment... The FEMALE wolf is in Fort Knox... and will unleash HELL on to the kuffars, as Hz. Allah (CC) will make her Phantom - Overdrive.. if i have any short comings, inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will complete it..

WHEN THE WOLVES COME OUT TO PLAY.. inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will complete this two tracks into each nations own native language..


David Attenborough.. the famous DOCUMENTARIAN.. Born in 1900, and is now currently at the age of 123.. Born in Ireland, and is also Ehl-i Beyt.. He always said, i know where i come from.. and makes zikir in private in his spare time. Married to another Ehl-i Beyt women, from German born.. and has 6 children together..

David was raised in the British ROYAL family.. but he escaped at the age of 26 and preffered to live in the streets of London, which he did, for 8 days in total.. Hitler, eventually approached him took him under his guard.

He knows all ABOUT the KUFFARS ploy, "The EVOLUTION OF SPECIES".. and has made a good documented case on it, together with Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond (all three Ehl-i Beyt brothers).. The Clarkson brothers were ABDUCTED at birth.. inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will enable us to view this documentation in a place, time and zone which he sees fit for us all.. if i have any short comings, inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will complete it.
BRITISH EMPIRE... no more..

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will transform the words in these TWO tracks into each nations native language

Where is this... OTUKEN? I have always said, we are all "OTUKEN YOLCULARIYIZ"...

It's the EXACT place, location, soil, mountain, where Hz. ADEM (as) was born, created, and came to life.. It's somewhere in Central Asia Turkic nations..

The WAHABI's have cancelled all flights to and from Arabiya.. hence, this year, we will make TAWAF in TANRI DAGI "Hz. ALLAH (cc) mountain".. Where is Tugru Sina, the mountain where Hz. Musa (as) used to do Ta-i Mekan, and speak to Hz. ALLAH (cc) directly.

We will also stone the Sheytans and Dejjals, in this MOUNTAIN as well.. The Ulema have gone and did their HAJJ in that mountain plenty of times, but we as Ehl-i Sunnet Muslims didn't know much about it.

Nihal Atsiz, is also Ehl-i Beyt and is one of the AK-SAKALLILAR..

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will transform this two tracks into each nations own native language..

The HU... why the word, "HU".... The intention is to REVIVE the correct word "Allah HU MALIK"... Hz. ALLAH (cc) the ABSOLUTE, THE UNMATCHED, IT'S GREATNESS UNRIVALED...

Leonardo Di Caprio has a healthy list of film making.. His father is from Germany, and mother from Japan.. both Ehl-i Beyt lineage..

Leonardo was the one who wrote these lyrics, as it was instructed by Cengiz Khan to him.. As we can all witness, all of the cards have been unraveled. Leonardo has also been taking CLOZAPINE for the past 8 years, his dosage is 2.6 grams, per day.. it was initially 200milli gram, then they said to him "you lack judgement, we all wants whats best for you, as a result increasing your dosage" .. He was inept, for a period of time, having trouble difficulty in expressing him self but by the grace and will and help of Hz. ALLAH (cc), he overcame this.

Hz. ALLAH (cc) promise is real.. anyone, who tries to torment Ehl-i Beyt, will face his wrath.

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will transform these lyrics into each nations native language.

KEN WATANABE... Ehl-i Beyt Leader of JAPAN... and his unmatched Samurai soldiers/army.. vowed to fight with their uniquely own crafted own samurai swords.. they don't want to touch rifles or guns, or shot guns..

The KUFFAR in the media, Holywood, internet and just any media... try to project JAPAN as though like as if they know it.. That's TAIWAN... They have built TAIWAN, and try to project it as JAPAN..

You won't find JAPAN or JAPANIC peoples images on the internet or Hollywood.

Even the JAPANANIC ancestors eyes were slit and cut on both sides, they the JAPANESE elders have a SERIOUS physical facial attributes..

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will transform this track into each nations native language

What's this SIMAL.. (almost the word "SheMale").. this was compiled together by Hz. Suleyman Hilmi Tunahan, and Sultan Abdulhamid II and Hz. Adem (as), and Hz. Aksamseddin (as) and Hz. Hizir (as)..

All the NOBLE and TRUST WORTHY prophets and Mursid-i Kamils and MUJJEDID's have gone through this process albeit different ways..

Shemale.. we've all seen them on the readily available internet and search engines.. They are males with a penis, and breast and silicon buttocks..

Hz. ALLAH (cc) was testing me if i would, ask of him, to change my wives to a shemale and transform into their real gender.. i cried for days, and the more i thought about it, the more disgusted i got.

1. Touching another male, the thought of it, is revolting..
2. Touching another male genital, is off putting
3. Anus is only a defecation point, and not to be inserted into
4. AIDS, STD, HIV, Hepatitis a to z

They the kuffar were injecting me and into my body with a HIV, STD, AIDS and hepatitis needles, and for the past 10 years, i have itchy upper thighs, and a little area of sorness which is healing Elhamduulillah..

I asked my Lord, Hz. ALLAH (cc), if i ever want and ask of him to make my wives, trans gender... to pile and into cement me into the depths of hellfire..

There's allot of noble prophets who have been through similar circumstances.. Hz. Yusuf (as) for example, was chased and was trying to ENTICED by Zuleyha (not a Muslim name).. Zuleyha was a shemale, a male with silicon breasts, facial plastic surgery and fat injected body parts.. He fled to his life, and vowed to kill em all, which he eventually captured ZULEYHA and took him out of the picture.

I ASKED Hz. ALLAH (cc), even if i the ummet had received this.. i don't want it. ANUS is only defecation, not to be toyed around with.

Just like the artist whos name is Aysegul, says.. EN KIYMETLIM ILAN ETTIGIM GIBI, SENI O TAHTAN INDIRMESINI'DE BILIRIM..

InshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will transform this track into each nations and states native language.

Will Ferrell has a HEALTHY and clean list of FILM making... born in Germany, Austria in the year 1864.. and has migrated to Great Germania (USA) in the year 1942.. Ehl-i BEYT also..

His got a unique sense of humor and his humor is only understood by those who have a clean heart and conscious..

Now.. the word GOD.. does it have any value and meaning to our LORD, Hz. ALLAH (cc).. no.. the word God in Arabic in "ILAH".... but, Hz. ALLAH (cc) says, there is NO GOD, there is NO ILAH.. but Hz. ALLAH (cc)..

Will Ferrell, even though he didn't want to complete this video piece and making a mockery out of the word GOD, where he says "If i met God, i would say take a bit of rest" and he actually got angry about it as well.. he was fearing he would face the wrath of Hz. ALLAH (cc) but Christopher Walken had always reaffirmed him it he was in good hands, and on the path of Sirat-i Mustakeem..

Even though i feel guilty, and feel like i am doing a dangerous thing by laughing at BUSH vs BUSH.. but Hz. ALLAH (cc) gives no importance or value to the word GOD.

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will transform this two video piece into each nations native language

sooo.. erDOGan claims he has won the election to an almost landslide..

Let's get the real ELECTION statistics out... votes for;
1. AKP 14,672,000
2. CHP 18 million
3. HDP/YSP 19 million
4. 8 million OTHERS..
None of the Ehl-i Sunnet Muslims have voted for anything, didnt even go the polls.. The kuffar, and their head honchos, INADVERTENTLY, revealed their real numbers.. There is allot KUFFAR's in Turkiye, and they use Muslim names too..

When the Republic was formed in 1923, 16 million kuffars until the year 1931, changed their names to Muslim names. Some of the women hear niqabs, head scarfs, they go by the name of "Ahmet" "Ibrahim" "Samet" "Haluk".. just your usual common Turkish/Muslim names..

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will transform this track into each nations native language.

I'll be the MONSTER you've been wanting..

Our Ehl-i BEYT brother.. Jacob Banks, is at the age of 152.. was burnt more than 30+, last time in 2016.. He migrated to one country to another, and the DEJJALS and SHEYTANS wouldn't leave him peace..

Jacob Banks, is a Hafiz of Incil-i Kerim and Kuran-i Kerim.. his student is, our former idareci and also Ehl-i Beyt, Mursid AVSAR.

His sister, is also BANKS.. both still single waiting to get married.

We will unleash the monsters soon inshaALLAH..

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will transform this THREE tracks into each nations native language..

I can see you struggling
Boy, don't hurt your brain
Thinking what you're gonna say
'Cause everything's a game
Always trying to calculate
Trying to look smart but not too smart
To threaten anything they say

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will UNLEASH the DABBE, which he has promised in the Zebur-i Kerim and also noted in Risale-i Nur, book 9..

year 5 of waiting for turkey to form Pak-Turk Ottoman empire
Chief DON'T RUN.... Who's the real GOVERNOR in Great Germania?... Jerry Seinfeld..

The 4 individuals in Seinfeld, George, Elaine, Kramer and Jerry are all bothers and 1 sister.. all still single.. waiting to get married.

Just like Jerry say's.. OFCOURSE CHIEF DOESN'T RUN, especially when Hz. ALLAH (cc) is commanding us.. they all 4 of them are Ehl-i Beyt.

Biden might appear like he is the governor/president.. but his HEAD HONCHO, Mohammed Bin Salman, gives orders to him... MBS, is the current No.1 Head Honco of all the kuffars..

Great Germania is a BIIIIIGGG LAND, and is the 2nd biggest country i the world. There are towns in Great Germania, where if an unfamiliar face/individual comes to the town, they look at them a grazzy eye.

InshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will prevent this particular sentence from being seen by the kuffars, and help our brother in Islam, Jerry Seinfeld. InshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will form check points and road closures and road repairs and de-routes, and 13 other critical matters which only the CHIEF knows and his close solider know about it.. inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will provide mission statement, mission rules, mission methods and anything which i don't know about but he knows best.. and completes my short comings.

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will transform this track into each persons native language

A VERY SHORT DUA.... but 100% and 100% and 100% VERY EFFECTIVE.

It was Hz. NUH (as) who came up with his own mind (but it is Hz. ALLAH (cc) who gives the mind).. this DUA, when he sat sail in his ship.. Hz. ALLAH (cc) loved him so much for this DUA, that, he Hz. NUH (as) spent exactly 2 years in paradise, in lofty ranks, 8th gate and 8th level.. but he Hz. NUH (as) came back and returned from a paradise.. FOR 1 day on earth, was 2 years in PARADISE.

We are HUMAN, and JINNS.. the concept of TIME, only applies for us. Hz. ALLAH (cc) is not constraint by time. He is the inventor of TIME. He has no begging or any end.. He was, and is, has always been there.

Read and recite this DUA, and memorize it and recite is/read it with your lips moving at least 7 times, every time you get into your car or even as a passenger...

DUA is a MUMIN's most effective weapon.. If you rely, surrender your self to Hz. ALLAH (cc), he will, just like the KUZZI IRADE given to his creation, prevent kuffars from crashing into you.

The KUFFAR have a SEVERE state of depression, and they TRY to crash onto other cars head on, crumbling in that metal casket (cars) and being shred to smithereens.

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will transform this track into each nations native language.

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The Leopard 2A7... which the IRISH and GERMANS engineered, by their effort and engineering, and wisdom (Hz. ALLAH (cc) is the one who gives you mind/thought and orders you to use it)..

Back in 2019, i have inadvertently gave the engine/motor blueprints, and how it was engineered, just a complete listed information from a to z, how to imitate the motor and engineer from ground up.. to one of AKP and erDOGan's right hand man.. and they did, come up with the first concept in 3 weeks..

Our Mongolian and Japanese and Malaysian and Indonesian engineers, by the help of Sam GOLD.. came up with an alternative one.. knowing the Leopard 2a7 engines blueprint will fall into the hands of the enemies.

So, the Leopard 2A9 (we skipped 8).. the first motor and complete concept was completed in 1954.. the kuffar have a barrel in the size of 142mm, but we have 219mm..

Hz. Zulkarneyn (as) knocked that EIFFEL tower in 2019 January 7th.. I was in hospital on this time.. and i stayed at the hospital for 3 months.. but from 7th January 2019 to the next day, 8th January 2019.. it took 8 months.. I was sleeping allot, and they were funneling my blood into their own barrels..

it took the kuffar, to rebuild that EIFFEL tower.. from 19th January 2019, to 9th May 2019..

I remember using my mobile phone at the Psychiatric ward... and Mufti Menk, was saying TIME is ALLAH.. (blasphemy).. HZ. ALLAH (cc) created concept of time, and he is not bound to any TIME constraints.

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will transform this track into each nations native language.

From 7th January 2019 to 8th January 2019... = 8 MONTHS..

The ULEMA.. especially the Ehl-i Beyt.. Were in constant time of zikir, as ordered to them by Hz. ALLAH (cc) to Seyfettin Alkan hoca.. they just got up for toilet and renewing their ablution.. it felt like 2-3 or 4 days for them..

The KUFFAR were fornicating and getting drunk and partying like JESUS is going to come back to earth for he is the HEAVENLY FATHER OF EARTH..

inshaALLAH, Hz. ALLAH (cc) will transform this video piece into each nations native language..


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