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JF-17 Thunder Multirole Fighter [Thread 7]

Embarking on a live attack mission as part of an Operational Exercise - PAF's JF-17s flexing its firepower in true multirole domain:- 02 x Air to Air Escort 02 x Standoff SEAD Strike 01 x Anti Ship Strike 01 x LGB Precision Strike PAF presently operates 150+ JF-17 Thunders
Wt ukraine war has shown is that in a highly contested environment sead n dead missions operated by manned ac is a very difficult proposition n not a good as the chances of success n return of the ac is very slim, then specially when u have better options.....ucav are better suited for such missions .....but like very thing else here its all good for fun n games.

Its high time that Our armed forcez evolve n get in step with the present times, so as not to send air crews to certain deaths

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