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the twitter handle @PAF_Falcons means serious business ....

is there size difference btw these two?
Why should there be any difference? Both are clearly JF-17s and as such there won't be any ...

By the way ... @PAF_Falcons = seriously most often overhyping certain things! :-)

Lying or deliberate misconstruding of facts seems a norm for a lot of people that make these youtube videos or twitter posts, since it benefits their bottom line or ego. Shameful as that maybe, people here also need to learn to be skeptical and do some legwork themselves to figure out the facts, or at a minimum learn to be skeptical and question the validity of claims. That is just a basic step that every individual can and should take.
The quality of the discussion on this forum is low often times as people present opinions/wishful thinking/fantasies etc. as fact without any deliberation. We all should be very critical of the falsehood and claims, not just on the forum here but in our daily lives as well, and if someone makes them, they ought to be held accountable for that and not allowed to hide behind the, "I heard from so and so" or a "senior member said so".
I think when we post something/anything that is not factually true but an opinion or an educated guess, we all to make that clear, if only to not mislead others but also as a way to facilitate counter arguments and learn from other people's rebuttals. This is just my personal gripe so make of it what you will.

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