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It’s time to retire the term 'near-peer' competitor when it comes to China


Nov 4, 2011
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It’s time to retire the term 'near-peer' competitor when it comes to China

By Mackenzie Eaglen
June 07, 2023 01:58 PM

China US Trade Talks

For years, Pentagon leaders have described China as a “near-peer” competitor—not quite up to snuff when it comes to matching American hard power. The phrase carries an implication a state may possess similar capabilities and capacity to the United States, but never enough to be considered on equal footing.

No more. China’s continuous and rapid transformation of its military and strategic capabilities means Washington can safely retire “near-peer” as an accurate classifier.

The 2017 National Security Strategy made waves when it declared the dawn of “great power competition” between the United States and assertive powers such as China and Russia. The strategy was quick to cite areas in which the United States had fallen behind and China had developed asymmetric advantages.

Subsequent strategy documents written by the Biden administration have contained similar monikers. The 2022 National Defense Strategy declared China the “most consequential strategic competitor for the coming decades,” and has highlighted strategic competition with China as a serious challenge for the U.S. military for the foreseeable future.

When speaking on the Pentagon’s 2022 report China military power report here at AEI, Michael Chase, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for China, seconded this, emphasizing that China was the “pacing challenge” for the Pentagon in nearly all domains.

So which is it – great power competition, strategic competitor, or pacing challenge? One could endlessly argue over the semantics, but one thing is certain: China’s rapid and substantial investment in the modernization and expansion of its armed forces have are changing the military calculus in the Indo-Pacific.

This shift comes on the heels of a decade where the United States has been focused on other theaters and threats, and long delayed crucial modernization programs to maintain our military’s (rapidly shrinking) edge . The Pentagon has affirmed as much, writing in the 2020 China Military Power Report that “China has already achieved parity with—or even exceeded—the United States in several military modernization areas.”

Take for example China’s rapid development of land-based conventional ballistic and cruise missiles. After years of development, China now possesses “largest and most diverse missile arsenal in the world,” with stocks that dwarf the United States in both size and capability. This doesn’t even account for China’s newer hypersonic weaponry , which is designed to strike US bases and fleets across the Western Pacific. As China deploys more weaponry, the United States’ premier attempt at deploying a hypersonic missile, the Long-Range Hypersonic Weapon (LRHW), has fallen behind as the program has faced delays and uncertainty .

Other strategic factors are also contributing to a shifting calculus. While China’s navy (PLAN), coast guard (CCG), and maritime militia (PAFMM) all continue to grow , under the President’s budget request for fiscal year 2024, our fleet will actually shrink by one ship as retirements outpace new construction. China has also sought to greatly expand its nuclear, cyber, and space capabilities in an effort to achieve parity with the United States.

While no other country is able to yet match America’s global power projection capability, China is working hard and fast on it. However, this widespread recognition of “strategic competition” over “near-peer” is emblematic of a shifting power calculations. Already, within the regions where conflict would most likely breakout, such as the South China Sea or the Taiwan Straits, China is chipping away at American advantages.

More effectively competing and deterring China’s Communist Party regime requires relentless focus to build up credible combat power. Mending gaps and maintaining any shrinking advantage in sectors such as shipbuilding, the organic and commercial defense and aerospace industrial bases, or cutting-edge technology means the Pentagon has no time to spare nor ability to take its foot off the gas. Shrinking forces will not be able to change the minds of leaders intent on upending the status quo.

As our military superiority continues to decline, leaders must be more clear-eyed and honest that we have met our peer and it is China.

I plagiarised from https://defence.pk/pdf/threads/chin...s-by-2049-top-us-general.764161/post-14296200


I totally fail to understand what kind of crap is that Murican General yapping about? -

China to become 'militarily superior' to US by 2049: Top US general​

That Murica is now militarily superior to China? and only by 2049 that Murica will lose her perceived superiority?

How about the real truth!

Murica now is vastly inferior to China in many many key military aspects.

Like Murica want to compare the reach and bang of China Firedragons that can touch at beyond 300km and with CEP of 1 meter with that of Murica touted HIMARS that reach not 100 km and CEP of 10 meters

Murica wanna tango for real using HIMARS against Firedragons? And China probably got 20 times the number in addition to vastly greater reach and bang

Further escalations into wars will be fought with Fire dragons and QN202 micro missile and FH-901 with many more kinds of missiles suitable for the job against whatever game changers Indians want to use.

Firedragons (range 300KM CEP 1m)


0                WhatsApp Image 2022-09-21 at 21.20.43.jpeg

0                  WhatsApp Image 2022-09-21 at 21.20.43.jpeg

China tests precision strike capability of its advanced rocket launch system at high altitude

Chinese experts believe that the range of the rocket launch system was extended to 500 km, which would mean that the rocket launch system could hit any Indian military base along the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

and Chinese suicide drones by the hundreds of boxes?￰゚ᄂヤ?￰゚リニ?￰゚リニ?￰゚ᄂᆪ?￰゚マヤ️? Get thousands and tens of thousands of Chinese FH-901 suicide drones.

Get a hundred boxes to start with

FH-901 carry 10 times the bang of Switchblade, much longer loitering time and can carry out swarming attacks.

That will make Murican Switchblade look like a switchblade brought to a machine gun fight.

China unveils its own 'switchblade' suicide drone


And at sea, even if China DF21s & DF26s are discounted, China numbers and reach of AShCMs are far more deadly and reach further than the besterest of Murica AShCMs and will take out Murican ships way before Murica can fire in reply

A hit from Chinese AShCM will be sufficient for it to be over for any USA carrier.

Estimated China got 3000++ of AShCMs, not to talk about 350++ DF21s DF26s

But it is more likely Chinese be firing 100 such missiles at single USA carrier. As well as raining DF21s DF26s from high above.

No shit about bulkheads and spaces to contain the hellfire that will likely engulf the entire carrier.

China YJ12 YJ18 YJ21 carry more bang and hellfire than Russia P-800 , and China got over 3000 of those missiles :rofl::rofl::rofl:

And not just the warhead, there will be 2–3 tons of missiles coming behind the warhead at Mach 3 tearing into the bulkheads and ordnance and aviation fuel and the poor men and women in the carrier. Those 2–3 tons of missile body will be tearing in the bulkheads faster and more deadly then APFSDS. Andf carrying its own unburned fuel to add to the fun.
Even steel will burn when hit with hell fire and tons of steel and debris coming in at Mach 3. The aviation fuel, and paint on walls, the bombs and ordnance will all cook off and add to the huge huge fire inside the carrier. Regardless if carrier under Condition Zebra or Donkey or Jackass.
The brave sailors in those carriers will not care or worry and be happy that their carrier not sinking. And only burning and burning from one end to the other end.



Chinese have about 3,000 of these kind of AShCMs.

In the form of Mach 3–4 YJ-12s carrying 400–500 semi shaped charge warheads, fired outside the AEGIS cover. The YJ-12 can also do evasive maneuvers to avoid anti-missile threats.

YJ-12 - Wikipedia

There is also the YJ-18 with reach exceeding Aegis cover. YJ-18 will start off at sub Mach 1. Until about 20 km from target , it will sprint at Mach 3–4 to deliver good news to the carrier .

China's YJ-18 Supersonic Anti-Ship Cruise Missile: America's Nightmare?

This Chinese description relates that the missile’s great strength is its “亚超结合的独特动力” [subsonic and supersonic combined unique propulsion]. Another term applied to this design is “双速制反舰导弹” [dual speed control ASCM]. As explained in the article, it is projected that YJ-18 would have an initial subsonic phase estimated at .8 Mach similar to the Klub of about 180km, but 20km from the target would unleash the supersonic sprint vehicle at speed of Mach 2.5 to 3. The “dual speed” function allows the system to realize certain advantages of subsonic cruise missiles, such as their “relatively long range, light weight and universality …” but also takes the chief advantage of supersonic ASCMs as well, namely the ability to “大幅压缩敌方的反应时间” [radically compress the enemy’s reaction time].

The Chinese article relates another advantage of the “dual speed” approach. Just as the missile comes into contact with the ship’s defenses, it “sheds the medium stage …,” thus simultaneously and dramatically altering both its speed and also its radar reflection, “which would impact the fire control calculation.” The likelihood that YJ-18 improves upon the Klub missile’s “digitization, automation, as well as providing more intelligent flight control and navigation technology” is attributed in the Chinese article to a recent Jane’s report.

USA need not worry too much of DF26s DF21s any more.

Or even of the 3000++ AShCMs of China, including many Mach3s
:D :omghaha:

As long as USA carriers and Burkes and Ticos stay out of 2nd Island Chain, they will remain safe.

Meet the latest. Sorry cannot even give a name to that as that so new

China ship fired anti-ship hypersonic ballastic missile
That likely can reach beyond 2nd Island Chain to the 3rd island chain of Wake Island and Pearl Harbout.


This baby is call the YJ-21 , 鹰击-12 or Eagle Strike 21


🥁🥁 🥁😍😍😍

YJ21 in this video is not first testing in 055, The missile was fired during a normal training exercise.
It shows that YJ21 has already been massive equipped on the 055 destroyer.

🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳 WANG SUI WANG WANG SUI 萬歲 萬 萬歲 🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳

And in that war to come, not as if Murica got the eyes and ears to know what China be hitting them with :enjoy:

I posting that here even though nothing to do with DF21s or DF26 or anyother missiles.

But pertinent to whatever being carried on USA carriers
And just as there are many ways to skin a cat, there might be other ways to crippled USA carriers as they make their phony FONOP in waters not theirs instead of doing their FONOP off California or in Frisco bay.

Mu puerile curiosity got fired up and begging to be satisfied if this actually occurred and buried by Whitehouse and NED and all the MSMs in thrall to Sleepy Joe.
A request from better experts here to verify or to pooh pooh so that this can be consigned to where sun and moon do not shine :omghaha:

*US fighter jets flew over the South China Sea again, but were strangely instructed to return to the fleet/Bakaran immediately. *

*Unexpectedly, he lost control halfway. America has finally admitted one thing. *

Boss 2 days ago Click the blue font above to see more information l

* Recently, the US CNBC website reported that multiple US "Growler" electronic fighters were mysteriously attacked when they flew into the South China Sea again. *

*The fighter jets were all out of control halfway through, and the pilots could not control these fighter jets for a few seconds, so the US military ordered all air forces flying over the South China Sea to resign and return to the fleet. *

*In this case, the U.S. was confused as to why this happened, and finally they mobilized a reconnaissance satellite and found a lot of electronic jamming equipment on the South China Sea islands and reefs. *

*This device caused a temporary loss of control of the U.S. Military Air Force. *

*According to the pilots, all the instruments in the cabin went out of control when they were electronically attacked. *

*The warrior is completely out of control, unable to contact the outside world, but has no idea what happened. what happened . *

* After the accident, the United States negotiated with China to immediately dismantle the electronic equipment, but was refused. *

*This electronic device is an important part of China's maritime defense and is not an offensive weapon, so the dismantling request by the US military is unreasonable. *

*So why are these electronic devices so scary for America? *

*First, this is an electronic jamming device that can bypass enemy radio systems. *

* Soldiers who are attacked will lose control. Because of their uncontrollability, these fighter jets would crash very quickly. *

Second, the attack method is unpredictable

* Compared to conventional anti-aircraft missiles, the electronic jamming system is more stealthy. *

*Enemy fighter jets are often mistakenly hit due to the way the attack interferes with the radio. At the same time, this type of attack is nearly impossible to block. *

*This is why the U.S. military is asking China to dismantle these weapons. *


* On the same day, former U.S. Pacific military commander Swift finally admitted that the U.S. military has lost its best time to control the South China Sea. *

* He believes that China has deployed a large number of Hongqi 9 air defense missiles, 6K fighter jets and electronic jamming systems on the islands and reefs. *

*Defense can be said to be solid. If US fighter jets enter the South China Sea rashly , they may encounter " Waterloo " . *

*In fact, the living space for US fighter jets and warships has shrunk since China's island development and reef defense began. *

* If China continues to develop like this, the United States will have no chance of winning! ! ! *


*Whether it's an island, a reef, or an electronic jamming system, it's part of our defense system. *

* Chinese electronic jamming systems cover more than half of the South China Sea, according to the U.S. military. *

*It can be seen from this that American warplanes must be careful when entering the South China Sea. *

* "The rise and fall of the world is everyone's responsibility." *





Sailing their carriers up and down in phony FONOPs.

And a great game to bully China for the fun of it.

And screaming if their carriers are touched, China will be in a big world of hurting.

As if Murica the only one with nukes and happy to toss them about like confetti.

And please do not talk of nukes. China might well be the only country
with fully functional H Bombs
Chinese H Bombs are done to the YuMing configuration requiring very little maintenance.
Muricans do their H bombs to the Ulam Teller configuration needing lots of maintenances.

Each warhead needs to have about 200 milligrams of fresh tritium added every year. Here’s a pic showing W80s having their gas changed.


How many Murican H Bombs can go kaboom immediately? Not many.

When China was still almost in stone age condition in 1960s, China still developed the Hydrogen Bomb 3.3 Mtons just 32 months in June 1967 after China first fission bomb. China was using teams of Chinese working away at abacus as they had no computers or even electronic calculators then.

We all know China is a lot more advanced since the mid 60s.

US intelligence projection made late in the 1960s that China would have 435 nuclear weapons by 1973.
Karber’s report mentioned that “PRC data in 1995 gave the figure at 2,350.”

We all know China is a lot more advanced since 1995.

Why You Should Fear China's Nuclear Weapons

Underground Great Wall of China - Wikipedia

And remember the DF5s and DF31AG as well. About 100 or more of them, mirving 10 nukes or more.
China has at least three brigades of DF-5 missiles. Assuming all three brigades have been modernized, that's 360 thermonuclear warheads with a half-megaton on each warhead.
3 brigades DF-5B ICBM x 12 missiles per brigade x 10 MIRVs per missile = 360 thermonuclear warheads carried on DF-5B ICBMs


DF-5B got throw weight of 5,000 kgs
In 2017, China successfully completed tests of DF-5C. Presumably with greater throw weight and greater accuracy in targetting.

7 brigades DF-31A ICBM (since 2007 introduction and adding one brigade per year) x 12 missiles per brigade x 3 MIRVs = 252 thermonuclear warheads carried on DF-31A ICBMs (assuming NO RELOAD missile per TEL; if you assume ONE reload missile per TEL then you double the number of warheads to 504 thermonuclear warheads).

Since then, China tested and got operational DF31AG and DF31B. Obviously able to throw more warheads than the DF31A. The DF31s are solid fuel and can fire within 3 to 5 minutes.

And the H-6K bombers. H-6K can carry up to six YJ-12 and 6-7 ALCMs; and air launched missiles (CH-AS-X-13)
As at 2015, there are 15 numbers of H-6Ks, and 150 numbers of assorted H-6s.
Using just H-6Ks, there will be need for 15X10 , or 150 thermonuclear bombs.
2015 is 5 years ago. You can be sure there will be even more numbers of H-6K, and even more advanced bombers being build by China.

DF-41 - Wikipedia

The Dong Feng 41 (CSS-X-10) is a road- and rail-mobile intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). The DF-41 completed all testing stages and deployed in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) since 2017. It is estimated to have an operational range of 12,000 to 15,000 km, which would make it the longest range missile in operation. It will likely have a top speed of Mach 25 and will be capable of delivering up to 10 MIRVed warheads. Throw weight of DF-41 is 2,500 kg.

The DF-41 is a three-stage solid-fueled intercontinental ballistic missile reported to have a maximum range of up to 15,000 kilometers (more than 9320 miles) and a top speed of Mach 25 (19,030 mph). It is said to be capable of carrying up to 10 multiple independently targetable reentry vehicle (MIRVs). Its launch preparation time is estimated to be between 3 to 5 minutes.

This would make the DF-41 the world's longest range missile, surpassing the range of the US LGM-30 Minuteman which has a reported range of 13,000 km. Throw weight of LGM-30 is only 1000kg or just 3 numbers of 170kton nukes. USA UGM-133 Trident II throw weight is only 2,800 kg.

Four brigades of DF-41 ICBMs (Heilongjiang, Henan, Xinjiang, and Tibet Provinces) with one re-load per DF-41 TEL yields 96 total DF-41 ICBMs.
How many brigades of DF-41 since 2017 number of 4 brigades?
6 Brigades or 8 Brigades?


Reported DF-41 Deployment: China 'Responding to US Missile Defense in Asia'
Expert: DF-41 among most advanced missiles in the world

If China got only 260 thermonukes like what everyone is saying and hoping, the surplus warheads will be delivering dim sum and tea bags and cleaned pressed laundry from Chinese laundrymen.

Please remember DF-41 got a very big brother coming up as well in case you think DF-41 not worthy enough to deliver dim sum and tea bags and cleaned laundry.
Russia’s RS-28 “Sarmat” ten-ton payload, rated as the most dangerous ICBM . Reportedly it may carry up to fifteen 350 kiloton warheads, or up to twenty-four of the new “Avangard” nuclear-armed Hypersonic Glide Vehicle (HGV) warheads. Sarmat will be dwarfed by Chinese new missile with even larger twenty-ton payload. That will be solid-fuel space-launch vehicle (SLV), and could form the basis for what might become the world’s largest “mobile” ICBM.

The Next China Military Threat: The World's Biggest Mobile ICBM?

Type 094 Jin Class SSBN

Currently 6 of type 094 but projected to be 8 in years to come.
Carrying 12 numbers of JL-2, mirving 3–4 thermonuclear warheads.
Or 288 nuclear warheads

Type 096 Tang Class SSBN
This is similar to Ohio Class

Carrying 24 JL-3 missiles , each mirving 5–7 warheads.
Currently, 6 numbers of 096 SSBNs are being build simultaneously.
Using 6x24x5, we have 720 thermonuclear warheads.

Or at least 1000 nukes can be delivered by China.
Or the warheads delivered are empty. Or used to deliver dim sums, General Tso chicken, wulung tea bags and cleaned laundry by Chink laundrymen, express delivery.

If China is ever turned into a nuclear wasteland, those that send nukes into China will be nuked into glowing and molten multicolored wasteland.

China promised never to use the first nuke. But if just one nuke land on China or her forces, ALL THE USA BASES FROM EUROPE, DIEGO GARCIA , SINGAPORE . JAPAN AND USA HERSELF WILL BE SEAS AND LAKES OF MOLTEN MULTI COLOR GLASS.
None of the USA carriers will be spared. The carriers will be taken out with nukes even if the carriers hide in Frisco Bay or in the Atlantic Ocean or any other ocean.

And as demonstrated so clearly in KSA a few days ago, the Aegis and Patriot systems defending Saudi a joke as the Aegis and Patriot cannot even detect a few sub Mach cruise missiles not to talk of taking them down. Even to now, no one sure where those came from and who flown them. Despite overlapping coverage of those Patriot and Aegis systems.
New sales pitch? US makes the world’s ‘finest’ anti-air systems, but sometimes they just don’t work, Pompeo explains
Saudi air defenses like Patriot & Aegis don’t match their advertised properties, unfit for real combat – Russian Army (MAP)


How will the Patriot systems in USA defend against ICBMs coming in at speed of Mach 25 when they cannot even detect missiles at sub Mach or even know where the missiles came from despite overlapping coverage?

Allies of the country that nuke China will not go unpunished as well. Whether they could not stop USA or do not want to stop USA or USA do not want to listen to them will be irrelevant to China.
A nuked China will be very very weak. And China recalled the days where the British and French and Japan and USA came to carve her up when China was weak.
China will not allow that to happen again. China will ensure those countries will be weaker than a nuked China, or exist only in name after a nuked China

So please let peace prevail and it is irrelevant whether you think China only got 260 nukes
The lucky ones will be those that die in the first micro second.
Those still alive a year later will wish they gone at the very beginning.

And why the war fought or even started, no one will give a flying **** as to the reasons.


Even so, China never ever threatened to use nukes. Other than if nuke used on China, China will retaliate and use nukes as well.

So please be peaceful and respectful and more courtesy, and no more phony FONOPs and playing games of who will blink with China with phony FONOPs. Do not play with fire regarding Taiwan. AND DO NOT THREATEN TO NUKE CHINA.


[IMG alt="DF41"]https://defence.pk/pdf/data/avatars/m/204/204503.jpg?1659795455[/IMG]




Mar 20, 2022850-181,103Country
Taiwan, Province Of China

:enjoy: :omghaha:

With big missiles, China also got tiny cutie wutie missiles size of cucumbers.
Of much shorter range than the FireDragons.

World first micro missile to hunt snipers, helicopters and armour cars​


China should gift Russia with 500 such boxes for a start.

Chinese private enterprises have created miracles and manufactured the QN202 micro-missile. How does it compare with the United States?​

2022-09-05 18:00 HKT

The development of miniature missile systems has become a new trend in the national defense and military industry. The more famous ones are the American Scorpion, Spear and other micro missiles, and China's QN202 micro missiles. Compared with the US micro-missiles, how strong is the Chinese-made micro-missiles?
Chinese private enterprises have created miracles and manufactured the QN202 micro-missile. How does it compare with the United States?

1. What is QN202, and why is it eye-catching?

At the 2018 Zhuhai Air Show, many cutting-edge military weapons appeared, making the audience dizzy. The QN202 micro missile is one of the more eye-catching weapons at this air show. On the introduction card, it intimately used multiple languages to briefly and concisely introduce to the audience where this miniature missile is and where it is new.

From the appearance, this QN202 is relatively small and exquisite, and the thickness is equivalent to that of an adult's arm. The QN202 mini missile is only 52 cm in size and 1.2 kg in mass, which is basically equivalent to the weight of two bottles of conventional mineral water and is very light.

As can be seen from the pictures uploaded back to the Zhuhai Air Show, QN202 creatively adopts a backpack-style design. The backpack-like storage for individual soldiers makes carrying missiles as easy and fast as students carrying their schoolbags to school. It is expected to greatly increase the speed of assembly of soldiers on the battlefield, thereby improving combat efficiency. A soldier's backpack can carry six QN202 micro missiles. If the soldier holds another one, then one person can carry seven mini-missiles. This type of micro missile system is flexible, easy to carry, and has advantages that traditional missile systems cannot match in the past.
Chinese private enterprises have created miracles and manufactured the QN202 micro-missile. How does it compare with the United States?

QN202 manufacturer AutoNavi is a private enterprise based in Wuhan Optics Valley. Although the name is similar to AutoNavi Software Co., Ltd., which developed the AutoNavi map, the two companies are actually not the same. AutoNavi Infrared mainly produced infrared thermal imaging products, such as infrared thermal imaging cameras. In 2014, this company creatively obtained the overall development qualification for a certain type of new and complete weapon system, setting a precedent for a private enterprise, and it can be described as a great success.

QN202 is a successful innovation attempt by a Chinese company, adding to the field of R&D and manufacturing of China's micro-missiles. Following the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation's 63.5 cm "Rainbow" miniature precision attack missile, China's miniature missile has opened a new chapter, adding QN202, a new force from private enterprises.
Chinese private enterprises have created miracles and manufactured the QN202 micro-missile. How does it compare with the United States?

2. With a small body and great power, are micro missiles really useful?

The miniature missiles have shrunk in size, will their functions also be weakened, and can't they be used in modern battlefields? The answer is of course no.
Another big idea of QN202 is the use of gun-type launchers. In the past, miniature missiles such as "Rainbow" were mainly used on drones and were not considered for individual combat. The QN202 is light and portable, and the matched gun-type launcher makes it possible for individual soldiers to launch missiles in hand.
Chinese private enterprises have created miracles and manufactured the QN202 micro-missile. How does it compare with the United States?

This gun launcher weighs about 1.2 kg, while a single soldier backpack full of QN202 weighs 7.2 kg. The total weight of the entire device is only 8.4 kg, which is light and labor-saving, and easy to carry.
The gun launcher of the QN202 is similar to an ordinary military assault rifle and has an aiming display similar to a gun sight. The display can display the images transmitted by the missile seeker, and is also equipped with a fore grip, a target indication system, and a retractable support.
On the actual battlefield, soldiers can use the transmitter to launch QN202 by operating the controller with their left hand. The familiar design reduces the difficulty of operating this new miniature self-seeking missile system for individual soldiers in actual combat in a sense, and enables soldiers to use new weapons more quickly.

Of course, QN202 is not only used for individual combat, it can also be carried on the popular UAV for military strikes. Take the WS30 micro drone independently developed by AutoNavi Infrared as an example. In order to cooperate with the QN202 micro missile, it is equipped with a special barrel device. This drone alone can carry four QN202 micro missiles into it. Enemy line.
The application of miniature drones and miniature self-seeking missiles may be the embodiment of the technological charm of the age of science and technology. It does not require the soldiers of the People's Liberation Army to take risks or snipers. When the QN202 micro missile is mounted on a UAV, it can use semi-active laser guidance to guide the enemy. Such a high-tech combination can replace individual soldiers to go deep into dangerous places, complete more arduous combat missions, and avoid unnecessary casualties.

At the Zhuhai Air Show, there was such a phrase "don't care after launch" in the introduction column of QN202. What does it mean? In fact, no matter after launch, it means that QN202 does not require special laser irradiation, and only needs to use the scope on the gun transmitter to complete one-key lock.
Chinese private enterprises have created miracles and manufactured the QN202 micro-missile. How does it compare with the United States?

As long as the operator completes the step of locking the target, there is no need to do any extra operations on the QN202 missile. Once the target is locked , QN202 can be launched automatically without any guidance. The QN202 has a range of 2 kilometers. As long as the enemy is within 2 kilometers, whether the enemy is light armor or a vivid target, the QN202 can effectively strike it.

And not to forget China drones and suicide drones

To take out the enemies of both Russia and China
WhatsApp Image 2022-05-24 at 12.59.24 PM.jpeg

and https://defence.pk/pdf/threads/pola...-rocket-launcher-systems.750267/post-13968744
I love to see Chinese weapon systems in real actual use against Murican supplied and touted to high heaven.

Ukraine war will end very very fast

When dozens of PCL 191 and Firedragons with reach of 350km and CEP of 1 meter ++ :enjoy: :omghaha:

Against that of HIMARS used by Ukraine to strike at ranges of 85 kilometers, or 53 miles,

And sniper duels between mercenaries and Nazis using Barrett XM109 that weigh 15 kg unloaded.

And that of Russian snipers using QN202 light and portable, and the matched gun-type launcher makes it possible for individual soldiers to launch missiles in hand.

This gun launcher weighs about 1.2 kg, while a single soldier backpack full of QN202 weighs 7.2 kg. The total weight of the entire device is only 8.4 kg, which is light and labor-saving, and easy to carry.


China is Truly emerging as Economic, Political and Now Military Powerhouse. Compare the now Superpower caliber China with where they were 50 years ago. Truly a Monument of How far a country can advance if one has Competent Leadership.

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