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It’s Official! India’s LCA Tejas Loses Malaysian Fighter Jet Contract To South Korean FA-50 Fighter Jets

Koreans and East Asians are beating the west In quality. Soon they will have a technological advantage. South Asia with its mid 80 iq ain't in the game.
Uninformed comment. The JF17 is not even in the same league as a Tejas. The Block 3 is already operating with technologies that Tejas isn’t slated to get until the MK2, while the MK1A is still a few years off from even flying in the IAF. The testing and production phase of just the MK1A is taking more time than the entire development of JF17 from block 1 to 3.
both comes in same league, technology both are having some advantage and disadvantage against Each other but both are almost equal and come in same category. But emotionally, Jf 17 3 can even beat to rafale and F 22 fighters.

The MK1A is at best comparable to the JF17 block 2, which FYI will have been ins service for OVER A DECADE before the MK1A rolls out.

Nah, The same above said lines.. f35 is never better than Mig21," it does not mean that due to flying hours, Mig 21 is better... Yes, it adds a minor benefit and nothing more.

And the comment about China is stupid, they don’t use the aircraft because they don’t need it, they have different requirements, much bigger airspace and different adversaries (USA), they require heavier aircraft. Keep in mind china still has aircraft in its Air Force that are much older and less capable than the JF17 (F7, JH7 etc), so it’s not that they don’t buy the JF17 because it’s not capable enough, but simply because they need bigger aircraft. So this stupid rhetoric Indians always come up with of China not using the jet simply falls on its face.
The same applies to India, which does not desire fighters like the HAL Tejas and JF-17 as its principal aircraft because China has considerably more advanced aircraft. This is one of the reasons the HAL Tejas Mk1a interceptor fighter will be employed, even though it has an ASEA radar and an Astra missile with a 160 KM range.

You can keep saying “China made the Jf17” but the truth is that the indigenous content of both the aircraft is actually about the same (JF17 is marginally higher by number parts but lower by cost of parts). Nobody is debating that the Indian industry isn’t ahead of Pakistans either, just that Tejas is a failure from said industry, and at the end of the day it doesn’t matter if PAF buys aircraft from China or Timbuktu, as long as they’re doing their job, which they most definitely are.

Concerning indigenous development, Pakistan's JF-17 is only comparable to India's Su-30 MKI. Nothing more, nothing less.

Hal Tejas mostly wil be deployed to western borders since PAF has more or less equally capable aircrafts
Takes so bad they aren’t even worth replying to. Pass.
I'm not sure those jibes will.wash now

They have Inducted all.the intial. Tejas into air force
Added Astra bvr.
And rolled both flight Sims and two seater trainers ...

The Indian indenguous aero.capability is on the verge of huge steep growth .
Mark 2
Are coming next decade or so

You know so much about the IAF for being an Afghan with an account created two days ago. I guess the new Indian Pathan movie has you feeling some way:


no one in their right mind will purchase a delta wing trainer.
Takes so bad they aren’t even worth replying to. Pass.
Pathetic really but his history is reflective of just trying to get the last word in

I'm not sure those jibes will.wash now

They have Inducted all.the intial. Tejas into air force
Added Astra bvr.
And rolled both flight Sims and two seater trainers ...

The Indian indenguous aero.capability is on the verge of huge steep growth .
Mark 2
Are coming next decade or so

Since you earned your two seconds of self aggrandizing happiness - please get lost from this thread
Especially one with the aspect ratio that low - make sure your nuggets die.
yeah I can't think of anything worse. perhaps the F104 Starfighter.
yeah I can't think of anything worse. perhaps the F104 Starfighter.
Never used as a LIFT I think. The same nonsense of it being able to do that and everything else is being pitched to the Fueza and Botswana.
Never used as a LIFT I think.
I know, I was trying think of the most unsuitable candidate for LIFT, I think the F104 qualifies.
South Korean FA-50 light attack aircraft have outshone India’s Tejas fighter jets as Seoul sealed a deal to export 18 Lead In Trainer-Light Combat Aircraft (FLIT-LCA) to Malaysia.

The announcement was made by Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI), South Korea’s sole aircraft manufacturer, on February 24. According to KAI, the contract is valued at 1.2 trillion won ($920 million), and delivery will start in 2026.

It anticipates that Malaysia will eventually acquire 36 units in total. KAI won the contract with Malaysia’s defense ministry by outbidding competitors such as Tejas from India, JF-17 from Pakistan, MiG-35 from Russia, and Hürjet from Turkey.

Malaysia’s FA-50s will have several improvements, including the ability to perform air-to-air refueling and an expanded weapons capability.

KAI president and chief executive Kang Goo-young noted that this export results from increased cooperation between the governments of the two countries.

KAI said that the company would serve as a long-term partner through defense collaboration, effective delivery, and operational support of the FA-50.

FA-50 Light Combat Aircraft, South Korea
FA-50 Light Combat Aircraft, South Korea
KAI credited the success to the superior quality of its aircraft and the follow-up support, Korean Times said.

Encouraged by the recent success, KAI strives to expand its international business to other parts of the world, including Australia and the United States.

Last year, the country inked a contract to export 48 FA-50s to Poland. KAI’s sales increased significantly in 2022, jumping from 2.56 trillion won to 2.78 trillion won. It intends to increase the sum to 3.83 trillion won this year.

After Thailand, the Philippines, and Indonesia, this is the fourth aircraft contract KAI has inked with a South-East Asian nation.

With the latest agreement, KAI is believed to have sold 68 KT-1 basic and T-50 advanced trainer jets and FA-50 aircraft. Besides that, it has secured contracts to supply 222 aircraft to countries such as Iraq, Poland, Peru, and Senegal.

Nonetheless, the achievement is the most recent example of the South Korean defense industry’s expansion, which has dramatically seized several big weapon export deals.

South Korea’s Growing Footprint

Malaysia, which has long needed to modernize its fast jet fleet, commenced the FLIT-LCA requirement in June 2021.

The country launched the tender to acquire Lead In Trainer-Light Combat Aircraft as part of the air force’s Capability 55 plan, released in 2018 and outlined the air force’s objective to achieve an ideal force structure by 2055.

The requirement quickly attracted proposals from several countries. Besides the FA-50, contenders for the contract included the Turkish Aerospace Hurjet, Chengdu-Pakistan Aeronautical Complex JF-17, Russia’s MiG-35, and Hindustan Aeronautics Limited’s (HAL) Tejas.

The FA-50 and Tejas were the two final shortlisted candidates in the race, with the South Korean aircraft ultimately prevailing over the Tejas.

The company plans to secure 1,000 worldwide FA-50 sales over ten years, according to Lee Bong Keun, vice-president and general manager of KAI’s international business division, who spoke to FlightGlobal at the Farnborough Airshow in July 2022.

KAI T-50 Golden Eagle - Wikipedia
KAI T-50 Golden Eagle – Wikipedia
This figure covers the demand for extra training aircraft from the US Air Force (USAF) and US Navy and the desire for “red air” aircraft to participate in aggressor training missions.

The FA-50 Fighting Eagle is developed by the Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) and US defense company Lockheed Martin. The popularity of this aircraft has also encouraged foreign businesses to increase their collaboration with South Korean firms.

For instance, Germany-based Airbus Defense and Space has already proposed a “win-win strategy” to Seoul to increase exports of South Korea’s FA-50 Fighting Eagles and other fighters to Western European nations.

Also, Airbus declared that it would increase the volume of parts it buys from South Korea from the current 700 billion won ($529.3 million) annually to over 1 trillion won.

Nevertheless, the East Asian country has already made a name for itself as a primary weapons exporter to other nations, including Australia and India.

Several European countries, notably Turkey and Poland, have purchased mobile howitzers and small guns from South Korean defense companies in the last few years.

The South Korean aerospace industry is also working on the KF-21 stealth fighter, which is anticipated to attract considerable attention from several nations in the coming years.

seriously who in their right mind would buy a cheap cut paste job of a mirage 2000?.. so lame this plane was IAF thought it was better to send a Mig-21 against PAF...

go figure

It was clear that they will choose FA 50 over Jf17 and Tejas

no shit?
As I said many times, the tender competition is only between Korea and India plane. Malaysia with its dispute in SCS with China is very unlikely to buy LCA plane from China or JV Pakistan/China plane. Plane needs support from their OEM continuously in the form of parts or later RMO.

Turkish Hurjet is also not taken because it is still not yet conducting its maiden flight.

FA50 block 20 will also be able to carry and launch AMRAMM.
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