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It is the economy, stupid

Is the newly imported government likely to succeed in improving economic indicators?

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In hindsight, was I right? Look at the state of the economy today. Things have gone from terrible to extremely bad. What has PDM and the military achieved on the economic front?

Not even extremely bad you can describe it as abysmal or absolutely gutter.

DGISPR talking about the dollar rising after the vote of no confidence while the dollar might hit 400 this or next month lol

I hope China does something drastic like helping our economy and manufacturing.

In the end of the day you have to help yourself. China is interested in helping those that can provide results.

Nawaz Sharif stole $8 billion from CPEC, his brother is the PM.

China is seeing a lot of results in West Africa and even Central American countries like Honduras.
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Pakistani economic collapse will the best thing for the enslaved poor population.

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