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Is General Asim Munir ready?

munir is ready to serve the british general who is visiting pakistan to give further instructions to his anglo brown sepoys.
You are a hindjew , been watching you for a decade clutchy!

hindjews are Sharifs and Zardaris and their supporters. That's why they treat Pakistanis like dirt. They are taking orders from foreign agencies and Pakistan is under occupation. An invasion was not even needed to conquer Pakistan when you have cockroaches like Sharifs and Zardaris.
I could only read half the post. The poster simply accuses PTI for what they've done to memorials of Shuhada. I live in Attock, and I know what happened at Asfandiar square.
His brother, a doctor himself said that he's heart broken at what happened there, but he only partially blamed PTI for this. This was all a plan of Asim Munir saab to break PTI. Videos of army trucks transporting men in civil are all over the internet, PTI supporters were incited to vandalize. PTI has nothing to do with this, their supporters were only used as a weapon against army by army itself.
The reason why army plans disintegrate PTI is also clear, IMF has already said they won't agree for a deal if elections are not held and political stability is not achieved. So, elections are inevitable, and before they're held, army and PDM wants to ban PTI.
People blaming Imran Khan for all of this are not making any sense.
Must have missed it sorry yar. Did you enjoy it?
Yes, indeed. The vocabulary was top notch, as advertised by you. :lol:

But I had mixed feelings. Because "children turning out westerners" is legit a nightmare scenario of mine, ngl.

It's perhaps the only thing that would dissuade me from settling in the west, given the chance.

@FOOLS_NIGHTMARE ne already uthaiya wa hai.
Somehow, I am not inclined to believe you, sir. @FOOLS_NIGHTMARE , donon akele hi utha leta he.

As expected, Imran Khan is finished. His party is finished. But what has not finished and in fact has just started is THE HATRED OF ARMY AND ITS CRIMINAL GANG OF GENERALS.

This going to have extreme outcomes. These Criminal monkeys sitting in GHQ will not be able to control the independence movements in KPK and Baluchistan. And we will all see a day in the near future when these disgusting Criminals will run away from these two provinces because people will surround them just like what the Bengalis did to them in 1971.
The Turkish 200 years old tutelage system, Imperialists' "our boys", used to think in the same manner! And, now:

But, it's possible only when you take down the corrupt-to-the-soul traitors-at-the-hearts naked-beggars-on-the-DC-streets, no matter how many stars they put on their uniforms, at the point blank range:

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