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Is General Asim Munir ready?


Jan 10, 2018
Some people do not understand the seriousness of the matter. They feel that the May 9 incident is just a bitter incident in the political process. It will be bitter for a few days and then everything will be back to normal. It is not. The effects of May 9 have gone to the roots of this country, so now its consequences will also be long-lasting. Attacks on the Corps Commander’s House or the gate of the GHQ are still relatively “minor” incidents. The gravity of the day that shook the entire army was two more incidents.

Do you remember the innocent-faced young captain Asfandiar Bukhari who was martyred in Badh Bir in 2015? He was from Attak. There was a square named after him with plaques bearing his name. Maybe there was a memorial too. On May 9, miscreants first blackened the name of Captain Isfandiar Shaheed and then broke the boards and threw them on the road.
For the father of Captain Asfandyar Shaheed, this was a bigger event than the martyrdom of his son. On the martyrdom of his son, he may have said Alhamdulillah that the parents of those who sacrificed themselves for the country have found it like this. But the blackened on his son’s name and broken boards of his name tore the heart of this father. Captain Asfandiar’s father posted pictures of these boards on Facebook and wrote

” My son you martyred and we were left alive to bear this humiliation.”

Captain Asfandiar Bukhari’s course mates and unit mates were added on Facebook with his father. Thus, in moments, this post went from juniors to the very top i.e., General Asim Munir. And the whole army went through a great shock. For General Asim Munir and the entire chain of command below him, this incident and the post of Shaheed’s father have made it a testing hour to see eye to eye with their young junior officers. And that’s the same question since May 9 in the eyes of these young officers who are still fighting terrorists from Balochistan to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. A very simple but shocking question,
“Sir! If I sacrificed myself for this country, will this nation treat me in the same way? And no one will be there to take notice?”

I mentioned Captain Asfandiar Bukhari in detail because of his youth.

Otherwise, this is all about Captain Colonel Sher Khan too. PTI has reached such a level that it did not even think that Captain Colonel Sher Khan was that young lion to whom even the rival Indian Brigadier could not help but pay homage to him. And Nishan Haider was also given to Captain Colonel Sher Khan on the suggestion of the same Indian Brigadier. As if his bravery was witnessed by the enemy. He fought for four days on an empty stomach till the last bullet. So, the above question in the eyes of the young officers of the army is also regarding Captain Colonel Sher Khan. whose statue was desecrated.
So now General Asim Munir, the entire command of the Pakistan Army, the government of the time and the Pakistani nation have to answer this question. We have to prove whether we can protect the honor of those who sacrificed for us or not. If we cannot protect this honor, then why should these children be sacrificed for us? They should curse us. And if we can protect the honor of these innocent martyrs, then we have to stop this nonsense that “banning a political party will not be a valid act” PTI is not a political party after May 9. If the Army wants to forgive those who attacked the Corps Commander’s House and GHQ, it should. We will accept this decision. But we want those guilty of insulting the martyrs on the gallows in any case.

To give them any punishment other than death would show that we cannot protect the honor of our martyrs. And the execution of the sentence should not be done behind the high walls of the prison, but every criminal should be hanged at the exact place and Imran Khan should be kept present at the place where he committed the crime. The memorial of every martyr should be rebuilt and the pictures of the hanged criminals of this martyr should be painted on the big size billboards in front of this memorial to serve as a lesson for the “Niazis” of future.

There is one more thing that General Asim Munir must understand. And that this extremist group did not come into being just by training Imran Khan. If Imran Khan had the ability to prepare his force, why would he have been running around helpless from 1995 to 2010? The real originators of this ‘Fitna’ are those who had the foundations of their training in Kakul. The same Kakul, whose graduate is not General Asim Munir, so he is different from its predecessors. Imran Khan was completely unable to prepare this ‘Fitnah’ until he got the help of those trained in Kakul. So, everyone involved in May 9 incidents should be given an exemplary punishment.

The culprits of Capt. Asfandiar Bukhari and Capt. Col. Sher Khan are not only civilians. General Bajwa and General Faiz Hameed were equal participants in this incident. It was their thought and training that manifested itself in full force on May 9. If you don’t include “Bawardi Yothis” as criminals, it will mean that even after such a big incident, you have not come to national thinking. You still believe in the distinction between Bloody Civilians and the Holy Army. We have to deal with our criminals as a nation. We are ready, the only question is whether General Syed Asim Munir is also ready?


@muhammadhafeezmalik , aap doosra uthaney aa jao.
What did I just read. Damn! The lengths some people will go to lift.
If anything this munafiq needs to get ready to face the wrath of the people.
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Faujeets keep mentioning Col sher khan but conveninetly left out the part in which his body and hundreds of others bodies of NLI(Northern light infantry) were left there and our lumber 1 ran away
The amount of mental gymnastics to defend their support for Sharifs and Zardaris. It's like they're trying to tell themselves they are on the right team :lol: History will remember you as the backers of corrupts, as clear as night and day. You are not the US with sophisticated culture and media where you can carefully control the narrative.
The amount of mental gymnastics to defend their support for Sharifs and Zardaris. It's like they're trying to tell themselves they are on the right team :lol: History will remember you as the backers of corrupts, as clear as night and day. You are not the US with sophisticated culture and media where you can carefully control the narrative.
They are caught out and people are questioning of their sins of last 75 years and they are still trying to build the castles in the air.
Its not the army job to arrest, kidnap, torture, loot the country and then try to be judge and jury. Country is f**ked up them by running the government and still these pathetic generals think they can control the country. Every 5 years a new idiot general shows up and market himself the saviour of the nation to justify his illegal rule. Look at the Ayub, Yahya, Zia, Musharf, Bajwa and current Munir silly Iblees faces responsible for screwing up the country.
Now monuments of sheeds desecration game is played out. Mate people are using graveyards for raising there goats, cows and sheep there, that's not disrespect. Even if and i am saying big if someone have done this unpleasant deed arrest them and if there is any such law then he deserves the punishment. If you are going to tinker with one law then what about the other laws of the land which they are breaking every hour of the day. These corrupt generals are not even going to stop using the sheeds graves to run the country. Everyone knows it they have done themselves but they think they are going to outsmart the nation as they are the arastu of the country no wonder country is at the verge of the default. Same army which didn't had enough soldiers to provide security for the polling stations have got enough agents to kidnap, torture and raid people houses in the middle of the night, what a crap game they are playing.
Army chief is an obedient servant of Sharif family usa U.K. and the facilitator of PDM ( all corrupt mafia) PLS grow a spine general asim munir and stand with the constitution by holding a free fair elections. You are the one who is creating all the problems !!!!!!
The army has ruled Pakistan for majority of the time through hybrid or martial law. We are a failed nation because of them yet they are untouchable. They have artificially created parties, dismantled them. All the leaders are manufactured in Pindi hence a broken country, shambolic democracy, all civil institution are morally, competently, and capability wise bankrupt

I have no attachment towards Army anymore unless they go back to constitution boundaries. It will never happen.
Pakistan, caught in the throes of a complex and distressing cycle, finds itself at the mercy of foreign forces maneuvering local players like pawns on a chessboard. This insidious game orchestrated by external actors has plunged the nation into a disorienting whirlwind of cause and effect, stifling the democratic aspirations of its people who yearn for free and fair elections.

At the heart of this quagmire lies the repression of democracy itself—a formidable barrier obstructing progress and amplifying the discord. The systematic assault on the most popular political party, aimed at undermining its influence, serves as a trigger, setting off a chain reaction of events that perpetuate the struggle for power and control.

In response to these provocations, citizens who bear the brunt of oppression bravely rose to fight against their oppressors, fiercely defending their democratic rights and fundamental freedoms. However, as the battle for democracy intensifies, it has unfolded with unintended consequences, leading to further entrenchment in the cyclic pattern of actions and reactions.

Complicating matters, foreign actors are exploiting the vulnerabilities within Pakistan's political landscape, capitalizing on divisions and leveraging local figures as mere pawns in their larger schemes. These external manipulations inject an additional layer of complexity, blurring the lines between national sovereignty and foreign influence, making it even more arduous for Pakistan to break free from this destructive cycle.

Escaping this quagmire demands a multifaceted approach that addresses the root causes while embracing a steadfast commitment to democratic principles. Reversing the tide of repression necessitates strengthening democratic institutions, ensuring their independence, and fostering an environment of transparency and accountability. It also requires empowering the citizens, providing them with the tools and platforms to actively participate in political processes, and shaping the nation's trajectory.

To break free from the clutches of foreign manipulation, Pakistan must forge its own path, charting a course towards a more inclusive, equitable, and participatory democracy. By cultivating an informed and engaged citizenry, fostering a culture of tolerance and dialogue, and bolstering democratic values at all levels, Pakistan can mitigate the influence of external forces and steer its destiny toward a brighter future. Only then can the cycle of manipulation and subjugation be shattered, allowing the democratic demands of the people to flourish unhindered.

For Pakistan's sake, the soldiers of Pakistan , the true patriots, need to take a step back and push the corrupts out so that Pakistan can propel itself forwards to success.
A general need not be ready but the army should always be ready.

The outpouring of support that Pakistan Army has received in the aftermath of the tragedy is a true reflection of how she remains a red line for the nation.

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