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Iran’s Army Chief Proposes Joint Air Drills with Pakistan

The slaves and lackeys of the US of A currently ruling Pakistan cannot afford to irk their American masters
There businesses, secret bank accounts stash with money, green cards and free education for there kids will be at stake. For few these bastards personal gains our country is held hostage and away from the progress and development.
Will Iran kick India out of Chabahar and will Iran stop Indian RAW agents from entering Pakistan through Iran?

I do agree that India is not our friend and we have to prioritise Muslim nations. Something IK was hot about, but the powers that be got rid of him like they did Mossadegh.

However you need to provide evidence that Iranian government is sending these Indian agents like yadav into Pakistan. As you know criminals exist everywhere in the two Balochistans...so we could easily say Pakistani government is training balochi terrorists and sending them to Iranian border to harm Iran. It's like saying the Australian government sent the Christchurch, NZ, mosque shooter to kill Muslims, simply because the shooter was Australian.

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