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Is it true that "Shahed-X" name was not given by Iran but by Israel? Or i am confusing with another drone/missile?

The claim was that Shahed had no specific name but was given by Israel when they recovered parts of it
New Shahed 136

Infographic of Iranian drones​

I just have a question, does the Shahed "stealth family" (Shahed 191 etc) have been advertised as being stealth by Iran or this is just popular belief/based on the form of them?

Seems to me that Russia is making these now, and they are not making them with the honeycombs frame that we are used to. Foam is used instead. I'm guessing certain elements like this were not transferred to Russia?

To me, Russia has downgraded parts of the UAS, and upgraded other parts, I suppose to suite their needs. To produce with foam instead of honeycomb structure, would really improve production volume of the body which might be the most time consuming part of the production process. Tungsten balls would be quite effective against hard targets like electricity generators and surrounding equipment.

Reduced production cost, and more importantly production time.
Improve destructive power.
Domesticate parts of the electronics in UAS from their own supply chains. Until fully domestic. Good move for them. I think they figure the radar absorbent structure while useful, is not worth it if it comes at the cost of reduced monthly production numbers. Numbers is the priority.
^ With further development (engine, materials), Mobin could turn into something similar to XQ-58 Valkyrie and become a successor to Karrar. It should be able to carry miniaturized standoff PGMs such as Arman-2 GBs (100 km) in its internal weapons bays. Its runway-independent (JATO) nature suits Iran's needs.
Unless Karrar or Mobin develop landing gear and automatic landing system, both of them only can be used in limited and high demanding missions, so cannot make a truly UCAV system capable of patrolling for hours and equipped with radar or expensive sensors like SAR radar or even SATCOM antennas.
The most logic and desirable would be making a bit bigger UAV with landing gear and automatic landing system, and after it, developing a long life turbojet for them.

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