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The cause of the downing of the Israeli F-16 was initially announced to be due to a malfunction in the aircraft,
It was later corrected to say that it was due to the pilot's failure to reduce altitude and stay below the radar horizon.
In other words, the popular legend that Western aircraft could fly comfortably at high altitudes and that electronic jamming would completely disable SAM was a fiction.
Since then, Israel seems to have consistently adopted the tactic of fleeing below the horizon as soon as a missile is launched.
They also are launching sistematically long range munitions to operate outside of the range of SAM systems. All of this will end in a near future. They won´t be forever receiving 4.000 million dollars yearly in weapons. US are living in debt. A future debt crisis will finish it up.
It missed... Overall pretty disappointing announcement. Remains very noisy, slow and nothing special. I hope we can see the "Mobin" LO cruise missile of similar range displayed at an arms show in 2019 but never seen again.

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I'm under the impression this is one of those things that were made years ago, but only shown today. Honestly their is really no point in even unveiling this in such order. It appears more of a down grade. It doesn't appear to have an explosive warhead installed either (probably for the tests).
Heres the complete pic of the featured drone.

The obvious new additions are the blade antennas under the wings and the smaller circular antenna protruding from the bottom of the airframe.
Hmm, the flat under the wing looks like against gps, the "staff" down under looks like Ghz, but what is the round one with the cup?

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