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No bro this thread is now out of bounds for you.
The second comment did have me laughing i.e. it reminds of a game I was obsessed with.
Iran should stop spamming scud storm :lol:

ahh... memories
^ Short thread about the BM-250 which is another miniaturized Fateh-110 that is bigger and has a longer range than Fath (BM-120). It has smaller dimensions than Fateh-110D (BM-300) and half its weight but almost the same range (250 vs. 300 km), though at the expense of a smaller warhead (225 vs. 450 kg). The smaller size and lower weight could allow for more missiles per TEL. Basically a 'Fateh lite'.
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"An informed source: The Gorgan incident occurred during the missile testing process of the Ministry of Defense, the missile warhead deviated and hit a place other than the designated place. The warhead of this missile has the ability to be divided into several pieces to hit different targets, which has led to the misperception and perception of 8 explosions." [Translated]

^ Quds LACM

^ "Yemeni" Tankeel is a confirmation that AShBM variants of Zoheir do exist. We should expect EO/IIR (as Khalij-e Fars), PRH (as Hormuz-1) and ARH (as Hormuz-2) seeker options. A potent missile: Compact, light-weight, relatively low-cost, carbon composite motor casing, 500 km range, low-drag-optimized MaRV with anti-ship variants. As an ALBM it could achieve ranges of ~1500 km while having a smaller RCS than Kinzhal (smaller dimensions + MaRV) and having less than halve its weight, making it compatible with a wider range of aircraft.

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