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And what about the Ahvaz military parade attack?

Seems to me it did not take place on a main road removed from rugged border terrain, nor did it target a large convoy armed to the teeth.

Troops participating at parades do not carry munitions in their weapons.

What about the Imam Khomeini shrine and parliament attack?

Very soft targets, genuinely incomparable to active military units.

What about the assassination of Iran’s head of nuclear research institute using AI powered machine gun in the back of a peykan in Karaj?

Not carried out by separatist terrorists. Also foreign intelligence agencies were involved to a far greater extent and far more directly.

The AI-powered machine gun story isn't proven, and Shahid Fakrizade was martyred not in Karaj but at Absard which is located past Damavand to the east of Tehran (in the opposite direction).

Those aren't valid analogous examples.

Bold of you to assume it would be difficult to an attack unsuspecting convoy,

There's no precedent of this kind in western Iran, other than perhaps during the early years of the Revolution i.e. at times of war.

or that these “local terrorist grouplets” don’t get assistatnce from foreign intelligence groups.

I made this assumption?

A handful of cheap explosive quadcopters could have killed 25+ soldiers operated from 2KM+ away.

...but didn't, because it does not correspond to the modus operandi terrorist grouplets claiming to represent Kurdish Iranians are known for.

Reason doesn't need to be technical feasibility by the way, it can be strategic and/or political, such as insufficient anticipated resilience to the necessarily ensuing counter-escalation. Simply put, the probability of a major attack of this kind against the shown convoy was close to nil.

To cite a somewhat extreme and disproportionate example (but the basic idea is similar), the USA regime "could" theoretically fire nuclear weapons at Tehran, nonetheless Tehranis aren't spending their lives in bunkers.
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MRAP is not an IFV or even an APC, it’s an ambush resistant vehicle with anti-insurgent level armour protection. You realize there are sleeper cells in Kurdistan side of Iran right? Go Google how many IRGC have died in Iranian side of Kurdistan in last 10 years. We have domestic equipment solutions available that are not being prioritized. We don’t even build armoured humvees. Aras truck is just a cheap unsafe alternative.

Baluchistan and Kurdistan are Iran’s most volatile terrorist hotbeds. Sending your best trained troops in open transport is simply unwise thru these territories. Both Pakistan and Iran have faced consequences doing this in their respective border regions.

Come on, MRAPs didn’t even exist when this picture was taken.

3 troops in a dune buggy in 1990’s Kuwait near a US embassy is not the same as 15+ vehicle open troop transport convoy going to the border region where sleeper cells are rampant and IRGC lives have been lost for years.

Equating the movement of a small tactical squad with open troop movement of hundred(s) of troop thru at hotzone is absurd. A poor attempt at trying to deflect how poorly Iranian troops are protected/equipped in volatile parts of our country. Modernization is slow in this field. The domestic capability and equipment is available just not ordered by top brass in sufficient numbers.

Okay I found it: Look here Documentary about Operation "Iraqi Freeedom" from different views. Here a Reconissance Marine who describes his Mission, equipment and party art of warfare in an unprecedented way.

Let's put aside the way this guy is, but I think that the Green Berets of Iran, or at least parts of them, carry out similar missions. He clearly states here that they don't even use armored vehicles or have much heavy equipment.
Leaving aside the fact that Operation Iraqi Freedom had different conditions, it doesn't change my perspective that both units are special forces operating in the hinterlands and don't conduct typical front-line operations."

And about open movement: It is inside Iran.

By the Way: This documentary is one of the best I saw. Its 3 Parts and called " Once upon a time in Iraq"
It shows different perspectives: teachers, scolars and people in baghdad, marines, ministery workers and so on.

I think that Iran can be considered a safe staging area. So, if such a main road would be insecure, one would really have to worry. I also find analogies incorrect that take terrorist attacks on military parades or the parliament as examples. Why? Because the enemy could prepare for those, whereas these movements were not announced in advance. Many countries have experienced attacks, including the USA, Spain, the UK, and Germany. That doesn't mean that the armies of these countries now have to hide for every troop movement domestically.
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Everytime i look into parades or showcases, there is always like 5 snipers in the group, Iran like Hezb seems to have big amounts of SVD/Steyr HS snipers operators



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