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Iranian Chill Thread

So you want Taliban sources for counting their deaths or i'm dreaming?
You want that some Iranian/Afghan spies go on the field and take photos of dead corpse of Talibans with their Nokia phone? This is not Ukraine where everyone takes photos of dead corpses or show themselves eating Russian soldier cadavers on barbecue.

You think the eternal liars Taliban will say how much casualties they have?

You want that Amnesty or some western countries to give numbers of deaths by using the same "methods" they did to count "1500" deaths during the riots?

Of course they won't. Nor can Iran be realistically expected to use drones to capture their casualties on image. Since when has Iran been as sensitive to PR and as disciplined and resourceful in this department, as to go to such lengths and resort to such unusual methods? Totally laughable.

People who propagate Taleban talking points on here are furthermore demeaning the Iranian armed forces and Iranian-made military equipment - mortars and artillery are known to have been used, it is therefore most likely that Taleban positions were hit resulting in multiple casualties on their side.

Also notice the disingenuous nature of some of the anti-IR rhetoric. Referencing a clip of just a few seconds, again Taleban propaganda, in which a Humvee can be seen but isn't shown firing whatsoever. Nor does the purported target, a border post, bear any visible damage from heavy machine gun fire. Nor do we know what happened after those few seconds. Yet, some propagandists will spin this as "Iran failed to respond to heavy fire from a Taleban Humvee"; purely for ulterior political motives.

Pretending to be "patriotic" but suggesting there's no problem with receiving payments from the USA and Isra"el" for work against the Iranian government, and then acting as propaganda auxiliaries for the Taleban. One needs to be mightily two-faced to endorse and applaud such antics.

تمایلت به خارجی‌ها تا حالا گفتم از باغ بیرونی و با حواست پرته. حالا تمایلت به پول از خارج‌ها لب خیانتی.

‌ زیاد شکر به رگ زدی.

Then coming up with lame, far fetched nonsense according to which zionists, the USA or EU regime "may" sometimes be paying Iranian political activists for actions that are "in the interest" of Iran. Genuinely comical.

Individuals who legitimize treason - i.e. accepting payments from hostile foreign entities in exchange for activities against one's own government, are in no position to portray themselves as patriotic or to criticize Iranian policy on supposedly patriotic grounds. Same goes for anyone welcoming and supporting such individuals.

Universal definition of treason, including in Persian and every other language in the world:

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Nadimi brilliantly set the record straight. Goes a long way trashing the nonsensical propaganda jointly spewed against Iran by the exiled opposition, domestic liberals (reformist / moderates) as well as Iran's existential foreign enemies in regard to tensions between the Islamic Republic and the Taleban regime.

If you're interested in proper analysis based on actual knowledge of regional geopolitics rather than the uninformed, slogan-like propaganda this thread has been littered with as of late, then listening to the presentation below is a must.

Learn why:

- Iran absolutely did the right thing not to go to war when the Taleban grabbed power in August 2021, nor to commit the heavy amount of resources required to intervene through proxies in Afghanistan, to set up a buffer zone and so on.
- Calls for the use of large scale military means to solve the ongoing water issue are patently short sighted.
- The suggestion to strike the dam on the Afghan side isn't particularly rational either.
- The claim that the Taleban have been inflicting casualties on Iran with impunity ( :lol: ) is beyond ludicrous.
- The contention that Iran missed out on opportunities to "cause divisions between Taleban factions" is baseless.
- The Taleban are acting like they are, which is not simply because of them being 'cave dwellers' and what not.
- The anti-IR propaganda we hear these days from the three groups mentioned above stems from ulterior political motives and not from patriotism, nor from concern for border guards. Don't fall for manipulators on foreign payroll and naive sheep who rehash their disinformation.

Moreover, get to understand what Iran's actual policy consists of, and why it is as sound and legitimate as it possibly gets. Great stuff.

How Taleban propaganda is debunked, much to the chagrin of those who happily relay it with the sole purpose of blackening the image of the Islamic Republic in line with the zio-American agenda (oftentimes for a paycheck).

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You are snake of this section. Sankes are good creatures you know, we can learn from them how to crowl amongst others.

What the user didn't tell, is that deadly attacks against Pakistan by the TTP (Tehrike Taliban Pakistan), which enjoys safe havens in Afghanistan, have continued after and in spite of the air strike carried out by Islamabad.

A recent example from just seven days ago:

By contrast, no anti-Iran armed group is operating out of Afghanistan, and significant clashes at the border have been infrequent (two instances in nearly two years).

Islamic Iran's management of the Taleban dossier has been more successful than Pakistani efforts. But take a look at how some will let themselves get manipulated by propaganda and disinformation spread by Iran's existential foreign enemies and footmen on the latters' payroll.
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The notion that IR is the weakest government in all of Iran's history is correct.

This notion is quite frankly a joke.

It is not always about losing lands. There are many other factors.

I'll take a government that succeeds in preserving Iran's territorial integrity and keeping foreign powers out of the core decision making process, over one which fails in these two paramount areas.

The epitome of weakness is when a government lacks autonomy in the security sector (both internal and external), since this means its very survival will be dependent upon the goodwill of foreign sponsors. At the slightest crisis, it will collapse like a house of cards if its protectors withdraw their support or fail to deliver.
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Unconfirmed reports that the US has allowed South Korea to unfreeze $7 billion of Iranian assets illegally locked in their central bank. Iran actually has closer to $10 billion of frozen funds in South Korea, with this $7 billion and an additional $2.7 billion frozen at the South Korean branch of Bank Melt.

I am extremely sceptical for two reasons: we hear this kind of news in relation to Iraq and South Korea a lot, and why would the US unilaterally agree to this without any concessions from Iran?

If it is true, I hope it is an unconditional/full release, and not transfer to a special US-monitored account which can only be used to permitted/humanitarian trade (like with Iranian oil revenues seized by the US in Iraq). That is not exactly sovereignty. However, if Iran needs to buy certain goods anyway then that is better than nothing, and existing funds can simply be reallocated accordingly.

They also said the same about Saudis then started the Yemen theatre. Iran has a military weakness in the East because the Birjand AB is not finished and houses old relics. Also, there is a general lack of missile infrastructure in that region. Iranian authorities never saw Afghanistan as a region to be taken seriously.

The situation will change very quickly, wake-up calls are good.

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