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Iranian Chill Thread

I'm sorry if this question is already answered, but does the Iranian section have a MOD? If not, is it possible to appoint an Iranian member who's willing?

as far as i know there is no special mod for iran section. mods from other sections handle it here.
as far as i know there is no special mod for iran section. mods from other sections handle it here.
Yes, and we see the results. Mongols and Zionists roam freely to spread their shit across every thread in this section.
Yes, and we see the results. Mongols and Zionists roam freely to spread their shit across every thread in this section.
and who are these Mongols you speak of?

For Iranian users :

Went to Turkish forum to find a video of actual taxi of their TF-x plane. could only find still images. but I found this interesting piece,,,PLEASE DO NOT GET MAD..AND DO NOT GO THERE FOR REPLY..AND ENJOY YOUR NEW YEAR HOLIDAYS:cheers:

this is the rants from a Turkish member called "X bat" to our friend "Ich" I feel sorry for him..he put up a good fight on our behalf and I thank him personally @Ich . Something is bothering these turks ..can not figure out exactly what it is Why they keep comparing to Iran..why can not just be happy with their airfarme..hug it.. love it..but leave Iran out of it!!:undecided:

So here it is ..rants from a turk that to this day has never flown any turk made manned aircraft in their entire history..none...but they know all about Iran's products.:azn::azn:

What a question! that implies Turkey uses foreign originated parts but IRAN does not. i know you are a nice guy but whenever i discuss this topic with indoctrinated brain dead persian zombies they say same scit to me.. wake up man we are at the champions league now but iran is not!

-iran makes seageh, azarakesh bla bla all of them is an american F5 and uses american design j85, producing them in iran doesnt make them iranian fighter. iran changed f5 design make it double vertical stabilizer version but later they changed their mind and made original types again. why? because they dont have enough know how, thats it. they made f313 for propaganda purposes we still wait for to fly after a decade. another iranian bs is local production, even if we consider j85 production rate we can say you guys import some parts of it. if Turkey doesnt care patent issues we can make F110 at home easily, but that zombies think they are superior than us at this subject, there is no single jet engine in iran designed by iranians(afaik), all of them unlicensed copies of french, american etc. engines, they are still imports jet engines to power their gadgets even little ones like 358 missiles(netherland made turbojet)

-they make yasin jet (which looks 50's era junks) and proud of it , they say it costs 6 million USD, they proud of with it is price too! Our Hurjet budget 750 million USD may be more. they think their chit better than everyone elses. They had tsarv jet 20-25 years ago it crushed a couple times and project cancelled. i see same destiny for yasin. another great iranian aircraft project was IRAN160 which is licensed ukrainian plane, after a couple persian touches to the plane, it crushed a couple times and resulted many deads. after years they reactivated ıran160 project but this time as a cargo plane, we will see the results.

-iran smuggles many things and we provide info some of them in this forum but the zombies insist on rejecting. i dont care it , but if we discuss the matters i wanna see a man at the other side.
if they make something it becames most advanced one in the world automatically , they copied oto malera 76 mm they said this, they copied american rq170 they said same thing and many more.
another bullscit is serial production, we saw khayber 2020 , 15 years ago , they claimed it is in serial production, where is it? we never see it again. same thing for their tanks(all of them versions of foreign tanks) , where are those?

-there was another zombie who claimed turkey will never have unmanned UAVs for decades.... we flew first unmanned fighter jet last year and iranian little toys are already became pussycat ...... anyway iranians under this regime lost their healty way of thinking, there is world who is free , with or without iran

so world is mocking with iran,
Enjoy! :-)
I'm sorry if this question is already answered, but does the Iranian section have a MOD? If not, is it possible to appoint an Iranian member who's willing?
I propose @Stryker1982 to be mod
I’m not trying to be funny but that actually sounds like fun put it to a vote and send it to the people who runs this site, put a list of names out there and give people 24 hours to vote, I’d vote for you @Stryker1982 but I think people put their 🙌🏻 up and see who wants to be a moderator. Not trying to be funny something 1 @Stryker1982 2 @Ich 3 @Hack-Hook 4 @SalarHaqq 5 @lydian fall etc it would be something like that it would be fun.
I’m not trying to be funny but that actually sounds like fun put it to a vote and send it to the people who runs this site, put a list of names out there and give people 24 hours to vote, I’d vote for you @Stryker1982 but I think people put their 🙌🏻 up and see who wants to be a moderator. Not trying to be funny something 1 @Stryker1982 2 @Ich 3 @Hack-Hook 4 @SalarHaqq 5 @lydian fall etc it would be something like that it would be fun.
Thank you but i am not Iranian. Haha, it would be a mess if i should moderate here. I even dont speak/read farsi/persian, let alone the dialects :lol:
This article was taken down by Psychology Today after they received a wave of complaints - some threatening - demanding that it be taken down. I have since written another article on this for the New Zealand Newroom, and after receiving a wave of complaints, they have kept it up, and rightly so because it is rock solid. There is a sustained campaign by some members of the Iranian community to remove any articles on mass psychogenic illness as they are intent on making the government look bad, regardless of the facts. Psychogenic illness is clearly the most likely explanation at this juncture.

Robert Bartholomew, Honorary Senior Lecturer, Department of Psychological Medicine, University of Auckland

Thanks for the update. I think it is predominantly what you mentioned.

Videos of paramedics plus labs agree with that as well. Politics is definitely deviating facts.
He's a useful figure in the media war but he totally lacks any nuance and is clearly just pushing a set of talking points. Don't forget he was one the loudest voices saying Iran doesn't need to return to the JCPOA because Europe will face a hard winter which will make them desperate for the deal. One of the gravest errors of judgment in recent history.

I should perhaps have added that Dr. Marandi isn't subscribing to the view held by some, that Iran ought to stop considering the possibility of reactivating the JCPOA altogether. He is pretty much in favor of the deal as long as the USA and the EU3 accept the conditions put forth by Iran, i.e. some form of guarantee that Washington will comply with its commitments rather than repeating the violations of the Obama administration, and that an upcoming Republican in the White House is not going to cancel American participation like Trump. It goes without saying that a self-respecting, sovereign government will not acquiesce to unilateral concessions in a political agreement with (hostile) foreign powers. Such a position, which is shared by the Ra'isi administration, doesn't imply opposition the JCPOA but reflects a normal diplomatic stance.

Indeed when the Foreign Ministry a few months ago announced that the sides had come to an understanding and that the revival of the JCPOA would therefore be imminent, the news was echoed by seyyed Marandi. This came after Josep Borrell declared that Iran's incremental modification requests to a final draft proposed by the west were, I quote, reasonable. Which tends to suggest the EU3 were on board, however the US regime refused any changes and here we are. In sum, Dr. Marandi is far from a fundamental adversary of the nuclear deal, his principled condemnation of NATO imperialism notwithstanding.

On the domestic front, Dr. Marandi's political measuredness leaves even fewer room for doubt. Namely, he does not partake in the competition between political factions, nor is his discourse a party-political one. He happens to be on good terms with figures from each major camp, including Mohammad Javad Zarif for instance. According to Marandi, the latter would've adopted tougher negiotiating positions in his time at Vienna, if it wasn't for injunctions coming from his higher up.


Although those who decry Marandi's statements are mostly liberals, it's not as if no principlist's ever voiced criticism nor verbally attacked the professor. Thus Marandi's approach isn't devoid of nuance. At any rate, this and other interesting points are discussed in the Jedaal video shared previously, which I would say is definitely worth watching.
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It would be nice his speaches would have some translations


On the occasion of the beginning of the Iranian New Year 1402 (March 21, 2023), the Leader of the Islamic Revolution delivered his annual speech in Imam Reza's (pbuh) shrine. In his speech, he referred to US and some European countries' plan to isolate Iran and how they failed in doing so.
Imam Khamenei started his speech by focusing on the concept of "transformation" as meaning “the strengthening of advantages and the elimination of weak points and flaws.” The Leader of the Islamic Revolution described this kind of "transformation" as an essential need of the country.
The Leader of the Islamic Revolution pointed out that the main objective of the enemies in broaching the concept of “structural transformations” is to change the identity of the Islamic Republic. “The goal of the enemy is to eliminate the country and establishment’s points of strength and to get issues that remind the people of the Revolution, pure and revolutionary Islam fade into oblivion,” Imam Khamenei noted.
Underlining that the ultimate goal of the apparently pro-change and transformation statements by the Arrogant Powers is to turn Islamic democracy into one-man and submissive government or one that is superficially democratic but is submissive to the West in practice, he said, “In everything they do, they seek to politically and economically dominate Iran and plunder it.”
The Leader considered “the strong and firm internal foundation of the Iranian nation” as one of the country’s prominent points of strength. “This intrinsic firmness and strength stems from the people’s faith because even those of individuals who apparently do not fully practice some of Islam’s laws, they do believe in God, the Qur'an, and the [Twelve] Imams,” he added.
In explaining the overt indications for the internal cohesion and strength of the Iranian nation, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution pointed to “the overcoming by the nation over the cycle of the enemy’s consecutive and decades-long hostilities of the world’s Arrogant Powers.” He further stated, “Which country and revolution do you know that has been able to resist the blows of the world's most powerful countries? The Iranian nation has stood firmly against a long chain of the enemy's schemes, including coup attempts, sanctions, and media assaults.”
Imam Khamenei considered “coups, political pressures, unprecedented media assault, security conspiracies, and unprecedented economic sanctions” as being dimensions of the enemies’ nonstop conspiracies. “During recent unrest, US president and heads of states of certain European countries openly offered weapons, and financial and security support to rioters to at least weaken the Islamic Republic. But what happened was the opposite,” he said.
The Leader of the Islamic Revolution described making progress under economic siege and the most severe pressures possible as indicative of the Iranian nation’s bright performance. He stated that the US said the economic pressures they've put on Iran are unprecedented in history. Despite all their lies, they were true on this.
Imam Khamenei highlighted the progress made in science and technology and Iran ranking among the top countries of the world in fields such as Nano and Biotechnology, health, aerospace, nuclear, defense, infrastructure, medical centers, oil refineries, etc. “With regard to foreign relations, the West’s efforts to isolate Iran have failed,” he said.
The Leader added, “Our relations with Asia became 100 percent stronger and we will continue to do so.” Referring to Iran’s membership in important treaties, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution said the strengthening of ties with Africa and Latin America is one of the definite plans. “We haven't refused to have any relations with Europe. We are ready to work with any European country or government that does not blindfoldedly follow US polices,” the Leader said.

In this regard, Imam Khamenei emphasized that dependence on the US dollar is one of the problems the country's economy is suffering from. He countinued, "Some of the sanctioned countries put an end to their dependence on the US dollar and their situation got better. We know certain countries, which I won’t name, that have been heavily sanctioned by the West. Their link to SWIFT, which is a Western-led international mechanism, was cut. They then put aside the US dollar and conducted transactions and imported and exported with national currencies, and their situation got better. We should do the same thing."
Imam Khamenei also underlined the need for raising awareness among the people regarding hybrid warfare and the enemy’s policies in this regard. “There is no military attack in hybrid warfare. But foreign propagandists and their followers in the country attack the political and religious beliefs of the people with temptation so that they undermine the nation’s will, sow despair among the youth, and make them disappointed at the future, work, and progress by fudging the facts,” he said.
He further said, "In a hybrid warfare, the enemy uses the media and cultural, security, and economic elements as well as its influence to bring blockades against the nation, to cause despondency, and to cause a people to ignore their own potential."
Dismissing the allegations of the ill-wishers, Imam Khamenei noted, “It’s been years that the enemy vociferously asserts that they want to bring the Islamic Republic to its knees. But the Leader says in response that 'You can’t do a damn thing.' This is not a repetition but perseverance.”
Emphasizing Iran’s support for the Axis of Resistance, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution rejected the lie that Iran is involved in the Ukraine war. “We categorically deny any presence in the Ukraine war. And such a thing is not true at all,” he said.
Imam Khamenei also referred to America’s role in the Ukraine war, stating that America waged the Ukraine war in order to expand NATO to the east and now while the people of Ukraine are in trouble and grappling with problems, America and its weapons manufacturing companies are making the most of this war in terms of profits. And for this reason, they stand in the way of the necessary things to end this war.”
The Leader of the Islamic Revolution also pointed to the Americans’ confusion in the region. “The path and policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran toward the region is clear and we know what we’re doing. But the Americans are confused and desperate because if they stay in the region, like in Afghanistan, they will face the increasing hatred of nations and will be forced to leave the region. And if they leave, they will lose their ambitions. This confusion is indicative of their obvious weakness,” Imam Khamenei said.


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