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Iran warns Israel through UN against ground offensive in Gaza

Do not be stupid, not every city in america is covered by that defence setup.
No its not necessary to cover every city fewer SAMs can cover all cities of USA

i did not, follow the conversation and engage brain cells within process.
Lol you did saying USA has been no supercomputers for sure don't lie

See post# 66
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You're delusional all big cities are covered by SAMs

Lol you're clearly said that USA has no supercomputers on post # 66
Sure they are....

If you says so, i know what i wrote.

First tell me what supercomputers North Korea have

And USA and Israel not having layered ABM shields to defend themselves
Do you know what super computer is at first place?
Usa does not have for sure. And occupied palestine is easily penetrable

so dumbo, first sentence, second sentence, cleary related to yours first and second sentence, do not bkame me for lack of understanding, you do not need to thank me for clarification

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