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Iran unveiled Khaybar (forth generation khorramshahr) ballistic missile

Is the marv warhead an actual hypersonic glider?

Which missile are you talking about in particular? The closest Iran has been to the hypersonic terminal flight domain is through Kheybar Shekan and Qassem missiles which are both quasi-trajectory ballistic missiles with a very depressed apogee (See the Qassem slide). Kheybar Shekan is a skip glide vehicle with a terminal velocity of almost reaching the hypersonic domains but the real HGV of Iran will be unvieled very soon.



The first Iranian missile to reach hypersonic speed is the Raad-500 which is made of composite material and a new engine
Rigorous orbital calculations have been made for the range of khorramshahr4.
The maximum velocity of khorramshahr4 is reported to be 5488 m/s by iran media.
The maximum velocity of a missile depends on its trajectory.
Therefore, assuming that the missile was launched from western Iran to Israel, we adjusted the rocket's parameters so that the maximum velocity recorded when the missile begins its descent and is accelerated by gravity is 5488 m/s.
As a result, the estimated range was approximately 3700 km.

The Musudan (slightly shorter in length), on which the khorramshahr4 is said to be based, has a range of 3200-4000 km and a warhead weight of 1000 kg.
It is in good agreement with these results and can be trusted.

In other words, the khorramshahr4 can fly nearly 4000 km without a lighter warhead.
It is clear that Iran is no longer considering the self-imposed regulation of a range of 2000 km.
Some may find it hard to believe that a warhead weighing 1500 kg has a range of 3700 km.
For reference, its ancestor, the R-27U, has the same diameter and 0.68 times the length, but it can fly 3000 km with a 650 kg warhead.
Remember, the R-27U is a 60 year old antique missile.
Iranian missiles already range the entire EU.
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