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Iran Air Force Unveils Underground Base

A bit off topic but Iran has a single F-16 on strength.

Is this a good idea?? To protect air assets?
It will certainly be a very expensive project to build this under Mountain.
Couple of things to consider for people who assume this can be easily countered by destroying the entrance:

A: to get such a precise, you would need to take immense risks with aircraft, right into the teeth of Iranian air defenses to even get a shot off

As gen. mattis pointed out, even if you neutralize all Iranian defenses and bomb the entrances, a backhoe can easily open it up in a short time.

don’t think anyone can destroy a program that has spread out from Tehran to the mountains, from underground facilities to above ground,” retired Marine Gen. James Mattis said Saturday.

Even successful military strikes would likely only destroy and block the entrances to hardened underground facilities, Gen. Mattis said.


“With a good backhoe, you can open that back up,” he told the Aspen Security forum, according to posted video of the event.

This also eliminates any surprise attacks on Irans air force, and guantees Iranian aircraft will hit the skies, and join the air defense forces in case of any attack

The reason why more nations dont do it is because of cost to benefit

You need a coubtry that has enough wealth and technical expertise to build such a structure, while at the same time facing an enemy called the USA.

This base is an excellent idea. And its original and unique to Iranian needs.

Just goes to show how brilliant our military minds are. They dont copy anybody, but set their own doctrine/tactics to specificallly neutralize the advantages Irans enemies have over her
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Any background on how or why?
Different sources report differently.

Different sources report differently.

Certainly Iran had a close look at Venezuelan F-16's, as your article explains. Beyond that, did Caracas transfer one or several examples to Iran? Not impossible, although there's no evidence.

However I just wanted to stress that the specific picture you initially shared is from a plastic model by Fariborz Shammas. The modeler uploaded it onto his webpage back in the day. You can see how he painted an IIAF marking on the model, which stands for Imperial Iranian Air Force, in reference to the pre-Revolution order placed by the former regime, which never materialized.
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Iran Army Air Force underground air force base Eagle 44 It is one of the army's most important air force bases, with fighters built in the depths of the Earth,"
"Asif" long-range cruise missile & Sukhoi 24

Does the PAF have such underground airbases?
Very nice.

I only recalled nuclear facilities to be in mountains, I wasn't aware of PAF also having them.

Yes, that is the major downside. Can't be sure the decision making here, but it appears that IRIAF wants to ensure survivability of the assets above all.

Any above ground base would just get annihilated via saturation attack from B-52's and newly modified C-130's, so ultimentaly I think this was the best course of action.

Prefer my airbase to be in a mountain than look like this;

We haven't seen much of this for many years now, so most people assume it is closed project, but some thing it is still being worked on. I have my doubts personally.
that is the result of practically park the airplane in open beside the ammunition .that is not a proper airbase

A bit off topic but Iran has a single F-16 on strength.

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come on everybody grandmother knew what is that famous picture

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