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India official drains entire dam to retrieve phone

If this happened in China, we would have been sanctioned the next day.
I don't know why Indians are so confident with their dmocracy and human right
Unbelievable yet believable.

We have a big share of idiots like these all over the country. Government officials at various levels consdier themselves nothing less than god.

This one came in limelight. There are thousands of such specimens who deal with common man with utter disdain and contempt.
And this is the 'new generation' of Indian babus. Some things never change.

I saw the detailed coverage of this on one of the news channels the day it was exposed. They plastered photos of him from his social media accounts, which made him look like a complete narcissist.
This is what happens under Congress Raj. No wonder even the minorities are now voting for the BJP in large numbers.
He was a low level food inspector and already have this much contempt and disregard for others.

Also, why is he taking a selfie with that green stagnant water?
Also, why is he taking a selfie with that green stagnant water?
Idiots come in all shapes and sizes. They hide in plain sight. Such incidents bring them to limelight.
Sadly there are scores of them still amongst us. In plain sight, yet to display there ingenuity and stupidity.

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