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India arms citizens in villages bordering Azad Kashmir

Hundreds of fake civilians can’t be trained without it leaking out. Indian press is quite a draamebaaz but there are few who still report without bias and would have reported it.

Optics can work only this much.
India has told all countries trying to speak about Kashmir to buzz off and isn’t bothered about anyone.

When terrorists kill civilians such measures have to be taken. The people being trained are natives of that land. Few decades back Kashmiri Pandits were driven away by terrorists but it isn’t going to happen again.

Big scale development has started in Kashmir to bring prosperity and jobs for the natives, Muslims as well as others.
Anyone trying to spoil the effort by force would be met with double the force.
Yes, exactly the perfect propaganda story to cover up.
You didn't get what I told him,it's because he always dreams of easy victories and balkanization of every country he doesn't like.
This is what Super Powers do, can't blame him you know. We have a strong Foreign Policy.
Ah, training the communal genocide squads are we?

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