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Imran riyaz khan Amnesty International has said the events could amount to "an enforced disappearance" under international law.

Damn, kya ho raha hai Pk m ?

He might be illegally or quasi legally being held in a military facility under orders of a military court/intel because he's an influential pro IK voice but will hopefull be released once Mr Khan is defeated in the elections.

Don't get it, but.. why would they go this route if the Army is really all powerful. Why not just rig the elections outright from the shadows. Can they really afford to have half the awam hate them ?

What a mess, politics, state institutions such as the courts and the military overreaching their bounds, popular leader shot, others being disappeared.

Instability particularly bad for India, but also for all neighbours, and the region as a whole.
MashaAllah... Hafiz ji Pakistniyo ki hifaazat karty huay..

Unfortunate. Hope he is safe.

And the people who did this, Pakistan’s own institutions that should be protecting its citizens, may they rot in hell.
rouge army of paksitan went total mad . its end of this military mafia and they can not digest it . as soon as pakistan will default inshallah this military will also finished soon .

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