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Back to square one, Pakistan is doomed for good.
This will be a difficult one for establishment boys to deflect.

Clear as daylight establishment and PDM are a tag team in this whole operation.

Pulverize PTI and its supporters and then hold elections when the country is cleansed. PDM will win the elections dawning in a new era of loot maar.
I think Imran Riaz has successfully made himself into more of a troll. He was better off left to wither away....
Rolling snowball, will keep getting worse. At this pace we'll be just as totalitarian as China or North Korea
Arrest the whole of Pakistan, why don’t you? lol

Govt is harassing opponents while army is digging its (what’s left of its reputation) grave.
Riaz was cohoting with Taliban who are involved with bomb attacks.
There are his pictures in kabul

You can see the guy in mask is suspected to be Imran riaz khan
Every person has his own faults, Imran Riaz have em too, doesn't mean the government can just start kidnapping everyone, we are heading fast towards to being a totalitarian state like North Korea, both freedom and economy is being eroded in a way which looks deliberate.

Terrorists killing Pakistanis on a daily basis, but the only thing security forces are doing right now is putting noises of dissent in jails.

Incompetent Government and Military, why I am saying Military, cause only a fool will believe Military doesn't play a big role in Pakistan.

What's the only way out we have? Stay here, fight our fight, no one's gonna fight for us and eradicate this cancer.
You can see the guy in mask is suspected to be Imran riaz khan

Neither what's visible of the face, nor height matches. PDM is intentionally targeting political opponents to scare them and testing the waters to try an attempt to arrest IK.

If I understand right, this moment was during peace/ negotiations (which the US has done with them as well as India). TTP is an insane bipolar trash that changes its mind every few hours.

But let's assume your point for a min, why is the govt also not arresting Gen Faiz? Cant arrest their Baap...
Today Mariam Nawaz owned this arrest and award the certificate that Imran Riaz is not a journalist.


I think its pdm doing this, not the army. Zardari and nawazu as they hold power in Islamabad……

If ppl still don’t raid and destroy jati umra and all zardari houses, then expect this
I see zardari behind all this crap

Nobody farts in Pakistan without the nod from m the Mafia bosses of Pindi ....

Lahore court orders release of TV anchor Imran Riaz Khan

Rana Bilal
February 3, 2023

<p>TV anchor Imran Riaz Khan in a Lahore district court on February 3, 2023. — Photo by author</p>

TV anchor Imran Riaz Khan in a Lahore district court on February 3, 2023. — Photo by author

A Lahore court dismissed on Friday the Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) case against TV anchor Imran Riaz Khan and ordered his immediate release.

He was arrested from Lahore on Thursday on charges of “hate speech” and making a “violence-inducing statement” aimed at creating “a rift between the general public and the state institutions”.
The BOL News anchor was taken into custody at the Allama Iqbal Airport from where was trying to go to the UAE. The FIA told him that his name was on the blacklist and he was subsequently handed over to the FIA cybercrime wing which had not produced him before a court of law for physical remand until today.
The FIA registered the first information report under sections 11 (electronic forgery), 20 (malicious code), and 24 (legal recognition of offenses committed in relation to information systems) of the Prevention of Electronic Crimes (Peca) 2016. Likewise, sections 131/109 (incitement to mutiny), 500 (punishment for defamation) and 505 (public mischief) of the Pakistan Penal Code have also been added to the FIR.
According to the FIR — a copy of which is available with Dawn.com — Khan was “found involved in publicly making a hate speech at a conference which falls under the territorial jurisdiction of FIA cyber crime cell”.
The complaint went on to say that the speech was further publicly shared on social media platforms nationally and internationally. The contents of Khan’s speech, as mentioned in the FIR, cast aspersions on former army chief Gen Bajwa’s parting pledge that the military would remain apolitical.

Today’s hearing​

The BOL News anchor was presented in the court of Judicial Magistrate Ghulam Murtaza Virk today amid tight security. He was represented by Barrister Mian Ali Ashfaq.
At the outset of the hearing, Khan’s counsel contended before the court that the FIA had not given any reason for seeking his client’s physical remand.
“Imran Riaz Khan has been accused of indulging in hate speech,” he said. “The request states that Imran Riaz’s speech falls under the territorial jurisdiction of the FIA.”
He said the FIA’s use of the words “territorial jurisdiction” was “noteworthy”, pointing out that the words “legal jurisdiction” were not used.
Khan’s counsel urged the court to dismiss the case against his client. “Twenty-one cases of a similar nature are already registered against him.”
The lawyer told the court that his client had stated that “they will keep losing one by one”, highlighting that it was not a crime to make this statement.
He further asked the court whether it was a crime to ask the public whether or not the army was involved in politics.
Khan’s counsel further said that merely telling one to “stay within your constitutional limits” was not a crime. “Imran Riaz did not target any institution.”
The lawyer said the case was registered in November last year. “The FIA office is 500 metres away from where Khan works. FIA officials watch Imran Riaz’s vlogs regularly then why did they not take action earlier?”
Calling the FIA a “handicapped” agency, the counsel said his client accepted that he had passed the statement on the basis of which the case was lodged against him.
“My client considers the statement, on which the case was lodged, a crown for his head,” he said, alleging that the FIA requested the 14-day remand to obtain the Twitter and YouTube password of Khan’s accounts.
Advocate Ashfaq concluded his arguments by stating there was “no need for further recovery” because his client had already confessed that he had passed the statement.

Previous brushes with the law​

This is the second time Khan has been arrested by the investigation watchdog. He was previously nabbed last year in July near the outskirts of Islamabad.
Khan had back then, in a video, directly addressed former army chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa, alleging that he was threatened after asking questions from military sources about the country’s current political and economic situation.
Military ko danda na diya to aisa he hota raha ga, haan aik dafa danda wapas mil gaya phir set ho Jain ga, because yeh to sub Janta hain kah in ki larna ki aukaat nahi. Woh 71 main Dekh li thi. Yeh waki PDM government ki bus ki BAAT nahi. 25 km ki hukumat itni taqatwar ho gai ha. Asal harami yeh pecha wardi Wala bhata hain.
I’d like to see you say that to the men on the border, perhaps in siachen.
Unko larna nahi ata ?? Why don’t the types of you take your family to siachen, lets see u defend the country up there

So when r u taking your family there ?? Since fauj to kisi qabil nahi, shayad aap behter hain right? Go take your family and replace the boys at the borders.
Lets see how long u last out there mr hero

Hopefully software is updated.
These wef agent-journalists are a curse upon us. Sab k sab bas apne channel k hero banay huway
They’ve spread so much hate in the country that its appalling, playing into the hands of india/west

These youtubers will surely one day face judgement. Along with all others. Includes the corrupt bajwa/faiz etc.

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