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Imran Khan’s political games leave him isolated as Pakistan army destroys party

not sure what army has achieved apart for a reputation of a dubious , repressive and power hungry institution on a global scale that is hated by it's own people.
You forget: Money making enterprise with annual 26bil$ revenue. Who gives that up. Yet they are protected as 'charity enterprises'
No thanks, bruv :lol: . Already know what he'll be saying.

I thought he was tired of us youthiaz's toxicity and was taking time off? Turns out he's waddled into an even more abrasive place that is Pakistani twitter. Here, at least, people respected him for being an old-timer.
We all thought he was a swell guy. everyone got on with him and he got on with everyone. BUT he was a GHQ tout.
No thanks, bruv :lol: . Already know what he'll be saying.

I thought he was tired of us youthiaz's toxicity and was taking time off? Turns out he's waddled into an even more abrasive place that is Pakistani twitter. Here, at least, people respected him for being an old-timer.
I always thought since 2011 that he was Irfan Baloch the police officer in Pakistan lol
Oh dear, the dreams and hopes of the youth are shattered.


Powerful forces killed Z.Bhutto, General Zia, B.Bhutto, destroyed East Pakistan , split and downsized MQM, supported the attack on Afghanistan, and now dismantled PTI. What could the consequences be from the attack and dissolution of the PTI party? The country could accept the outcome and move on, the youth and disgruntled could come out onto the streets and show defiance, the TTP could align with other inhouse actors and start a concerted effort to depose the junta, another political party could fill the vacuum and become the new opium of the people. The army could become fractured and some elements within may support Imran Khan causing division within the army. The worst case is that they hang Imran Khan and create a snowball effect of hatred towards the army and an angry sect set for revenge.

The attack and dissolution of the PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf) party, like any significant political event, could have a range of consequences, I summarise below:
  1. Acceptance and moving on: One possible outcome is that the country accepts the demise and dissolution of PTI, particularly if it is seen as a legitimate political process or if alternative options are limited. Political transitions can occur peacefully when there is a widely shared belief in the fairness and legitimacy of the process.
  2. Protests and civil unrest: The youth and disgruntled segments of society may come out onto the streets to express their dissatisfaction with the attack on PTI. This could lead to protests, civil unrest, and potential clashes with security forces if the situation escalates. The extent and duration of such protests would depend on various factors, including the level of public support for PTI and the government's response.
  3. Potential insurgency: If the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) aligns with other internal actors dissatisfied with the attack on PTI, it could result in a concerted effort to depose the ruling junta. This scenario could lead to an increase in violence and instability, potentially escalating into an insurgency. The severity and success of such an insurgency would depend on the capabilities and support base of the involved groups.
  4. Political realignment: In the absence of PTI, another political party could emerge and fill the political vacuum left by its dissolution. This new party could gain popularity and become the new "opium of the people," rallying support and influencing the political landscape. The impact and success of this party would depend on its policies, leadership, and ability to address public concerns.
  5. Fractured military and division within the army: In the worst-case scenario, the army could become fractured, with some elements supporting Imran Khan and others opposing him. This division within the army could lead to internal conflicts and power struggles, potentially destabilizing the institution responsible for maintaining national security.
  6. Escalation of tensions and revenge sentiment: If the attack on PTI results in the hanging or mistreatment of Imran Khan, it could generate a snowball effect of hatred and anger towards the army. This could create a cycle of revenge and further violence, fuelling animosity between different groups and undermining stability.
The consequences of such events are highly unpredictable, and the actual outcomes could be different from these scenarios. The political, social, and security dynamics in Pakistan are complex, and various factors could shape the situation in unforeseen ways. The ruling entities need to be mindful of the consequences of their actions.

We have seen surprising outcomes in banana republics where the most entrenched juntas have been suddenly deposed by people power and the most powerful interventionists had to withdraw even after billions of dollars of investment and were forced to cut their losses. Even a world chess champion eventually loses no matter how much he thinks ahead.

Best option to deal with Imran Khan is to send him packing into exile and show mercy for Pakistan's sake.
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There has been a narrative being ‘floated’ that IK is a narcissist and only cares about himself.

If that’s the case, then would IK have been able to build the party to this level?

A bit confused here. Or am I missing something.
Like the last over of a world cup cricket Imran Khan threw caution out into the air and swung wildly for sixes and unfortunately got balled out by a swinger from the army. Even worse after some balls tampering his team fled the field.
Pakistan Fauj is 1857 , Angrez Fauji

  • Coconut Syndrome , brown from outside Angrez from inside
  • Colonial forces left in 1947 , but their Junior Staff person became part of what became Pakistan Fauj
  • They carried the same training regime of controlling

Ayub and others who squashed Fatima Jinnah's election campaign were same Servants of Colonial forces

Problem is Colonial Forces for most part were contractors for East India Company - they might not even been considered real British Army (on paper)

Its because of the Mentality of Colonial Fauj , and Servant , their (Pakistani Fauj) training is focused around beating down civilians

They can't understand Democracy runs on Wish of People and vote

It is not Imran Khan , who is impacted , the Colonial Fauj is exposed for their ties to Colonial Era , mentality
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Rauf Hassan, PTI media person. Made some good points regarding the current situation, Pti needs to re evaluated the situation, is ready for talks with anyone, its good that electables have left so PTI can bring forward the ideological workers. 9th May attackers should be punished but through judiciary.

Imm hasn't played games his worked within the law and constitution. PDM and deranged generals have been playing games with the whole nation only for one reason, NRO 2.0. That should tell everyone what they think of the country.

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