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If Iran gets a nuke, we have to get one: Saudi crown prince

Jealous Persians have only one duty

to create chaos in muslim Countries to destabilize the region ...

and USA-Israel so happy with Iran's role against muslim Countries

Well, a lot have changed in arab countries in the last 20-30 years. They already walk on the way to invest in their own countries like Iran already did. And arab countries have success with it, getting more and more independent. I like this development too. So the old szenarios from the 80s no longer work and Israel isnt such important anymore as it was. Thats long ago. Meanwhile Israel has to look to not get uncoupled from the good development in this region.
Defending Q-313 is the most hilarious thing I have seen in a while.

At this point KSA & Turkey should sign the ultimate defence pact with us, Nuclear cover will be provided 24/7.
Because regime in Iran is already on last stage, why waste resources on something once u actually might not need it later.
You're not trusted
Everyone knows Erdogan is father of ISIL and other terrorist groups in Syria. It's more clear than daylight. If it wasn't Iran the whole Syria & Iraq were under terrorist caliph

Turkish Army killed over 3.000 ugly smelly ISIL terrorists and cleaned Syrian cities Jarablus , Rai , Dabiq , Azaz , Al Bab from ISIL terrorists

ERDOGAN and Turkish Army kicked dirty plans in Syria and Iraq

USA-France backed PKK-YPG and ISIL terrorists

Iran backed EMEL , HASHDI SHABI and Hezbolshit terrorists

If it wasn't Turkiye the whole Syria & Iraq were under terrorist invasion by Iran , USA , France
KSA learned her lessons and left the ring (turkey will soon too)

Look at this beautiful parade by Yemeni brethren:

You have some cognitive problems .. jealous loser

Your trash list shows battles ,, first stage or second stage ..idiot

Ottoman Empire always fought major wars against Iran

even in WW1 , Turkish Army entered Tebriz Iran

And I showed You
Ottoman Empire fought always in 3 fronts against Europe , Russia and Iran

Still trolling here
@aryobarzan @Mehdipersian @SalarHaqq @Dariush the Great @zartosht @lydian fall @Muhammed45 @Shapur Zol Aktaf @Stryker1982 @Hack-Hook

Care you educate this guy a bit?
Sejluqs Has ruled Iran. They are moderm turkey ancestors bro even the fuking Greeks have been up in Persia.. Persia is prime hoe of the ancient it is highway.. They are mix of arabd, greeks and turks everyone has been there
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@aryobarzan @Mehdipersian @SalarHaqq @Dariush the Great @zartosht @lydian fall @Muhammed45 @Shapur Zol Aktaf @Stryker1982 @Hack-Hook

Care you educate this guy a bit?

Educate yourself troll

Whole world knows that TURKS ( Seljuks ,Turkmen , Safavid , Qajar , Afshar ) ruled Iran for over 950 years between 960s and 1925

We great warrior TURKs came from central Asia and conquered Iran , Iraq , Syria , Caucasus , Anatolia , Greece , Egypt and other 40 countries in 3 continents

and we TURKs ruled all of you in the last 1.000 years

Now Turkiye is only industrialized country in the region

and our rivals are France , The UK , Russia in defense industry ,, but not backward Iran
Without USA and NATO support, turkey will be ending if you try this
To be honest, if they are really determine to go nuclear then i beleive they obviously can. Afterall, i dont think Pakistan is better or more advanced than Turkey. I guess it just depends on how determine they are to get one despote the consequences
If it wasn't Turkiye the whole Syria & Iraq were under terrorist invasion by Iran , USA , France

This some alternative history or something? 🤣🤣🤣
@MMM-E mental disorders has no cure brother

Yes same ignorant troll team and same users have mental disorders who have big jealousy and butthurt feelings towards Turkiye

backward countries and our ex vassals

btw I kicked you in military knowledge .. You dont know even what about RAAD and BABUR Cruise Missiles
We can ask him what Ottomans said and thought about Turks/Turkmen....

throught about only traitor Alewites who worked with shia Iran against sunni muslim Ottoman Dynasty

This some alternative history or something? 🤣🤣🤣

Keep crying

NO PKK/YPG terror state in Syria ...... Turkish Army took Afrin and ROJAVA is dead

And Your masters USA-France crying since 2016
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