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If I get disqualified Murad saeed will be leader Imran Khan

I think Punjabi shah mehmood Qureshi should lead and Pathan Muraad Ali saeed to run the party.
Shah mehmood Qureshi is more mature even he is Peer but still he don't use "religion" in politics.
Shah mehmood Qureshi seems better option.
Muraad Saeed is emotional, not better for country
Imran khan shouldn't have said that right now but now, get ready to be disowned by your own political party to make room for your successor which you named in the first place.
just one question, why do you not like SMQ and other PMLN/PPP crooks who joined PTI?
They're the enemies within.

Stop with the strawmen, buddy. Not gonna help you.

You said the following:

I asked you, since I consider urine to be tea and I am wrong, what is the real tea?
There is no tea. Only the blood of those who sacrificed their lives for Pakistan.

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