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‘Ideology of hate’ consuming India, Gandhi’s great-grandson says

Why do you say that ?

1. Did those two men even exist in living history or just in the delusional minds of theist ritualists ? So you actually believe in the legend of a monkey-man who can talk like a human, who looks a bodybuilder man, who can grow in size at will, who can fly a 1000 kilometers away, who can burn an entire city by setting fire to his tail and put each building of a "Dushman mulk" city on fire without getting his tail destroyed and himself destroyed by the same fire, and carry an entire mountain on his palm ?

2. The so-called Teachings of Krishna that are written in the Bhagwad Gita is book that was put on trial in Russia by academics in 2011 as they said, rightly, that it is an anti-human book like any Hindu religious book is, that it preaches mindless violence, ritualist-religion extremism, denigrates women, denigrates other humans who are of other language, culture, creed etc, calls for division among humanity. The academics being from a society that 20 years prior was a progressive society through Communism, understood and said that this book shouldn't exist in civilized society and demanded a simple solution - ban it :
I said we hindus believe it .

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