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Guess Who Facilitated Salman Shahbaz to Slip Out of Pakistan

Mir Bajwa of course. From here on out, whenever I refer to Bajwa it will be, "Bajwa the bastard", or simply "The bastard"... lets make an effort to make "Bajwa" synonymous with "bastard"
This shouldn't be a surprise, the military is not going to let their own man get caught up.

If he was laundering money for politicians, then he was likely laundering money for the entire lot of them, Bajwa and his cronies included.

The establishments primary job seems to be money laundering public funds, the security of Pakistan is the last thing they are focused on, hence why it's a failed state and only getting worse.

Their skill sets are best suited towards running criminal enterprises, not a national army and intelligence service of an Islamic Republic with over 200m people.
Also many zardari frontmen escaped.
One criminal named manzoor kaka who sold lands in karachi was wanted by NAB and he just slipped and living comfortably in Canada.
Some frontmen from Karachi fisheries escaped.
This bajwa and isi was facilitating their escape. Then they used zardari for political engineering.
Wait...this is news?

You people actually thought that an absconder for 4 years suddenly gets his cases quashed and bail granted?

You people also thought that the other absconder for 4 years suddenly gets his cases quashed and bail granted as well?

Or a judge who was going to give bail to Azam Swati gets magically transferred?

Or that Babar Ghauri after 9 long year has a sudden change of heart, comes back to Pakistan, court grants him transit bail, and then continued bail? All the while he gets afforded VIP treatment at the airport?

You thought that Jam Abdul Karim, who was hiding in Dubai since 2 months, suddenly came back to Pakistan and the FIA did not arrest him even though his name was on ECL and he was wanted by FIA?

You thought that Ali Wazir magically came out of his prison to cast a vote in the NA, but then was put back in jail even though multiple courts have granted him bail?

Jeez you people are stupid! :P
Though it's an open secret, still I'll repeat that military establishment was behind slipping all criminals abroad
Agents sabotaging Pakistan, Raymond Davis, Matthew Craig Barrett and Aaron Mark DeHaven, were also slipped abroad by military itself

Listen to this and see how Bajwa was doing everything that's none of his business

Legally, morally, intellectually,,, none of his business.

And how he was keeping eye on everyone's taxes & was threatening them "I know what you did...", but when his own FBR details leaked establishment became furious

14:55 & 24:25 on Ishaq Dar
15:40 & 22:50 thirty two references that all have disappeared one by one, were decided upon by 12 agencies, (NOT by IK as PDM barking these days)
21:00 on NAB not being under control of IK
5:00 on extension
7:10 on Kiyani's extension & matter of extensions being decided between Americans & COAS & imposed on civilian governments
9:45 on "Absolutely Not" & 21 Aug 2021 Bajwa talking to journalists expressed his anger on IK for saying "Absolutely Not"

I cannot believe I was defending Bajwa even after regime change up till May June july
I was giving him benefit of doubt

بھگو بھگو کے مارنا

Totally agree with Haider Mehdi here
It was Sohail Warrich who promoted " Bajwa Doctrine " to media ... he is very close to Bajwa.

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