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Indian Military News.

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DRDO Defence Research and Development Organization has approached the Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS), chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, for approval of advanced medium combat aircraft (AMCA).

This is done after the design of the fifth-generation stealth fighter has been frozen by the Aeronautical Development Authority.




Reports claim that despite Ukraine conflict, Russia has managed to ship the critical components for Kandukulam Nuclear Power Plant construction

Rosatom's AEM-Technologies Izhora shipped a crucial pressurizer weighing 187.5 tons for the construction of Unit 5 Reactor at KNPP.

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Update on the LCA-83 order:

HAL is looking to complete the deliveries around at least a year before contract timelines.
The recently inaugurated Nashik division allows for a total of 24 aircrafts per year, against the 16 aircrafts per year of the IAF contract.
The first production Mk1a airframe structure will be ready in the next 3/4 months.
After that, individual LRUs will be added to the airframe as and when they are certified.



P8-I Anti Submarine warfare aircraft of Indian Navy seen equipped with 4 x Harpoon Anti ship Missile.

Indian Navy operates a fleet 12 of these & reports are requirement for 6 additional - Which may take Fleet size to 18.



Indian Navy successfully conducted the 1st Landing of newly commissioned MH-60 Romeo Anti Submarine attack helicopter on board INS Kolkata.

India in 2016 Signed deal for 24 MH-60 Heli equip with Hellfire & Anti Sub Light weight torpedo.



KU AESA Indigenous Seeker BrahMos




Sea Rials for Indian Navy Final Submarine of Kalvari Class [ Scorpion class built in India] has started.

Its important to note that 5 Submarines have previously joined the Naval operation.

MDL submarine production line comes at a halt With the start of sea trials of 6th #Kalvari/#Scorpene Class submarine, #India's diesel electric submarine building capacity has grounded to a halt as new projects aren't signed yet.

Indian Navy has an ageing submarine fleet but P75I are delayed and facing single vendor situation.




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The interception should be a critical development.

Indian Navy Claims Successful Test firing of MR-SAM ADS & interception of "A Sea Skimming supersonic anti Ship missile" from Guided Missile Destroyer INS Mormugao.
MR-SAM Can target any Missile, Jet & Aerial Assets over 70-80 Km range.

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BrahMos - NG - The mini version of the existing BrahMos to have a speed of near 4.8 Mach.

The 1.2 Ton missile would be capable to perform a split-S manoeuvre, will have lesser RCS compared to its predecessor,

making it harder for ADS to locate n engage the target. Production by 2026




IAF Rafale DH F3R tranche jets with fully functional OSF.



India 1st Indigenous Aircraft carrier INS Vikrant with 5 Mig-29K Fighter Jet on it's deck as the time for full combat readiness is near.






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Indian Defense Military News Contd :

INS Delhi - Post MLU Mid-life Upgrade Picture




A multiple rocket launcher produced in India and developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation.

Pinaka Mark-I and Mark-II have a multi-tube launcher vehicle, a replenishment-cum-loader vehicle, a replenishment vehicle, and a command post vehicle, according to the DRDO. The rocket launcher has two pods containing six rockets each, and can neutralise an area of 700 × 500 square metres within 48 seconds.


The system has a maximum range of 40 km for Mark-I and 60 km for Mark-I enhanced version, and can fire a salvo of 12 HE rockets in 44 seconds. number .The system is mounted on a Tatra truck for mobility.


Pinaka MK-III

New 300mm Solid Fueled Rocket Projectiles with various warheads will be developed with firing range in excess of 20kms.
Existing 300mm Unguided Rockets will be upgraded for navigation system.




Rafale - M for Indian Naval Fleet Operations deal likely to be signed in 2024.




First fully Indigenous Conventional Midget Submarine prototype built in India by Mazgaon Dockyard Ltd is to Roll out within few Weeks.


The MIDGET Sub is planned to be commissioned in Navy Service by End of 2024.








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Indian Army may introduce LRBM Laser beam riding MANPAD

According to a recent report in Hindu, the Indian Army is focussing on laser beam-riding MANPADS & has already initiated the procurement process.


BDL with ToT from French THALES has developed a Laser Beam Riding MANPAD which is based on the Starstreak system.


DRDO is also developing indigenous VSHORADS MANPAD which is based on IIR guidance.

It targets the heat signature of aircraft and is a fire & forget system.

Laser Beam Riding systems need to be guided throughout their path by the operator, but are less prone to be deceived by Countermeasures.

ASW (Anti-submarine warfare) corvette INS Kavaratti was recently in Indonesia to participate in the bilateral exercise Samudra Shakti-23.

The exercise put into play the superior stealth quality of the ASW which arises from the Saab supplied superstructure of carbon fibre composite material.

The fibre shields against a wide range of signals such as electromagnetic, IR, pressure, acoustic, radar and heat.


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