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Future of Imran Khan

Everyone may have seen the WW2 movie A BRIDGE TOO FAR, unfortunately IK is facing the same reality from this fascist regime. The mil-establishment wants Pakistan 🇵🇰 to be ruled by the Thugs and Chors!
The first person to face this reality was Mader-e-Millat Ms Fatima Ali Jinnah and now Imran Khan. There is no future in this country for law abiding citizens. Leave if you have the opportunity. Burn your bridges.
Unfortunately I am 70 years old and will continue to watch this Tamasha for a few more years before I meet my maker.
I fear Mullah parties, Jamat e islami, Jui and Tehreek Labaik can rise. Hence they will force us to move more backward. Tehreek Laibaik & others will start execution of common people in streets . As our army chief is Hafiz, he is more tilted towards them. It is very much possible he will start negotiation with Tehreek Taliban Pakistan(TTP) .
So why was Asad Umar taken off thr finance ministery?
because they found better option , shouqat tareen did brilliant job after taking charge of finance ministry
2 possibilities

Election at the end of this year
Army use brute force and rigging to stop PTI and but still PTI manages to win by a comfortable margin.

And Khan saying "Meri Phoj" to wash their every crime

Hafiz goes on Zia mode and Deny Pakistani public from their basic right to vote
Which result in peaceful protests turing into violent protests and eventually civili war.
And Khan will disappear from scene
Nicely put.
Its not matter of Imran khan future any more he has done his job. If he lives or disappears despite his short comings, short sightedness's, U turns still he is forgiven and understood. He is afforded the room for his mistakes and his name alone will go on in the history books.
Now turn is for these uneducated, law breaker and human right abusers, pathetic generals where there future lies and which country they are going to run to to get away from the noose. Country have put up with them from the last 75 years but not any more and there military courts will not save them either.
Imran Khan is not going any where

Time to , correct the FAUJ mentality (Army mentality)
Soon Insha’Allah a mufti will maje a fatwa : any oak fauj officer is valid and legitimately target !

Then even their bodyguard could do what every patriot dreams about what should be done

Their days will become nightmares and their nights will become worse :


The current political situation in Pakistan is one of turmoil and uncertainty, as Imran Khan, once widely regarded as the most acceptable leader, finds himself in a dire predicament. He has been deeply isolated by the military chief, further exacerbating the already strained relations between civilian leadership and the military establishment. This isolation raises questions about the loyalty of Imran Khan's millions of ardent supporters and their seemingly meek surrender in the face of this political turmoil.

Imran Khan's rise to power was fueled by a promise of change and a new era of governance in Pakistan. His charismatic persona, coupled with his fervent advocacy for justice and accountability, resonated with the disillusioned masses, who saw him as a beacon of hope in a troubled political landscape. However, the dynamics have dramatically shifted, Adding to the chaos, Pakistan experienced a tragic incident on the 9th of May—a devastating event that resulted in extensive destruction of the reputation of establishment. This incident shook the nation to its core and added yet another layer of complexity to an already fragile political landscape. This incidence alone had his once unshakable support base now appears fractured and uncertain.

The military's move to isolate Imran Khan has left his loyal followers in a quandary. They find themselves torn between their unwavering faith in their leader and the institutional pressure exerted by the military establishment. The ardent supporters, who once stood shoulder to shoulder with Khan, now face a crucial dilemma regarding their allegiance and the future direction of the movement.

As the isolation deepens, many wonder about the fate of Imran Khan and the possible options left for him. Will he persist in his fight against the odds, determined to retain his political relevance? Or will he succumb to the pressure and concede defeat, marking a significant setback for the aspirations of his supporters? Speculation has arisen about the possibility of him being offered an escape route and seeking asylum abroad. This option, if pursued, could provide him with an opportunity to regroup, strategize, and potentially continue his political activism from a different platform

Alternatively, Imran Khan might choose to recalibrate his political strategy and adopt a more conciliatory approach, seeking reconciliation with the military establishment in order to salvage some semblance of influence and power. However, such a decision could potentially alienate some of his staunch supporters who view compromise as a betrayal of their shared ideals.

The path ahead for Imran Khan and his supporters remains uncertain, with numerous variables and factors at play. It is a critical juncture that will test the resilience of both the leader and his followers. As the political drama unfolds, the nation watches with bated breath, hoping for a resolution that ensures stability, progress, and the preservation of democratic values in Pakistan.

Imran Khan is not going any where

Time to , correct the FAUJ mentality (Army mentality)
Altaf Hussain

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