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French dictator Macron orders brutal suppression of French protesters

Latest videos of over night clashes in the streets of France.

Curious if France needs "Freedom"
In France, women are free to take off their clothes, show their body to every French pervert but when it comes to freedom of speech, this is what happens to you

A reporter beaten up to death by French police, according to his own Twitter account (sorry about the weak translation)

"During the demonstration, even though I had an ID card and a reporter's card with me, the police severely attacked me and broke my hand and skull.

I have never been directly attacked like this in any of my reports abroad."
Something crazy happened recently in The Netherlands. Since last year the Dutch government and media were highlighting farmers for not cutting down on CO2 emissions. Farmers started protesting because they believed they were being singled out. Their livelihood was at stake. The media started reacting negatively against the farmers for violent protests. The farmers took their tractors to various places to protest and at times the protests got a little heated.

Guess what happened next... Recently elections were held and for the first time in Dutch history the pro-farmers party won resoundingly beating all elitist political parties against all odds.

All I am saying is that governments can try to beat down legitimate protests. When elections happen the ballot box is used to set the record straight.
At least french protestors are still alive, unlike Iran shot dead protestors.
Protests are a basic human right in a democratic state.

Crushing of protests using state machinary by politicians in power shows their ill will towards Democracy.These type of Politicians should be banned from politics immediately in any democratic nation.

French protesters have an option to not vote Macron and pull him out of power in Election.
Iranians do not have this option.
That's a beauty of real democracy
Hey genius, we choose our president every 4 years.

You can worship west all you want, i don't care. But this is the true face of liberalism in France. They feast protesters with tear gas and blind them for fun.

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