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Four Indian Army jawans killed in firing incident inside Bathinda Military Station, Search Ops On

ankle high pyjamas, stacheless beards, skullcaps even ?

or turbin'd full beardy seekhs ?
Your prediction might just come true.

Two people wearing kurta pyjama carrying an INSAS rifle and an axe killed four jawans at the Bathinda military station, the Punjab Police first information report (FIR) stated on Wednesday. According to the FIR, both the assailants had their faces covered.According to the Indian Army, a search team has located the INSAS rifle and cartridge. The weapon will now undergo forensic analysis by the joint teams of Punjab Police and the Indian Army.

Strange that they haven't pointed finger towards Pakistan yet. Their norm is to blame ISI first & investigate later.
Indian people talk about such things, we understand that there is always something indian, specifically the RSS mindset army and people who are hiding something to cover up the stories, after all, we have a 75-year history with our arch enemy who always dream of Akand Bharat. Here is a tweet from the Khalsa and analysis behind the story of just what this immoral enemy has done behind the scenes.

Maybe it has nothing to do with Sikh or Hindu. Indian army has poor administrative structure and policies from colonial history. There has always been friction among different regiments of the Royal Indian Union Army

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