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Following Japan, Embraer E195-E2 Tech Lion visits Vietnam and arrives in India


Jun 18, 2012
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Viet Nam

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The E195-E2 Tech Lion aircraft, used by Embraer for demonstrations, has had a very busy schedule since the end of September. After participating in events and presentations in the Middle East and Turkey, the aircraft headed to the Zhuhai Airshow, in China, where it remained until October 10th.

On that day, the largest jetliner of the E2 family arrived in Seoul, South Korea, taking off for Tokyo, Japan on the 13th.

On Wednesday, October 16th, the E195-E2 left Haneda Airport for Hanoi, Vietnam. There, Embraer has already held a recent presentation with the E190-E2 version, for up to 114 passengers, in the hope of winning new orders.

There were four days in the Vietnamese city until on Sunday, November 20, the Embraer jet took off for Mumbai, India.

Embraer’s turboprop rendering (Embraer)

Potential partners​

The Indian market, one of those with the greatest growth potential in the world, is one of the main focuses of the planemaker, which is even discussing partnerships with manufacturers in the country for its programs such as the C-390 Millennium and the future advanced turboprop with versions of 70 and 100 seats.

Embraer did not release a statement about the itinerary for presentations of the “Tech Lion” jet, which has a mixed configuration of seats with rows of varying distances, to show the existing options to its customers.

According to September data, the E2 jet family had 247 firm orders, of which 56 aircraft had been delivered. These numbers should grow significantly in the 4th quarter as Embraer intends to reach the target of 60 aircraft delivered in 2022.


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