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Egyptian Armed Forces

Turkish defence industry do not need JV with Egypt, if i remember correct we are enemies according to Egyptians. What happened to that 😄?

Qatar finances Egyptian military industries, jointly manufactures armored vehicles and heavy frigates
Israel Defense: Israel is anticipating an advanced missile deal for the Egyptian army that could upset the balance of power.

Hebrew media affiliated with the Israeli army revealed that Egypt is conducting intense negotiations to purchase the advanced European CAMM GNA missile system.

Source: RT News

Egypt, South Korea, and KF-21 fighter talks


Egypt is said to be in talks with the South Korean Ministry of National Defense and representatives from Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) and Hanwha Systems for the procurement of the KF-21 fighter once large-scale manufacturing begins.

What is the South Korean position on the Egyptian request?

What KF-21-related equipment is Egypt looking to acquire separately?
Turkish defence industry do not need JV with Egypt, if i remember correct we are enemies according to Egyptians. What happened to that 😄?

It is in the interest of Egypt not to have any military cooperation with Turkey. Who grovels and pleads for the return of relations with Egypt? The Turks are a regional enemy of Egypt. Then, Turkey is obtaining military technology from Israel. That is, the mixture is between two enemies of Egypt. It is not required by Egypt. You are the ones who want to cooperate with us and survive. Whoever sets the conditions, you have to understand your situation as a country. You are the one who wants normalization with Egypt, so that we can clarify things that you, as a child, do not understand.

1- Egypt created the Eastern Mediterranean Gas and Energy Forum, but it is in fact a military alliance directed against Turkey, and Turkey wants to join it.

2- Egypt is still setting conditions, and you have to be patient, and Erdogan is the one who wants to show before his people that he is whistling problems with Egypt for the sake of his dreams of continuing to rule.

3 - Turkey has not stopped its disasters, nor will natural disasters stop, nor will your economy recover. Remember my good words, and Turkish propaganda, even for its military project, does not convince anyone.

4- Egypt has 32 training programs with Greece and a military cooperation program with Greece that will develop into joint arms manufacturing and arms sales to Cyprus. Will Turkey offer something better for Egypt? Of course not, especially since the production cost of military products in Egypt is less expensive than Turkey.

5- Turkey is still considered a threat to Egypt in Libya and a competitor in Africa. Therefore, Egypt should not support Turkey's economy or military industry because it is against Egyptian interests.

6 - The only condition for any cooperation with Turkey is Turkey's withdrawal from the Middle East militarily and removing the claws of any military threat to it, and as long as this is not done, then there should be no real cooperation

That is, simply the foundations of military cooperation between Egypt and Turkey are missing

The Turks are trying to claim that Greece and other countries in the eastern Mediterranean want to establish alternative pipelines to the Egyptian liquefaction stations, but this also indicates the naivety of not understanding the reality of things. Egypt has announced gas discoveries of less than 30% of the volume of Egyptian reserves. The Mediterranean, any Israeli, Greek, Cypriot and Italian cooperation, will not be able to compete with Egypt, unless it has a surplus of electricity of 30,000 megawatts, and there is no alternative, so Europe is forced to cooperate with Egypt, because it is of no economic feasibility.
The Turks want to buy Egyptian gas and resell it to Europe. This is a shortcoming in the Turks' thinking. Simply put, Egypt sells it directly to Europe.
One of the Egyptian conditions on Turkey is that it obeys the international law of the sea, and it is obligated to you if it wants to obtain any economic interests for it and even meet its energy needs through the countries of the eastern Mediterranean. The Turks do not have any real ability to extract gas from the eastern Mediterranean, and if they had any ability Why did they scream for 6 years without anyone paying attention to their screams?

Do I understand your position, or do you delusional that you have influence or power to force someone to take your interests into account in the first place while we ignore them?

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