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Egyptian Armed Forces

Interesting post,whatever it means. There are many countries collaborating with each other,we could do that too.

La la,100 meteors is a good number,at least for a start. Remember,I think it's 1 million dollars per missile. Then you have the Soviet/Chinese BVR missiles for the Mig-29s and you're good.

A Rafale with 2 meteor and 4 MICA is a great combination.
You have any idea about this greek defense firm/company?
Military bomb! The Egyptian army announces the production of the first Egyptian fighter "Golden Eagle" in cooperation with South Korea!
أشك في بناء طائرة محلية. سيكون أيضًا مشروعًا مشتركًا مع إنتاج ترخيص. مشكلة النيازك وفروة الرأس هي الأرقام المتوفرة في مخزوننا. Ya3ni إذا حصلنا على 100 نيزك فقط ، فسيكون الأمر كما لو أننا لم نشتريها. بقدر ما أتذكر ، يمكن أن تحمل رافال ما بين 4 إلى 9 نيزك ، ولدينا 54 رافال حتى يمكنها حمل 504 نيزك لذلك نحن بحاجة إلى المزيد في احتياطينا حتى لا ينتهي المخزون مبكرًا.
I doubt about building an indigenous aircraft. It would also a JV with licence production. The problem of Meteors and Scalps are the numbers avaible in our inventory. Ya3ni if we got only 100 Meteors, it would be like we didn't buy them. As far as I remember, the Rafales can carry like between 4 to 9 Meteors, we have 54 Rafales so they can carry 504 Meteors so we need more on our reserve so the stock doesn't finish early.
Production of indigenous designs will come in time, the tot is supposed to help put down the foundation for knowledge and building up the industry. Not now,but probs a decade from now.Quite frankly, the tops know about the equipment better than us, so they'll know how many munitions and which type they'll stack up on
Egypt and India manufacturing air defense system and four other countries within the competition..

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