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Egyptian Armed Forces

Egypt has the 9M133 Kornet a fire and forget ATGM that it bought from Russia in 2018.. and the SKIF from Ukraine; The Skif has two targeting modes: manually steered, and automated fire-and-forget..

India has just tested successfully its own fire and forget ATGM..it might be in the ToT deal..
Since when Kornet and Skif are fire and forget atgm?

@Gaafar Maybe it is a cruise missile. It doesn't look like a ATGM because from the photo, it has a large wingspan.
@aymanop1522 @joker88 any idea from other forums?
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Egypt and India, a big surprise for everyone, joint manufacture of tactical ballistic missiles..

According to Tactical Report , the Egyptian Ministry of Production (MoMP) is in talks with India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation for the sale of Pralay Tactical Ballistic Missile (TBM).

The report also says that Egypt is also seeking a Transfer of Technology (ToT) that will allow local production rights to Egypt for the missile to be produced domestically.

Pralay is India’s first tactical quasi-ballistic missile, which will be an important component of India’s planned Rocket Force. The Pralay missile project was sanctioned in 2015 and is a derivative of the Prahaar missile program, which was first tested in 2011.

The canisterised Pralay missile, with a range of 150-500 kilometers, has been developed according to the specifications and requirements of the Army, which was looking to arm itself with a tactical conventional missile that could be used on the battlefield.

In 2022, India and Egypt signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to strengthen bilateral defense cooperation. Defense Minister Rajanth Singh, who is on a two-day visit to Cairo, and his Egyptian counterpart, General Mohamed Zaki, signed it.

Pralay: max range 500 km

India's Pralay missile can be compared to China’s Dong Feng 12 and the Russian Iskander missile


Pranash: 200 km range

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Neutrality is always the best option.

Lavrov: We appreciate Egypt's well-thought-out position and there are attempts to impose rules that no one knows 🇪🇬🇷🇺 "The Egyptian position on various crises in the Middle East and in Africa and various cooperation frames proposed by the Egyptian side is of interest," said the Russian Foreign Minister, noting that Russia highly appreciates Egypt's balanced and thoughtful position on various regional issues and seeking solutions to many crises.

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