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Egyptian Armed Forces

Egypt manufactures vampire gun and makes a leap by manufacturing armaments and equipment for its soldiers locally with new weapons..
I already sent it hahaha. But no problem. I hope really we can have new standard rifle.
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Much better when you click the image for a higher resolution. That means the first batch should eventually be upgraded to F-3R so it too can fire the Meteor.




Yes, I am still skeptical but believe me when I tell you I will be the first to admit I was wrong and the first to be the happiest!

Then if they go for these, there will be no reason to deny them whatsoever.


MEKOS can't get here fast enough!








Al Luxor replenishing ship looks almost ready.


Snipets from that video in case it wouldn't load. Some really nice shots of Mi-24 Hinds and CASA C-295s.






Oh hey look what we have here, interesting shots of EAD Mirage 2Ks wit AL Tariqs PGMs.


Double click for a great close-up.


Great rare shot of this Ghoskkiller squadron....get it? :D Again insignia covered, @Philip the Arab @The SC @ARCH٤R .


theres a difference between a maket at an exibition for marketting purposes and a maket beside the AIrforce cheif himself in an Egyptian military cermony

Very true, hence the skepticism..

Mabrook ya gama3a. Looking so stealthy beautiful.

A work of art!

Man, is there a way to rush trials to get all 4 mekos? Wasn't it 4 to be given to egypt? And when will we get those mrtts, we need like 8 of those NOW. And dude, why bren deal broke up.

And the Bergaminis! Everyone I talk to claim they are honestly jealous of those and I reply is always I would be as well LOL.

mY onlyt problem with the Rafale models is I only see one Meteor since it can mount 4 on the fuselage alone and another on wing pylons, Any idea @AU B0n Plan? Or @Vergennes ? Please don't tell me it's because of our Jewish cousins from Israel that Dassault and MBDA doesn't want to ruffle their feathers!?

True but some MRAPs aren't a tactical equipments unless we sell them ST-100 with cruise missile, loitering munitions etc..

Sino isin no way absolutely useless. That's what so many Tthink they are useless but won't bel without a shadow of a doubt! They gotta start somewhere and show future tactical aspect of the models in their brochures. LOVE seeing these in Egypt hey @Ghostkiller, you think the turkeys are pooping their pants now, lmaoooooo!!!!!!
These look the NUTS man!!!!


@The SC , @Hydration , @Ramses Akhenaten Ahmose . add a a half-dozen Little Birds with a pair of 777 & 999 Units accompanied by Ka-52s with Vikhir and of course many other missiles those beauties carry including R-73/74 lmaoooooo missiles followed by a squad of Apache and Mi-24 Hinds and Cretins starting from way, way north can be eliminated with zero casualties. The entire ME would be a much better place.
First of all,let me congratulate you guys for the new MEKO A200.

Mabrook! El Aziz is probably the strongest and most modern ship in the Egyptian Navy now!

I couldn't congratulate you earlier,because a specific STAFF member called @Amaa'n cannot understand what's trolling and what's not and banned me for the second time in a short time period. While of course leaving MMM-E to continue his massive spam and propaganda campaign.

Anyway,the MEKO A200 is a big player in the Eastern Mediterranean and the second ship is under construction already,I think.

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