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Egyptian Armed Forces

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Is it not the best for Egypt 50 fighters J-20 Equipped with 50 UCAV DARK SWARD And with 50 UCAV GJ-11 instead of miserable Eurofighter Typhoon Tranche 4 With which Italy will try to limit the levels of technology and ammunition with it and the lowest price, in the amount of 10 billion dollars, it will get 50 J-20S & 100 UCAVs.
And an excellent size of different and advanced munitions and in the same amount you get 50 Typhoon
With limited numbers of ammunition and missiles BVR
China has already sold the FC-35 to Saudi Arabia, which Saudi Arabia may produce locally
And offered to the Emirates J-20 instead of F-35
Egypt can also get an offset, how much China is better than a miserable grant that benefits the local corruption system loyal to Italy

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But the question : is China offered J-20/31 to Egypt? And Is Egypt interested in it. You said in another message, that Egypt doesn't want to buy Chinese stuff because of its quality (not sure what you stated exactly but you said something like that).
I think it is the old block with orange camo thing hahahaha. First it isn't F-16 Block 52 because they have this which it think it is the friend-foe sensor (thank you @Gomig-21 for this infos hahahaha).

Note : the second photo isn't a an egyptian F-16 (maybe israeli or moroccan)

I am sure @Gomig-21 and @The SC can answer the squadron question but it will be hard because it is blurry and we don't the emblem in his right hand.
Do you think the new Egyptian AK will be a suitable service rifle? is it better to change to NATO style ammunition and have this AK as a temporary soloution?
Do you think the new Egyptian AK will be a suitable service rifle? is it better to change to NATO style ammunition and have this AK as a temporary soloution?
Ya3ni I hope really. Old soviet armies started to replace already or already replaced the AKM. Honestly we need to change to NATO doctrine. El mafrood we will see improvements in terms of personal equipments in the few years inshallah. We see plan of our army. They started gradually to enhence our Navy capabilities (Gowind FREMM Berga, Aquitaine, MEKO-200 and new indigenous projects) then our Air Force (Rafales, MIG-29M/M2, SU-35/EFT/F-15, maybe new LIFT aircraft like FA-50/MK1A and drones like WING LONG1/2, CH-4/5, Thebes-30, E-June and other secret projects) and now the Army (Temsah series, ST series, K9 Thunder, maybe K2 BP and the future the service rifle).
Do you think the new Egyptian AK will be a suitable service rifle? is it better to change to NATO style ammunition and have this AK as a temporary soloution?
You think which rifle can replace our AKMs? The rifle in my pfp is an indigenous modifications that we did.


"But apparently, there is another Kalashnikov upgrade kit that hasn’t been in the public eye as much as the previous two prototypes. This third upgrade, which looks significantly more up to date, was spotted in the promotional video featuring Egypt Special Forces Unit called “Black Cobra”. This unit is a Special Operations outfit within the Central Security Forces, which is the part of the Interior Ministry."

"According to the sources within the Egyptian military-industrial complex, this particular modernization package was designed for the military Special Forces by an active duty police officer and firearms design engineer Zeyad Refaat. Later this design was picked up by the state-owned Egyptian military factory “300”, which offered it to the “Black Cobra” unit."

So maybe we have this rifle in the future.
But the question : is China offered J-20/31 to Egypt? And Is Egypt interested in it. You said in another message, that Egypt doesn't want to buy Chinese stuff because of its quality (not sure what you stated exactly but you said something like that).

In Egypt in particular, what is being published regarding the quality of Chinese planes is mainly related to the interests of the regime, as well as a response to the arguments that the current regime came to take care of the interests of Europe in Egypt, so European deals with high costs are passed without any economic benefits or offset to Egypt. The story of the low quality of the Chinese product is a joke Ridiculous, repeated by corrupt people

China has accepted to a country like Saudi Arabia to transfer the technology of producing land-to-ground missiles with ranges exceeding 2000 km

China accepted and agreed to develop the FC-31 plane for Saudi Arabia, and even manufacture it inside Saudi Arabia as well

Deals in technology transfer depend on their size, and therefore the flexibility of the Chinese side depends on the size of the deal and its benefit. To clarify other examples, will China refuse that Egypt pump 200 million dollars in developing the BVR RAMJET missile of course, not because China itself obtained the radar head technology for the R-77 missile from Russia An SD-10 missile was built on it
That is, simply, not only selling, but also transferring technology. Whenever you ask, you will pay here a monthly incident in 2009

There was an Egyptian, Emirati and Pakistani desire to copy some French and American missiles in China and produce them in Egypt. The UAE C-130 plane was loaded with MICA & EXOCET missiles and the plane landed in India to refuel. India exposed the matter internationally when the plane landed, which was not declared to be loaded with missiles, which led To return the missiles to the Emirates, and at the time it was a problem with France and these countries, to clarify historically how things were

China is producing the third batch of the aircraft with structural modifications
start from
TVC nozzles
and air inlets
WS-10/15 . motors
As well as further improvement of the stealthy plane
Avionics and electronic warfare systems

Egyptian cooperation point with China
The development of the aircraft factory 1990-2000
missile factory development 1990
The development of the naval arsenal was all done with China

Stopping the development of military factories was intended to activate the policy of purchasing from Europe under the saying of the corrupt that no one transfers technology to Egypt and it was necessary to stay away from China for this reason

The result is a massive foreign debt of 160 billion dollars
And the debt of 6000 billion pounds in the year and the sale of profitable companies with meager numbers to pay the interests of the debts and even feed the people

We always say that Egypt will inevitably go to industrialization against its will and against the regime, because the Egyptian military needs require local manufacturing and also because of the failure to manage an economy that necessitates industrialization because you are unable to buy.

For example, the reason for Chinese and South Korean companies to enter the mobile phone assembly market in Egypt is to force the regime to change the tax and customs policies on the components that previously prevented companies from entering the Egyptian market, especially the former military, who imposed themselves on foreign investment companies to participate, and when Samar became in crisis This obstacle was removed, so companies agreed to invest in Egypt after removing taxes and customs on components and silencing the corrupt who crammed themselves into companies under duress.
Egypt is compelled to cooperate with China, India and South Korea simply because the West refuses to meet Egyptian demands
America rejects any real deal for Egypt before Egypt fully obeys it
Europe refused to supply METEOR and SCLAP missiles in the numbers required by Egypt, in addition to European political and economic requests in return for approval, so even if some systems are of lower quality, it is better than restricted weapons
KJ-500 11.jpg

To illustrate a simple example, suppose Egypt entered into an armed conflict with Turkey and Ethiopia, and Europe imposed sanctions on Egypt. Where will Egypt obtain spare parts and maintenance for European weapons and even high-cost munitions?
The presence of a Russian oriental weapon for Egypt is an essential thing, and any pressure must be rejected. As for the tools that echo the sayings of quality, they have caused losses to Egypt.
By propaganda for a failed state administration policy, the result is clear

China exports to Egypt with 17 billion dollars Egyptian exports are less than 1.5 billion dollars The Egyptian market to China is the largest market in Africa and it is able to develop it accordingly

A big deal between Egypt and China, such as 50-60 J-20B planes with 108 DARK SWARD planes, and 108 GJ-11 or CH-7 planes, especially the MIG-29M2 planes, which are 12 planes
And the two-seat RAFALE planes will reach at least 28 planes, and these planes need accompanying LOYAL WINGMAN planes, and even Egypt needs UCAV single planes.
As a down payment, Egypt needs 100 fifth generation aircraft to replace 80 F-16 BLOCK 15 & 32, 20 MIRAGE-2000 Egyptian planes, some of which exceed 40 years of service and the other 36 years of service, which makes the value of a deal with China up to 20 billion dollars
This is better than buying fourth-generation fighters. Europe has failed to produce fourth-generation fighters. Even European projects for sixth-generation fighters are faltering, and they are not expected to enter service before 2040.
China's sixth-generation fighter program has surpassed the Americans in development and will therefore enter service before similar American planes
The US-Chinese war is related to the fact that China is surpassing America in many technologies, and one of the American complaints is that the Chinese sixth-generation article program is moving faster than America

The Americans themselves, imposing sanctions on processors and chips on China, will reflect on the Americans themselves, because the Chinese market them 450 billion dollars for chips, and the Russians market them 42 billion dollars.

Military equilibrium with Israel necessitates the entry of a fifth generation fighter to Egypt. Israel has acquired 75 F-35 aircraft and will increase them to between 100-120 aircraft.

The military balance with Israel necessitates the entry of a fifth generation fighter to Egypt. Israel has acquired 75 F-35 aircraft and will increase them to between 100-120 aircraft. There are countries such as Ethiopia, dealing with them harshly, to destroy some dams, which requires large numbers of fighters manned-unmanned teaming (mum-t) To destroy some dams and facilities there to bring them back annually requires heavy aircraft capable of carrying out these tasks, and UCAV aircraft carrying out dangerous tasks saves in preparing fighters Countries such as Turkey as a threat that requires continued air superiority and the J-20B are a good response to the program to acquire 40 F-16 BLOCK 72 aircraft and develop another 80 aircraft


These factors combined make it imperative for Egypt to crown a heavy fifth generation fighter

@Gomig-21 @The SC a stupid question : do helicopters pilots (MI-24, KA-52, AH-64) can talk to teach directly or they must something like Chinese whispers where they talked to someone and this person transmit the pilot's messager to KA-52/MI-24 pilots. And same thing with our F-16, Mirage 2K, Rafales, MIG-29. Can they communicate with each directly or with our C4I.


Our air defense history is ignored by the media and its achievements (western media ofc)
The strongest blow suffered by the Israeli Air Force before Nasr October
Downing of the Israeli electronic warfare plane
"Stratocruiser" and the killing of the elite Israeli army scientists in electronic warfare at the hands of the guardians of heaven "Egyptian Air Defense"
On September 17, 1971 ... the Israeli military spokesman announced that the most valuable means of electronic warfare in Israel had been shot down by an electronic reconnaissance plane, the Strato Cruise model, by the Egyptian air defense network, killing all the crew members, who were the most valuable electronic warfare scientists in the Israeli army.
The 438th and 416th battalion participated in the ambush of that plane until the 416th battalion succeeded
Led by Major Ahmed Abu Nima, who destroyed that plane
This operation was a wonderful example of the provisions of planning and accuracy of implementation.. The goal of the Air Defense Forces under the command of Lieutenant General Muhammad Ali was to inflict a heavy loss to the enemy.
And that is why they chose a fat target that hurts Israel
And the opinion settled on catching the electronic reconnaissance plane, as it is the most valuable aircraft that Israel owns, and it was necessary to deceive to lure the prey.
The process of catching "Stratocruiser" was named after the operation
Rajab because it was on the 27th of Rajab

"Egypt could still rightly maintain that the IDF had failed to dislodge the Egyptian military from Sinai."

@Gomig-21 literally saying that el Saghra failed hahahaha

It was NOTHING but a TV world showing if you noticed BBC was the Primary source of news at the time and they were seething at the notion of Egypt looking like it lost because fo their humiliation in 1956 same with Fance when tucking tail and cowering out Egypt like the scum they couldn't wait to humiliate Egypt those a bunch of Jews managed in to capture 100s of SAM engineers and paraded \hem after the Egyptian incredible miliary feat of humiliation of giving the Barlev Line Star of David to the Egyptian commander. Would've loved to hear that convo of the Israeli zefteltin "I'm sorry we tried to steal your land not once but twice and we are raley DEFEATEED please accept this Jew Flag. Egyptian Commander " Go to tell you filthy liar hahahaha you were defeated in one dy kossomak hahahahahaa.

Egyptian Commnader, I knowexctly who to give it to since i have absolytly no use tpo jsuch an illgitmate piece pof CRAP! And that fellpow that gpt the f;lag stpreit up oin style and stepped on the FIith it stands for hahahaha that was great!
There's a tranche 5?
currently working on it and its an absolute beast.

I live in bahrain bro bas ana masri

Helwa ya basha.

Great video

Upgrade them to 5 once they're available, gotta make every little count

Unfortunately their price is going to be around #$350 Or Euro with not much to upgradee with a radar that will make the US got whuuuuuuuuuuuut1lol

Lol, try and walk here watch how we cut your population quicker than the US cut the population of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

LOL!! You're obviously a keyboard warrior just ny that absolutely ridiculous statement you just ignorantly make. Your arrogance and alco of military experience because of being so high on all those plastic shooting rockets that knock off one single cider block in a building and crying to the whole work WAAAAHN WAAAAAHN THE PALESTINIANS ARE TYRING TO KILL US IWTH PLASTCI ROKCETS WHILE WE PUMML THEM WITH JADAMS nd most us made weapons you take credit for because of the filthy jew contingency here in he us.

BUT what funnier is you still this is 1967 hahahha or even 1973 where you were so humiliated that they teach the brilliance of the Egyptian attack on your filthy thieving kind in WEST POINT- (I wonder how may Jews there blow their tops listening to that hahahahhhaahhah who wanted oUR SINA to annex it like you did in Goland and soon the rest of the West bank convinced, mark my words you alone are NOTHING to defeat to HOURS. The US on the other hand which hold your hAND LIKE A -YEAR OLD BABY IS THE ONE WE'RE WORRIED ABOUT. Think about it for a second genius, have you been watching any of those air fore. nvay, submarines, state of the rt radars and MUCH more radar technology happening in Egypt? You must be out of touch or hiding under a rock to the MAX!
You guys are so pathetic, no one is scared of you, we are just ordering you like a dog, we tell you to sit and you sit, we tell you no meteor missiles then no meteor missiles, they wouldn't help you anyways, Israeli F-35s would do another 1967 all over again

Again with the idiotic 1976. If you didn't noticethe POUNDING you tpook nn 173 6 years later. you're worse than I thought lmao!

You do your pants when the name of Egypt is pronounced only in front of you
Your leaders know it well. You are still afraid until now. We will see in the end what will happen

HAHAHA let them keep up thei crap withe abusing the plestinians, one of these days the orld MUST wake up and Egypt will lead the diplomacy becsue we res[ecct put world unliokethe jews so the minute they efy it, We ill alialat them. Can you believe they etill use the Aswas Dam As theat: HAHAHAHHAHAHA what a bunch of ignorants They keep forgetting the leaking POS dimona and th ony EAF-F-16 locked on in imagine 10 Rafales with their sSCAPS hahhahahahha WHAT A JOKE THESE RROGASNT CLOWNS are.

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