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Egyptian Armed Forces

Dude we seriously need to phase out all2nd and 3rd gen aircraft of the Tejas will go into service, honestly I think the jf17 was a better option since pakistans a fellow Muslim nation and the tech in tejas is from other nations that aren't viable for us. Couldve split the deal in half in producing helicopters while getting the bl 3
i think we are eyeing the mk2 version
And theres no muslim brotherhood BS in weapon sales
They shouldve lowered the price or gave us more ToT percentage

I swear i saw a su-30 in that video
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Good catch, those are IAF Su-30MKI
Cant wait for more images

So not just a weeks long "bilateral Tactical Leadership Programme" as IAF had UAEAF tanker support on the ferry to Egypt and now a trilateral with USAF
Good catch, those are IAF Su-30MKI
Cant wait for more images
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So not just a weeks long "bilateral Tactical Leadership Programme" as IAF had UAEAF tanker support on the ferry to Egypt and now a trilateral with USAF
I think thats the indian one
Are they seriously training on it for the Su-35?
Yeah I saw. I thought first that it was a MIG-29. Ofc we are training for the SU-35. The training will last 1 month so it isn't a "simple short" exercice.
Cant wait for more images

Where the heck you been, man? I tagged you a couple of times with all this news about India and not only with the EAF, but there's been naval exercises as well.

Here's a few more images of IAF Su-35MKIs in Egypt. They get their own, private hanger and tarmac area, first class service, baby! :D



A better look at some of the pics and this one also.


The Indian Navy frigate Kochi recently participated with the Egyptian Navy in an exercise comprised of (VBSS) drills, communications, flag hoisting drills & operational maneuvers including ceremonial steam past.

I remember "Flag-hoisting" is taken very seriously in the military and of course, there is certain and specific training on how to do it correctly as a country flag but also with another country participant. There are quite a bit of rules to take into consideration when hosting air, ground and naval flags.







Some great pics of EAF F-16s from Exercise Agile Phoenix with the participation of original and super rare F-16B two-seaters of which only 8 were ever delivered to the EAF in 1982 and we can see they still have at least 4 of them flying which is an unbelievable feat and testament to the maintenance and squashing of the so called infamous "logistical nightmare" goony googoo, right SC? From now on, any KH who comes out with the usual "what the hell is the EAF doing buying all these different types of aircraft it's a logistical nightmare" lmaoooo, just post these pics of the Bs and inform them that these have been taken care of and still flying from 1981/82 until now, merely 40+ years those birds have been flying and look brand spanking new along with the Mirage 2Ks.

Also a few block 40 Cs and block 52 Ds & Cs (including pics of the new Aggressor pilot patches of those block 52s) which are the only F-16s in the EAF using Pratt & Whitney engines, while all other 140 block 40 and upgraded block 30s jets have GE engines. Another slap in the face of the fictitious logistical nightmare.


US counterparts flying their F-16 Desert Weasels which were formed from the specialized SEAD and escort Wild Weasel units created in the Vietnam war to suppress one of the densest SAM missile defenses in history. These Wild Weasels would fly into Vietnamese SAM hot zones and pick up the surface to air missile radars and try to destroy them with HARM missiles still used today. But the Vietnamese caught on and would play tricks on the WWs which at the time were flying F-100 Super Sabers and clearing the way for the USAF F-4 Phantom IIs to go in and drop napalm bombs and take out huge swaths of targets including the famous Ho Chi Minh trail. Some very interesting history behind this particular WW squadron.




Blk 52D refueling,



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I Guess iam waiting for more details
Me too, the good thing is that we can modify as much we want (probably). My problem is the maturity of the project and even Ecuador has renounced for the HAL Dhruv because the multiples crashes and the mechanical problems. If we can get BrahMos and Astra ToT then I would be very happy. Plus I can imagine India giving us source codes so we can mount whatever we want like Al Tariq PGM AASM Hammer PGM maybe the emirati A2A missile that will be developed and showcased in 2025 or even the turkish ones and ofc plus our indigenous products/projects.

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