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Dumber 1 to now launch Shuja Pasha against Imran

Army generals should not indulge in this mess. As a person they are free to support anyone they like but as a Govt servant they should at least retain some dignity.
So they have been running this same script since the time adam

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This has been making the round since yesterday.

So basically Shuja Pasha is going to do a Press Conference, which will be hyped up by the Biqao media.

He will claim that it is actually him that launched Imran Khan and this is his biggest regret in life.

Will claim that Imran Khan is a fitna.

Will claim cases against Nawaz Sharif were politically motivated and he apologizes to Nawaz Sharif and the Pakistani people.

Mainatream media will be used to drive a narrative and this will be eventually used for the return of Nawaz Sharif.

Social media and PDF resident patwaris like that fool guy already have their threads ready.

This press conference might also be used to delay the election as Khawaja Saad Rafique alluded to.

Former CC Karachi and last ball bowler along with his sexual predator minions have made it a personal mission to bring down Imran.

Gen Pasha was hot headed, and not known for strategic brilliance.
It will be a shame if he decides to become a part of this circus.
but then again, his past points to making strategic mistakes, and he will become a pawn.
The adder snake crawled out from under a stone to spew out his patwari nonsense and then slither back again…

here is the list of patwari brains, they themselves are corrupt and have snatched from poor pakistanis, hence supporting their god NS.

Adding a new imbecile and a fool
1) @Death Adder
3) @Eskander
4) @diligence
5) .....

pls add more
I seriously doubt if Gen Pasha goes with this PC. After all the big guns failed to do anything. If Army really wants to keep its little remaining image from being tarnished then it would cut its losses and step aside. It is clear these PC aren't denting anything let alone bring down IK. Army and by army i mean the Establishment needs to understand that they are done if they drag this further it will damage Pakistan further.
They have been protecting these corrupt politicians for what, just to cover their own corruption and at what cost? IK has the advantage and it is that he is being followed by working-class, middle-class ordinary people and including me , we are fed up by this insane drama bazi where rich make law their bitch and get away with literally everything. I pray that i would see the day when these scums are dragged to the courts just like Tahir Jaffer and if its up to this current system he will be out very soon.
In any sane country Generals coming to press conferences and criticizing a political leader would mean Article 6 proceedings for subverting the constitution.
What's the punishment for a serving Army officer interfering and manipulating the political process?

Will the COAS at the time also be held responsible or is Shuja Pasha going to claim that he made the decision to violate the constitution on his own?

I am not entirely sure but there must be some thing in Army rules book.

The adder snake crawled out from under a stone to spew out his patwari nonsense and then slither back again…

You made me laugh lol

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