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Company has only two sides

Fear Allah bro.

I despise the Generals and thier stooges too, but when they are blowing up market places, mosques and beheading people on the streets, flogging women in public and forcing your daughters from your homes to marry them - then compare them to the TTP.

Until then let's try and remain sensible in our judgement.
ja kam kar pai.... mera doodh behna baand hogya inkai liyai
but lets not forget the tens of thousands killed and injured by the TTP and it's kind.
same has been done by army, and LEAs. there was no coverage of WoT in mushi's time. no one knows how many innocent people were killed by them when they indiscriminately bombed those areas. one drone bombing, though, was well publicized, that resulted in deaths of 70 madarasah students. children. and mushi claimed that the AF did it.
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Just saw video of well geared TTP ... I was thinking what is there difference between them and our company.. nothing... nothing at all ... we call them army .. otherwise they are just an other terrorist outfit.
Difference between them and TTP.. TTP will not surrender.

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