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COAS Bajwas - Great Achievements- End of an Era


Sep 16, 2014
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United Kingdom
The end of an era, how would you remember COAS Bajwa, a few lines to commemorate his tenure now that his term is coming to an end.

dunkey bajwa per

You never know, he can spring a surprise and comes with an extension, with emergency or anything.

Great achievement: Fauj is cut to size and put in place, people waking up to the reality. He has achieved what India couldn't achieve in last many decades.
You never know, he can spring a surprise and comes with an extension, with emergency or anything.

Just cannot happen now. He is possibly the most unpopular COAS of recent times and the army's reputation is the worst I've seen in my life.

He will retire, and almost immediately be flown away to some position in Middle East. He will not even stick around in Pakistan.
A perfect definition of a tout, incompetent, troublemaker, traitorous, Mir Jaffir and Mir Sadiq and the worst possible human being there is. A man who will be remembered who single handedly destroyed not just the economy but also tarnished not just the image of but army as an institution. The word sadist can also be used to describe him.
I would say custodial torture and making private videos the worst. Keep in mind we could be in the same position tomorrow or our family members. Absolutely disgusting. A dead nation will forget about it but a nation that is alive will make sure justice is done and culprits hanged.
His Greatest Achievements:

  • Making the Abbpara based Prono Graphic Industry Public Knowledge
  • Exposing the Inner workings of East India Company Executives and their love for sexually torturing their own Citizens.
  • Proving that East India Company Executives Love when Our NCOs and Commissioned officers get Martyred so they can Cash Browny points and Sympathy.
  • Proving that who accused Generals of being utter Duffers and Piece of Shits were Right all along
  • Reaching the Epic level in Sucking Washington's balls.
  • Proving once and for all that Supreme Court is their B team/abused side Kick who cant do shit without GHQs ordering them.
  • Proving that they hold ultimate Decision making power in State Institutions and without their approval nothing happens.
  • Transfer of power of giving Loyalty Certificates back to the people.
  • Getting Metaphorically Bitch slapped and declared the biggest Traitor of our time in the heartland of Establishment.
  • Reaching the Hall of Traitors and Joining his Brothers Mir Jafar, Mir Sadiq as the Mir Bajwa.
  • And the biggest of all Finally uniting all the Ethnicities in the Land of Pure in belief that the Road to Progress and future begins with the Burial of GHQ and the den of Traitors leading it.
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Another achievement of Bajwa, my friend a senior army officer at Brigadier level on condition of anonymity said it

“ they (bajwa and co) are hunting for Imran Khan supporters in the army, literally hunting man, 2200 officers, retired and serving implicated so far, from dismissals, admonishment, retirement packages taken away and some severe i cannot share details on”

To me they are making army noora, purge is not only for pakistanis but for pakistani army.. so sad and angry, Bajwa and co ruling through fear.
He said that, “Emperor has lost it completely “ meaning bajwa lost his brains and is fuming


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